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What was the Last Sporting Event you Attended


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I was wondering what the last sporting event the rest of you have attended to see what peoples interest are, etc


(I searched this topic and couldnt find anything on it)



The last event I attended was the 2006 Vollyball Championship which the Cornhuskers played in baby.


At least we can be number one at something again!


The Huskers won and it was a great game.


Heres some pics of the Quest Center, The Team, and Omaha.


Quest Center pretty much nominates the city and or state


inside during a basketball game


Quest Center Omaha




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Havent gone to any sporting events lately...(last one was in '04, an Oakland A's Game) However, I did get lucky yesterday and met a retired Oakland Raider at work (My job does tons of photography and stuff for the Raiders) as he wanted me to transfer some of his old NFL films to DVD. It was cool meeting a Raider, as well as having the honor of making a photo album/book of former raider coach, Tom Flores and the Superbowl.

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^^Band is a sport now?


It was a few weeks ago but Detroit Red Wings in Toronto vs. the Maple Leafs at Air Canada Centre.


I love an original six game.

Amen to that. Go B's!


Hmmm, my last game was college basketball, december '05 in Atlanta. My brother-in-law was in town on leave from Iraq. My wife's side of the family is huge Kentucky Wildcats fans, and they were in town. So naturally a big group of us joined Jeremy that night to watch UK crush some smaller school (North Georgia perhaps?...can't remember now). It sucks being so far away from major sports action. I just don't feel like driving an hour and a half to Atlanta unless it's a great game or special event.

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Last sport event I attended was on 9/6/2006 Soccer: Finland - Portugal euro 2008 qualification game, the result was 1-1, we were actually closer to win. It was a nice game and the atmosphere was great with over 40'000 (that's full capacity) at the Olympic Stadium.

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I know that most posters here are American, but I refuse to call the beautiful game soccer, it's called football! Anyway...

English Championship (League below the Premiership)

23rd December

Plymouth Argyle (My team) 2-2 West Bromich Albion

2 - 2


But what a great game full of action, was annoying how they caught up from 2 goals behind though.

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Last a spectator, Eagles v Vikings 1sts final, vikings came out ontop was still good match.


Last as a player, Daramalan v St eddies, damn close match. Half time we were tied and then they scored 2 trys in second half. Eddies went on to win there 3rd premship in a row.


Both rugby matches.

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Good man. Last one I attended was the International Fighting League Final at Mohegan Sun about two weeks ago. I hope you're equally stoked for the arrival of Cro-Cop....


Yeah I am really disapointed I wont get to go and see him and jackson debut, but I still get to see the return of Couture.

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