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Have You Ever Worked At An Amusement/Theme Park?

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I worked Camp Snoopy at CP the summer of 2011. Also worked TTD for a couple of nights during Halloweekends and did the train for a week. Also did Monster/WWheel for a weekend. Best summer of my life. (As short as it has been). Not going back though as I have boot right in the middle of the season...

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I always found it interesting how scareactors are paid very poorly, have terrible schedules and insane restrictions, yet it's one of the hardest jobs I've ever worked in a theme park!!!


Seriously, I'd like to see some of the park management successfully pull off being a good scareactor!




I have seen some try and it's not very pretty


But for most people I know in the haunt side of the industry inside and out of amusement parks it's not about the money for them. Alot of people do it for the love of scaring people. Heck I know some people who have good paying jobs like doctors, government jobs, and even lawyers who volunteer their time for the chance of making a grown man pee his pants.


I think that is why I love the haunt industry so much. Its just full of people from every walks of life coming together with the same goals and using their own creative ways to do it to complete that goal of getting "The Best" scare which everyone aims for and the best part of the night is sitting in the break room at the end of the night and sharing stories and hearing from others on their experiences that night good and bad.

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Yes, CGA 1989 season. I was a ride op for the following rides...




Berserker (part of the first crew that ran this ride after it opened)

Triple Wheel

Barney O Speedway

The Carousel ( that used to be where Drop Zone is)

The Edge


I worked there the season the kid jumped out of a Log on Logger's Run and drowned, that was sad.



My main ride was Barney O but I was often put at panel on the other rides, mostly Demon and Grizzly. One day I was at Grizzly working the secondary position (where you watch the train go up the lift) and because of where this is in the station, dispatched trains run out of the station and under you to get to the lift, so basically you are standing there looking down on a passing train. Well one day a train was going by, and this part of the ride is bumpy due to the transfer track so people sort of bounce over it- if you've ridden it you know what I mean, well as these people were bouncing a girl bounced completely out of here top- it was awesome and it happened right in front or under me!


One day while working Barney O at the station I saw one car hit another pretty hard causing the ride op that was on the car to pretty much flip over it and land on his back on the ground- that was a bad thing to see happen.



But I absolutely loved working there, it was always fun and you are outside all day in the sun and fresh air, the other people I worked with were great, and the employee parties were awesome after the park closed. In fact one time our party was at the Demon, and since it was just employees we rode several times without getting off at night. This guy that was at the panel was not paying attention and sent the trains out too close together, which caused the ride to 'set up', our train stopped on the brake at the top of the hill before the corks. Well when the train was finally released it slowly lumbered through the corks and to the end, it was very interesting going that slow through them.

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Cedar Point-2008

Disney's Hollywood Studios-2009


Maverick-Cedar Point. I had an amazing time with one of the best crews I could ask for. I also loved picking up positions at Gemini, another hilarious crew.


ODF-Hollywood Studios, I worked here on my College Program doing the out door food carts. Again...the job had it's hardships but the people were amazing. I loved the guest interaction at this position, a lot of very interesting and awesome people!


I'd like to work in the parks again at some point in my life. Not sure when that will be...perhaps I'll do like the people I met at disney...who are retired and working there.

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Geauga Lake - ATL Steel Venom and X-Flight the year before (06/05?).


Had some great times there. X-Flight was a blast to work, loved it. By far the best ride to work in the park. I also worked at many of the other rides (of course) including BKF, Thunderchicken and Dipper. Plus a handful of flats. Monorail was epic.


Don't miss the terrible pay though... That is one reason I highly doubt I will ever work at a park again unless I am really desperate. Way underpaid for the long hours/drama. But you meet some great people though and I still run into them from time to time at random places.


If I were to go back to work at a park, I would prefer to go in ride maintenance. That may be due to me being a senior MCE student, but regardless!

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Cedar Point 2008 - present


- Thunder Canyon, Maverick, Mine Ride, Skyhawk, Gemini, Magnum, Monster/ Witches Wheel, Antique Cars/ Waveswinger, Giant Wheel, Mean Streak, Camp Snoopy, Maverick, Gemini, Mine Ride, Snake River Falls, Thunder Canyon, Gemini Children's Area, Corkscrew/ Super Himalaya, Top Thrill Dragster, and Wicked Twister.

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2009: Kiddie rides, plus MACK powered Pikajuna and Intamin rapids ride Hurjakuru. In the end I counted I worked a third of the days in Hurjakuru

2010: Kiddie rides, Pikajuna, Hurjakuru and the ZacSpin Kirnu, which was awesome! In the late summer I got the custom indoor Zierer Linnunrata, but my day count there was very little.


Hopefully I'll get to work there again!

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I've worked in the amusement park industry in the past. In 2009 I worked at Sahara Sam's Oasis Indoor Water Park in West Berlin, New Jersey from March until June of that year. I was a ticket receptionist in the arcade. From June of 2009-September of 2009 I was a ride operator at Clementon Amusement Park & Splash World in Clementon, New Jersey. Finally from January 2010-May 2010 I did the Disney College Program & was Sunset Attractions at Hollywood Studios. I worked on Tower of Terror as well as did crowd control at the then Block Party Bash parade as well as the High School Musical float (which is now Disney Channel Rocks) & Fantasmic! I currently work at the new Revel resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey as a Security Officer.

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i currently do 3rd Shift facilities maintenance at DCA as a sound mechanic, meaning our crew fix all the show and the ride control. I mainly work the east side of the park, flicks fun fair, cars land (except Racers), Hollywood and soarin. My current home attraction is Tower of Terror, and on the weekends Monsters for half the night.

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I worked in Food and Beverage as a seasonal worker from December 2007 - February 2008 at Dreamworld in Australia and December 2006 - Feb 2007 at Warner Bros. Movie World in Food and Beverage.


I went back to Movie World in September 2011 and worked in Food and Beverage until November 2011 before transferring to Ride Operations until February 2013.


The rides that I operated were

*Superman Escape

*Wild West Falls

*Lethal Weapon (Now Arkham Asylum)

*Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster

*Batwing Spaceshot

*Kids rides / RoadRunner Rollercoaster


I also was a scare actor in Fright Nights 2012 and was in the White Christmas parade as well. I also got to do scripted presentations for Ice Age 4D. I wouldn't exchange my experiences for the world there.


I'm now working a bit more locally at my local go kart track as a rides supervisor

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I've never worked in a theme park, but my dad worked in the Men's Shop of Disneyland Hotel in the Summer of 1980 and got to attend Disneyland's 25th Anniversary Birthday Party with my mom (before I was born), which was a private event.



He gave me one of these buttons!

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My Amusement Park Career started way too late in 2011 when I was hired as a Ride Operator at Waldameer Park. In 2012, I had my eyes set on something more. I applied to Cedar Point and was hired on the spot to the Maverick Crew. However, a couple weeks later I received an offer I couldn't refuse from Waldameer; Assistant Rides Department Manager. Since the start of the 2012 Season I have held this position. I have currently worked every day Waldameer Park has operated for the 2013 season. It has already been discussed and informally announced that I'm the heir apparent to the title of Rides Department Manager in the not so far future.


Waldameer is not a job, but a dream come true. I have a family there that I could not imagine life without. Each day is grueling, yet rewarding. Dull moments are few and far between, and there is never a day without experiencing at least one episode of uncontrollable laughter.


I always tell myself that I will quit working at a park the day that working there causes me to lose interest in the industry or causes dislike of a park. Actually, the opposite has happened...

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Worked at Waterworld Concord approximately 1994-2002. Started as a Shallow water lifeguard, then moved up to deep guard, lead, supervisor, security, then Operations Manager. While Ops manager, I helped out at SFDK during the off season doing various things.


WDW - College program attractions host at the Great Movie Ride, and an advanced internship with College and International Marketing.

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I worked at Valleyfair for the 2009 season as a ride op.

I operated:

-Half Pint Park (now Planet Snoopy)

-Flying Trapeze

-High Roller



But since 2010 I work at Nickelodeon Universe as a ride op.

There I operate:

-Big Rigs

-Blue's Skidoo

-Backyardigans Swing Along

-Danny Phantom Ghost Zone

-Fairly Odd Coaster

-Pepsi Orange Streak

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I have never been on the payroll of an amusement park, so the answer to that is no.


However, I have spent a decent part of my career working in the amusement industry, including working for other companies who did work for various parks, and doing contract work with SFMM.


When I lived in CA back in the late 90's and early 00's I worked for a company that did a lot of work on some stuff at Universal IOA. I was a scenic artist and I did some sculpting but mostly painting work on several of the characters that sit on top of the carousel in the Dr. Suess part of IOA. I also painted about a dozen of the aliens in the MIB ride, and I also got to glue some of the sensors in many of the figures, so needless to say, when I finally got to ride MIB, I had an unfair advantage!


And while I worked for that company, I got one of the luckiest job assignments ever - a co-worker and I were sent across the street to SFMM to do repair work on the trains on Goliath. There were some cracks that had appeared in the fiberglass part of the trains right behind the seats, and our job (the job itself sucked - it was hot, and we had to wear protective gear) consisted of grinding down the paint and fiberglass, filling the cracks and touching up the paint. This was the off-season, so they only had one train running (the park was only open on weekends), and we were working on those that weren't being run. But the lucky thing was that one day (I think we were there for maybe three or four days) there happened to be a Discovery Channel crew there. No idea why they came on a day when the park was closed, there weren't even any coaster clubs there to film while riding. Well, on that day, my lunch break rolled around, and by then the film makers decided they wanted to see if the coaster ran faster with a loaded or empty train. So they were grabbing up anyone they could find to get a full train, and of course guess who volunteered (my co-worker passed, as he wasn't into coasters)! So I inhaled my lunch and joined a bunch of park employees who were rounded up to fill a train, and we were all told that we would have to go around for several times, at least 7 times and wouldn't be allowed off. So I was totally up for some mandatory ERT, especially since Goliath was my #1 steel back then. Let's put it this way - that was the best lunch break I've ever had in my whole working life! I got 7 rides in a row, non-stop cycling, no getting off, no nothing!

On one of the other days they were also running one of the trains (no idea why, since the film crew wasn't there that day) and I got a ride or two again at lunch, and this time I had my camera with me and I asked if I could take some on-ride pics, and I got some really nice ones.


Around that same time, I also did some freelance work for SFMM, working for the costume shop. I would do repair work on various costume parts, mostly the heads - like Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, etc - doing structural repair work on them. I would take some of the stuff home and work on it and then return it completed and hand them a bill, and other things were too big so I had to work on them on-site. I remember many times parking my car right behind Batman so I could get my tools and equipment out and work in the back of the costume shop. That's about the only time I ever really found the B&M roar annoying - because I had a radio and I couldn't hear diddly squat every time a train came around. But the best part was that when I was done and had handed them the bill, I could go right on into the park and grab a few rides on Goliath, Batman, Superman or whatever I wanted to ride before I headed home. I also developed some real sympathy for those who had to wear those costumes - I don't know how people didn't have a heat stroke in those things!


I've also done a couple of odd jobs as a sub-contractor for a couple other parks, notably Silverwood in IA - they wanted a couple of fake lion skins for some kind of show, and I made two skins for them.


I have pictures of my work for IOA but unfortunately the site I have my photos hosted on has been down for more than a day, so I will try to post a link when the site comes back online.

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