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What is the most awkward thing you can say on a coaster?


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What is the most awkward thing you could say on a coaster just before you go down the first hill?





Fred: HANK?

Hank: WHAT?


Hank: ... what?

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Strange topic...but I have one...

Friend's first ever coaster in his life; an SLC.

"I'll attack you with my 3/3 flying creature...I'll block with my Serra Angel! Tap all your lands...." (Reffering to Magic cards). Don't know why he was doing random Magic: The Gathering shout-outs but he did...and I laughed the whole ride through with an ocassional "ow"

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Bob: Did you know that on nearly every loop or inversion i Feel sick and throw up and I always throw up on a bend so it always splatters on the person next to me?


Bobby: But this coaster has inversions!


Bob: How was I supposed to know. I can't see through walls an what was the name of this coaster again?


Bobby: Flight of Fear


Bob: Oh yeah that coaster does have in inversions! Oh well. Cover up as much as you can because you'll be mighty soaked by the time this coaster finishes!

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I'm sure if I have shared this before. But when ever I'm on Goliath at SFMM I always yell,"SQUIRT SQUIRT!" because the first time I rode it my friend Mike peed in his pants a little bit.


I also usually say goodbye to the person next to me, and that I'll see them in the afterlife.

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Here's weirdest things that I say, they're usually the only ones I say, launched coaster or not.





OR, my personal favorite because it's a joke with a few of my friends....





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i have (and i swear to god on this) yelled out 'I HAVE MANBOOBS!) on Detonator before... yup.


XNWO beared the witness of me yelling 'show me your boobies!!!'


and a 200ft freefall tower was the first thing that truely scared me (i repeated 'oh f*ck!' about 100+ times)



yeah... real mature. *rolleyes*

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