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West Coast Bash 2007! March 11th at Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Ordered 4 tickets last week and they should be in the mail tomorrow. Should be a great time! Sorry we can't stay for the after party, but some of us have to drive 6 hours home and work Monday! We can't wait! See you then, R&E.

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Just be sure and email us and let us know you need to add one person to your RSVP. We aren't keeping exact counts, we just need to know about how many people to expect on Sunday.





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Hey everyone at Theme Park Review!


Join us at Six Flags Magic Mountain for two hours of ERT on Tatsu, X, and Viper from 8:00am to 10:00am on Sunday March 11th, 2007.


This is just a reminder that if you are planning on attending West Coast Bash next Sunday, March 11th, that you need to have either a processed season pass or a West Coast Bash ticket, and your ticket purchased by TOMORROW March 5th, 2007. (Tickets will NOT be available the day of the event and season pass vouchers will NOT be accepted - your pass MUST be processed!)


To pre-order your ticket, follow these instructions:

1. Call SFMM Group Sales at 661-255-4500 weekdays between 8:30am and 5:00pm PST.

2. Identify yourself as part of the “RideWorld ERT” Event

3. Request the Early Bird Group Tickets for the March 11 event.

4. SFMM will mail your ticket to you.


Remember! If you have a processed 2007 Six Flags Season Pass, this event is *FREE*


If you are attending West Coast Bash, please send an email to events@rideworld.com with the amount of people in your group so we can get a head count.


If you are attending the post-bash party, please RSVP by clicking the following link:



For complete details and information, download the flyer here:



We hope to see you next weekend!


--Robb Alvey


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In other news, my dad and I have officially decided, we ARE coming to this event. Woohoo, I'm so excited! About time I caught up with the TPR gang once again. We will be at the ERT and the Post-Bash Party!

Brent "can't wait to ride Tatsu for two hours AND see KidTums!" Shenton

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The Daylight Savings Time change occurs on Sunday March 11th this year instead of the usual April timeframe. Please make sure you set your clocks FORWARD one hour before going to bed on Saturday night. We don't want you to miss the event on Sunday!


See you all there!

Chris Godsey


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I was wondering can I purchase my six flags ticket at my college ticket office and go to the ERT on March 11 2007 or do I have to buy it from the ticket office at six flags because I wasn't sure if it mattered where we get the ticket from as long as you have it by March 11, 2007. We just need to RSVP to make sure how many people are coming right?

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I am not sure why people are just asking these questions. This information has been available for almost two months now.


To attend the event, you must have either a processed Six Flags season pass or a pre-purchased group ticket that had to have been purchased by calling the information line on the flyer. The deadline to purchase tickets was yesterday.

If you don't have either, we can not allow you to enter the ERT, sorry!


Chris Godsey

RideWorld.com Admin

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Okay, I am easily the biggest idiot of all times!



I have a Magic Mountain pass that I purchased when I went last year in

April to ride Tatsu.



I have known about the West Coast Bash at Magic Mountain this Sunday,

March 11th literally for weeks and RSVP'd for me and my friend,

forcing him to buy the special Early Bird Group Rate ticket since he

didn't have a pass.



Then, today, I look at my pass and actually READ IT FOR THE FIRST TIME

EVER. It expired on December 31st. I swear I had no idea. I would

assume a year pass lasted a year from when you bought it instead of

expiring at the end of that calendar year. (God help those poor souls

who bought one on December 31st!)



So now I have NO PASS and it's too late to purchase an Early Bird

ticket while my friend--who wouldn't be going except for me--has a

ticket but no one to go with.



I have no idea what to do. I'm trying to reach Magic Mountain Group

Sales to see if they'll sell me an emergency ticket (and possible e-

mail it to me) but if that's not possible I'm wondering if anybody

knows somebody who'll be there who might have an extra ticket I can




Just thought I'd put it out there since I can't figure out any options

and I would like to go (and I know my friend probably won't go










P.S. I know, I know...DUH!

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^ That's why Six Flags passes are "Season Passes" not "Annual Passes". Also, usually if you buy in late November through December, the pass is actually for the upcoming year.


If you have time, go buy a season pass on Saturday and get it processed that day. Then go back on Sunday, and you can get in.

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