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This looks fun...

Fun or Wicked Cool Fun  

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  1. 1. Fun or Wicked Cool Fun

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Awesome as always. Keep building these and you're single-handedly keeping my coaster obsession alive. My future neglected kids will have something to say to you someday ("Daddy says we can't eat anything but cereal because we have to save up so he can go to europe to ride the GCII that he hasn't riden yet.") I'm hoping to hit up Valleyfair this summer, finally getting up there because of this coaster!


-James Dillaman

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The only real problem is that the ride might get rough in a few years


All woodies will eventually be rough




Since when have we come to the conclusion that all wooden coasters get rough? There are plenty of old woodies that have stood the test of time and stayed smooth. And GCI's Millennium Flyers have proven to run very smooth even after several seasons of operation.


Anyways, back on topic: Renegade looks to be shaping into one great GCI creation. I hope to ride it next season

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Whoops I messed up on my vote. Was talking to my best friend on the phone and accidently picked "fun" when I wanted to say "wicked cool fun". When talking to one of the designers on the phone a few months ago he say ride in the back seat and you will be blown away on the first drop so I'm expecting an awesome ride in the back seat. But it still won't beat Voyage. Despite that I think Renegade will be a top tier ride. I am assuming if Renegade lives up to its hype or expectation that if it is not a top 10 ride for sure than somehting went wrong. I'm holding myb reath that Renegade will definate make top ten if not top five. I'm expecting it to hit my top 5!

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Renegade looks nuts, too bad it'll likely be one park I won't get to use my CF Maxx Pass with...


All woodies will eventually be rough... even my baby El Toro But the drop looks amazing!!!
Not necessarily, Wild One at SFA despite its age is very smooth, then again its been reprofiled loads of times, but still its smooth so there you go.
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