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I have the New K'nex Vertical Vengeance Coaster

What is your favorite K'nex Roller Coaster Set  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite K'nex Roller Coaster Set

    • Rippin Rocket
    • Vertical Vengeance
    • Screamin Serpent
    • Other sets

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I got this set for christmas and built the entire thing christmas day. Lets just say the top of it reaches my chin. This sucker is huge. I love it, but the micro parts were a little hard to work with.


I now have my screamin' serpent junior going through my vertical vengeance. I used the junior, because i lost half of the parts for the screamin' serpent. I have to say, it's a nice little setup. I'd post pics, but i do not have a digital camera.


Anybody else got one of these vertical vengeance coasters?

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I don't really like the VV set. You cannot build accurate coasters with it... (there may be some exceptions).


That is why I voted for the SS. I have 2 RR's, 2 SM's, 7 SS's and much more knex (40k pieces in total).


VV = Vertical Vengeance

SS = Screamin' Serpent

RR = Rippin' Rocket

SM = Storm Mountain

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Although I do not have Vertical Vengeance, the chances of me getting it are slim, seeing as the only thing they are useful for are Eurofighters, and are not realistic for anything else. I personally like the older models (Screamin' Serpent and Rippin' Rocket) best of them all.

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