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After reading the IKEA P:TR/ Video I'd like to share with you the new stores coming to the U.S. Some have already been mention, but here's the complete list that's out so far.


West Chester Ohio along I-75 fall 2007

Brooklyn, NY

Draper, UT


Orlando, FL fall 2007

Portland, OR

Round Rock, TX

Somerville, MA

Sunrise, FL fall 2007


Charlotte NC in 2009 along I-85


Out of 237 stores, there are only 28 possible credits in the U.S so far.

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In Israel Ikea is a massive success. During the first year they make the economical predictions of a total 5 years !!!

People can stand in line just to get inside the store in sale season which is actually now.

I can spend hours inside. I love the Ikea cataloge and every year it's a thrill getting the new one.

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Considering how many people move into the Vegas Valley every month, you would think it would be a no-brainer to have an Ikea here. But alas, none for 200+ miles...the closest one we have is in Covina, CA.


Speaking of Ikea, I'm thinking of heading down there this weekend. Which means, I should try and get some credits while I'm there. Castle Park anyone? HAHA!

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In West Chester, OH, which is about half-hour north of Cincinnati, there the new IKEA going up. I pass by it once a week because nearby there's a new McDonald's, which I won a free Extra Value Meal once a week until June 2008, because I was one of the first 50 people to show up. So, double yummy... McD's and IKEA! By the time I run out of free meals, the IKEA will be open, but probably not until spring '08.


This September, though, I'll be moving to Columbus to do grad school at Ohio State. (There's a suburb named Dublin near Cols.) Of course, people from hours away from Cincinnati will visit the West Chester IKEA.

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