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^^Damn you and your Wegmans. I took it for granted during college and now i suffer weekly at Stop and Shop.


It's nice to live in a city that is also the HQ for Wegmans. We have Wegmans of varying sizes everywhere...



One thing that sucks is that there's no IKEA around here, but there's a bunch only an 3 hour drive away- in Canada. Damn you, duty taxes!

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Woo-Hoo! We had the grand opening of the Ikea Orlando store tonight and we were there! It is one of the newer design 2 level stores with what seems to be a larger than normal restaurant. We decided to avoid the chaos in the morning and go in the evening - there was still TONS of folks there but it was atleast manageable. It has been interesting seeing the response to Ikea in Orlando - we are often not the most cosmopolitan of towns and it seems like quite a few of the locals don't know how to react to this invader from Sweeden! Some of the articles in the local paper have been funny as was the gentleman who we overheard saying - "It's like a really big Wal-Mart, but they have 50-cent hotdogs.....sigh.


Anyways..on to the pics!


This was the really cool house on wheels they were driving around!




Look at the funny pseudo communist slogan!




Pretty lights in the restaurant - the line was WAY to long..no sweedish meatballs for us!


If the top of the bookshelf is that low...do you really need a ladder?!?!


Comfy couch + tired Stacey = Do I have to get up?


Awwwww...we could have gotten there at 5am and gotten a random prize! Oh well...


Woo-Hoo! Its so pretty and we have been waiting sooooo long!

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I got back from visiting the new West Chester IKEA store (near Cincinnati). I'm definitely happy to have a store just 15 minutes from home... but disappointed it's not close enough to my grad school home in Columbus. I'm on my spring break and back at home, which gives me the perfect opportunity to visit this week-old store. I wanted to take some pictrues, but realized I left it in my computer at home (near Cincinnati), so I can come back again this week.


Being located in a fairly conservative hotbed, you might wonder why IKEA would build a store here... but there are defintely people who like different, modern stuff like I do. Being at the center of a region with Columbus, Louisville, Lexington, and Indianapolis also helped land this Cincinnati-area location.


I went late afternoon, around when the after-work shoppers were coming in, but the place wasn't WAY too busy, and there was a decent line for the restaurant. Service may be cafeteria style, but you get silverware, china and glasses for your food, and the prices are very reasonable if not low.


So, I plan to follow up with photos and more stuff. I'd like to get a new chair and possibly even a new bed.

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