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Whats Your Race?

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I am the most vilified race on the planet - anglo saxon, white, heterosexual male. Oh the shame of it all.


Actually I'm not very anglo saxon, my mother was born in Amsterdam, and I don't know anything about my father. I totally hate (in a tongue in cheek competitive way of course) the Poms (our name for the english) and right now they are down here in Oz being bitch slapped in the cricket.


Slightly off topic, but...

I laughed so hard when I saw them getting hammered. lol. Last time when they won the ashes you would think they had beaten the world. The commentators were excitedly shouting about how England were champions of the world. Yeah, right, they beat one team, for the first time in a whole bunch of years.

Its very sweet to see all the dejected St. George crossed faces on TV.


Oh, I like them really, but when all you hear on BRITISH TV is how great and proud we should all be of ENGLADs achievments, you cant help but revel in their defeat a little. They seem to forget sometimes that this is 3 countries and a province, not just one.


Course it would help if Scotland were not beaten at every sporting event we attempt.

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50% Filipino (not the native kind, but the ones that came and invaded the country from Spain)

25% Scotch-Irish

25% Norweigian


At school, people didn't know what I was, so they'd say I was Canadian

It feels weird to be a part of what could be a new "United States race" that could appear in 1000+ years.

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100% mexican (grandparents, mom and dad where all born in mexico)


But I have some of this:


Portuguese: my great great great great grand father (yes you read it rigth) came from Portugal


French: My last name came from France.


Spanish: dugh they conquer america so I must have some of it.


Mayan: Im sure im also a little mayan cause they where the ones that lived here fist.

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Uh...White American.




Dad was adopted (But he has a HUGE nose, and the "Jew Fro" so we all think he's Jewish [Which is in fact not a race, but a religion there for making him Israeli]) and Mom's ancestors date back to the Pilgrims. So I'm guessing if they were Pilgrims, English.

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100% Irish and proud of it!
Same here! The only exception is that I was born in America, but I'm still proud to be Irish and I'm proud to hate America.


Cool!! Another Irish guy. Although the difference is I want to live in America.

And I want to live in Ireland . If only Ireland had a good theme park, then it would be complete!
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Im about 90% Italian with a tiny bit of english in me. My Great, Great, Great Grandfather died before he got wed with his lover, and therefore she gave birth to her son, giving him her last name. She (Taylor) was english, he (De Retti) was Italian. Kindof interesting to think if they would have got married my name would be Justin Michael De Retti


Im also the second generation Italian-American in the family, and proud of it!



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