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On the full length vid when the dad is giving the interview I also think that the way he suddenly turns towards his kid asking "how hard did he hit you Jerry?", is very strange. He really does look like he is trying to imply to his son that "just do what i told you to do" sort of face...


I also agree with rollermonkey on the way tigger tried to arm-lock the kid and twist away but just ended up slapping him.


I think that if this sort of thing happened in Finland the people invoved would all just apologise to each other and be on their way, atleast judging by the way that this was a really light moment of accidental physical contact, nobody sueing anyone else...


Tony "Hmmm strange indeed" Leskinen

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I agree with the majority of these posts.


I don't see what else the Cast Member could have done. It clearly looks like a reaction or a reflex. It was definately not intentional. I don't think he should be sacked and if he does I think it would be totally unfair but I do know that it is a possibility.


Tigger should of had an escort with him, but unfortunately I have saw that many times at MGM studios.

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WDW's costumed cast members usually do have handlers...while Disneyland ones usually do not. Just from personal experience, Disneyland characters are much more free-roaming.


When this kid gets back to school, who could not mock him? He got his arse kicked accidentally by an oversized stuffed animal.


...Wait until next week's episode of New England A-Hole, when Elmo and Cookie Monster guest star.

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i just thought about this but if you watch the video carefully maybe Tigger was trying to push the kid off him but he couldn't see the kid so when he lifted his arm he tried lifting it above the younger boys head spun around quickly to stop the kid and realized the kid was as high as where his hand went making him accidentally hitting him for self defense. just a thought but if you watch very true.

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I'm almost positive the events have been blown out of proportion. Tigger probably patted the kid on the head and the over-protective and gold-digger parents blew up in a flurry of acusations.


In my personal experience, I've seen first-hand how situations in parks can be taken overboard. One visit to Kings Dominion back in the summer of '05, one of our friends decided to run up to "Little Bill" and pat him on the head. We walked away laughing, thinking nothing of this innocent act, but security followed us and soon surrounded our friend.


They threatened him with expulsion from the park for "striking" a cast-member and even brought up the possibility of "discrimination" for the plain fact that the "Little Bill" character is African American.


They let him go with a warning, but the event left a sour taste in my mouth for Kings Dominion

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Not sure if the entire segment has been posted, but here it is. It really looks like the father/son were antagonizing tigger, and it looks like the kid may have been trying to pull down the zipper on the back of the costume.


Not to mention the slap from tigger wouldn't hurt a 2 year old.


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They threatened him with expulsion from the park for "striking" a cast-member and even brought up the possibility of "discrimination" for the plain fact that the "Little Bill" character is African American

I personally would have turned the table around and taken offense to that as that imo crosses the line to accuse some one that they're being "discriminatory." Not to mention that patting some one on the head has nothing to do with discrimination. But still, you probably shouldn't fool around with the people in the costumes.

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He was screwin with the back of his costume and to avoid ruining it for other kids, I think he reacted "ok". For alot of kids and parents that would be a sensitive issue if the little ones found out hes just a person. They dont comprehend that and it would or could crush some kids.


Do I think thats a little silly? Yes, but its how kids are - especially if they are whole heartedly into the scene.



He didnt punch the kid or anything. He was screwin with Tigger and he just reacted to keep his costume on.



Why do people even make this an issue?

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The #1 question is:



I've never seen a costume character at Disney without at least one, and usually more than one is present. If the handler left Tigger for whatever reason, that's the person who needs to lose their job!


The handler may well have been there but if the kid was trying to undo the zip, they wouldn't have had time to react and the actor would have moved away in time so the handler didn't need to do anything more. From the video no-one seems upset or anything so there was probably no reason for the handler to do anything.

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I fel so bad for the Tigger actor! Its obvious he didn't just DECIDE to b*tch slap this kid! He was most definitely induced to do so.


I just saw another video (just a crack more complete) and U can see Tigger kinda give him a gentle tap later.


F**kers just want $$$!

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