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Snow in Southern California


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It snowed out here in Vegas last week (and last month too).


Joey and I were on the roof of Caesar's parking structure and it started coming down...Nothing was sticking, but it was still snow. My girlfriend was out on the west end of the city and said that it was really coming down...It was pretty cool.


Also, Mt. Charleston had a good cover...Almost made me want to go snowboarding. Alas, I will wait...

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Seems to happen every couple of years or so. I've seen it snow here in Valencia, and even at LAX once!!!


--Robb "I miss the snow...." Alvey



Well then Don't come and live here, we may have gotten hit with the 5th worst snow storm 1 or 2 years ago, but that's been it since then.





--Vekoma "I miss it to..." Fan boy

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Here in Camarillo, we're about 150 feet above sea level and about 15 miles from the beach. It snowed here about 1979 or 1980 and left us with about an inch or two of snow. Of course it didn't last long, but it was really snow.



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Well, in Michigan. We just suffered from a freak Ice Storm and my power is out.


Where am I typing this you might ask? at my High school where they have internet, and Power!


There's about an inch of ice on the ground and 3 inches of snow on top, and two days ago there was a 25 car accident on I-75 outside of Grosse Pointe

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And they talk about global warming!


Actually, I was talking to a co-worker who's pretty much ontop of things about global warming (he recommends us all to watch Inconvient Truth) and he was telling me that this global warming is actually throwing things off: giving us freak weather (like the coldness) and as said, offsetting things. I recall, a miserably hot summer (when I went to SFMW) and it remained spring/summer like through late October and November felt spring-like up to the Wii campout. Well, that was around here. Lastly, is Antarctica going through summer right now? Is 23 degrees (f) normal for that location?


The cold snaps in the southwest have a lot to do with the jet stream, alignment of low pressure systems and a semi-strong El Nino as opposed to Global Warming "throwing things off".


If you look at the map below, you'll notice Low pressure on the Nevada/Utah border along with one further east that has helped pull cold Canadaian air south to California (the white color on the map).


While I do believe in Global Warming, it really doesn't have much to do with the cold in California or the above-warm winter we're having in the East. You can thank El Nino for that.


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Keep on forgetting this is an El Nino year. And probably the most impactful since the one ten or twelve years ago.


I was at a Los Angeles Branch Library on Santa Monica Blvd earlier today (site visit; I'm an architecture major), and it started HAILING!! No joke! HAIL!! It doesn't quite snow down at this elevation, but hail is pretty rare too. In fact, it was probably the fourth time I've ever seen hail in LA.


Hail baby!!


Hail in motion!


Car. Meet hail.


No, it's not snow, but in LA proper, it's close enough!


Everyone in the library was amazed. And I must admit, it was pretty cool.

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It snowed up here where I live in Barstow (Barfstow) two years ago and it stuck for a couple of days. This year because it has been getting so cold, the pipes froze at my job and flooded our store and we had to close down for the day. Someone told me that a couple of other places had water pipes that burst as well. The way I see it, I wish it would snow again if it were to be this cold out here.

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