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What is the most awkward thing you can say on a coaster?


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Not really what ive SAID, but on Tatsu Poking Robb always seems to make me laugh. When he yelps like a little girl and cant hit me back because hes all strapped in.

Love you Robb!




Thats pretty much how Elissa wakes Robb up every morning.

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On Xcelerator: "Kibbles... And... *launch*BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITS!!!"


I've also reenacted scenes from the Rejected cartoons while going up long lift hills (did the bloody eye thing on the way up Desperado's lift...).

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Singing "Funky Town" on a small coaster to make you feel less scared or nervous.


This happened at Frontier City on the Silver Bullet. It was my friends birthday and he decided to wait while me and his dad rode SB. We leave the station and, "Won't you take me to". then in the loop, "funky town!" It was so wierd...


I got another one. Me and my mom rode Detonator at WOF. Believe me, this was HILARIOUS!!!


"Hey look mom, he's gonna' press the go button!"

"But my restraint isn't even down!!!"

"Uh oh."

"Oh sh*********************************************t!!!" (and yes the billions of stars were necessary. Believe me, that's short compared to how long it really lasted)

**Her restraint was down, but it was loose**

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ever done the YMCA on an inverting/fast/extreme/kiddie credit? it always turns a few heads.


heh, i have the perfect t-shirt which reads 'I'm not fat. I'M PREGNANT.'. i make sure everybody sees it before i go on the ride (while were queuing up), then on the lift hill, i start having contractions. on the break run, ive been told to yell 'C-Section! quickly!' 'oh shit! my waters burst' and 'oh wait. i just needed the toilet. anybody have a tissue?'


each of these gets applause for some reason, especially as you tell everyone on the ride youre expecting a baby. Being male, it makes the whole joke funnier, for me anyway

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"Hey! Isn't this the coaster Dan found the random bolt on?"


Sitting next to a total stranger: "Sorry...I got a little nervous...I had no idea it was your leg I was squeezing!"


Going up the lift hill: Hi, my name is John! Coasters seem to break a lot when I ride them.

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On most mid-course brake runs I, or one of my friends, usually yell out "I gotta poop!"


This has got a range of replies from laughter to "OMG MOM HE'S GONNA POO ON US"


edit: Or, we will insult each other and make others think we're going to fight when we get off the ride. Usually we will talk like hillbillies and say stuff like "You dun stole the woman I love" things like that.


It's very very immature and stupid but it keeps us amused and we like to see the reactions we get from strangers and park employees

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