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West Coast Bash 2007! March 11th at Six Flags Magic Mountain

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I didn't attend the Bash, but I would like to thank Chris and Natalee for everything they've done for us. Putting on such an event is hard work, and we're grateful to both of you.


And Robb and Elissa deserve many kudoes for putting on the TPR party after the Bash. That, too, is a lot of work. The food and entertainment were great, and it was nice to meet Russell and Janice (Elissa's parents).


And, of course, Kristen.



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Was it just us or did X beat the sh*t out of anyone eles?


Yes, not me but my wife.

She has ridden it before with no ill effects, but this time, after the 1st ride, she had a hard time getting out of the seat and said her hip hurt. She was willing and able to get back on though, so went to the other side, and did the other end of the train, after which she actually couldn't walk anymore. She sat on the bench at the exit ramp while I took another ride and after I got off, I had to assist her to walk down and back up to Tatsu. Fortunately, I had a couple of 800 mg ibuprofens in my pocket, which fixed things right up and we were able to exercise our full Tatsu potential (which is about 2 rides for me and I think 7 for her... I guess I take after Alyssa in terms of inner ear stamina - the front of Tatsu really screws me up right after the pretzel thing). We both had a blast regardless.

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^Very true, in my experience. That's why I always pull it down as tight as it will go. The three things that work for me are staying in the front two rows, pulling the harness tight and keeping head pressed against the headrest all through the ride, and either riding inside seat or, if riding the outside, brace going into the last raven turn and flip if necessary-although, I found front row outside to be smooth yesterday.


The first and last rides I took on X yesterday (front row, inside seat, parking lot side) were the two smoothest, and best rides I have ever had on it. I would imagine the new trains will improve the experience, though. It is good to see the line moving better; for the better part of the day after the park opened the X line was about 45 minutes while Tatsu remained well over an hour, and 45 minutes with FlashPass at one point.


X broke down a little after 4pm and when they were test cycling trains to reopen it, one of the trains got stuck in between the brakes and halfway in and out of the unload and that took it down for a longer period of time. I'm not sure what time they got it fixed but when I left about 4:30 they had three or four maintenance guys over there working on it.

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Here's some photos from our trip to West Coast Bash 2007. Had WAY too much fun on Sunday. Just wanted to share some of our photos. Enjoy!


And before I forget, a huge congrats to the happy parents. KidTums is so cute! Ya done good.


Thanks again Robb! Sorry we missed the after party (had to drive back to San Jose for work Mon AM), but maybe next year? And a big thanks to RideWorld too! We can't wait to do it all again in 2008!


-The Hiltons


Scream was our last ride of the day. We left around 4:00, after 16 rides - we were bushed! Bye bye WCB! See you next year! Thanks again to Robb, Elissa, KidTums, and Ride World!


Did anyone else notice Superman wasn't up to snuff? Still a great ride, just seemed a bit slower than normal...


What a great day! Can't believe it got up to 95deg in March!!!


Shaun, Jason, & Stacey ready to take on Goliath. Bring it!


Oh...too much Tatsu make Jason go BLECHH!


Gotta love that ERT! There was nobody there! We rode Tatsu 4 times before we needed Excedrin! And hey Robb!! Where were you with the TUMS!?!?!?


"Ooooh, Tatsu's so pretty!"


Stacey said, "I need Elissa here! Way to many dudes!"


We love ERT!


First ones here! Felt like the Griswalds. Next, let's ride Whipper Snapper!


Doesn't Tatsu look great in that early am sunlight? Allright, enough already, let's ride it!


TATSU! We love you!


Shaun, Jason, & Adam - Ready for some ERT, just too damn early!


Boy, what a lucky girl! Stacey's ready for some rides!

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"Did anyone else notice Superman wasn't up to snuff? Still a great ride, just seemed a bit slower than normal..."


Slower than 100mph, but still makes it to the top with a light load. The 4 of us got on Superman towards opening, we were the only ones on. It went almost as high as possible, right up almost to the top 'dark' area! I watched it throughout the day with 14-15 people per ride, and it did only reach about half way up.

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This is one of my favorite updates. Wow, I really missed out. I haven't gotten on X for years. It would have been awesome to meet the Joyrides guy. That was the first coaster website I visited, and the one that led me to TPR.


I love nerds

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