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New Video!

Ryan King

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Can I download this somewhere? Streaming with .wmv never works well. Have it for quicktime maybe? I just hate bufferring, and windows does that way too much, even when I try and view it on my pc. Is it on youtube or something where it can stream better?


-James "hard to watch in 2 second blurbs" Dillaman

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I can't imagine the video he's going to have to put together now in order to get laid that night!




Well, since they're into Jim Steinman tunes, how about "Paradise by the Dashboard Light"? I'd love to see Ryan do the Phil Rizzuto "play-by-play" section.

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Ryan: that was awesome!

I don't know why but I thought it was hilarious when the soviet flag dropped down. oh, now I remember, because C.T. said he loved the U.S. at the beginning.

speaking of, why was he playing guitar during the piano solo?

and Shannon looks adorable! glad she said 'yes'.

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That was pretty random and funny, but a couple of things:


1st of all: AWESOME LIP SYNC! There were times that i thought your freind aaron was actually singing!


2nd: Nice choice of song, i guess, but it went for way to long.


3rd: What is up with the USSR Flag? Wasn't as if you were singing "Back in the USSR" or anything like that!

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