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My Old English Teacher Gets Arrested!


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Bond - Is the amount of money your family/friends need to raise to get you out of jail before you have your court appearance. Also known as raising bail. If you do not show up in court the money is forfeited and bail jumping is another crime on your record.



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My high school Spanish teacher got arrested for sneaking a video camera into a local gym and videotaping other men in the locker room and showers. We didn't make fun of that at *all*.




Wait... it's illegal to do that?! There go my saturday night plans!

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Well that threw me off. When I went to the link the 1st picture I saw was a 19 year old black dude. Somehow I knew that couldnot be your teacher. than I nocited the name. Ha-ha. So, yeah, when you said drugs I figured it was just a little mary jane. But Cocaine? You really did have a winner of a teacher! I am guessing that wasn't chalk in the classroom?

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i absolutely LOVE his face. it reminds me somewhat of the "turtle, turtle" from master of disguise.


my spanish teacher had a horrible accident with acid (not the drug, i hope..) that burned off her top lip, so she has to draw them on every morning, and i swear she doesn't have a mirror b/c they're really bad.


also, i've never seen her walk like a normal person. she shuffles along the ground very loudly and obnoxiously and/or waddles like a duck. i know that's mean, but it IS pretty funny! in general, she is psycho.

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I had a Spanish teacher - that everyone knew was in the closet - who was arrested (and I assume prosecuted) for sodomy with a middle-school student.


I had a high-school gym teacher who was arrested for getting hammered at a school-function and [i believe] pissing all over the stage.


I had a middle-school math teacher arrested for stealing road-signs and giving alcohol and pot to 13-year olds.


Oh, and I had a sex-ed teacher who actually brought in her OWN sex toys, which she proceeded to pass around class for discussion.


Ah, Long Island.

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^ sounds like you had quite an interesting educational experience.


The French teacher at my school got annoyed with a student and pinned the kid against the wall and choked him. All he got was a week's suspension from teaching. He's pretty psycho anyway, which is why I didn't take French.


It takes a ridiculous amount for teachers to get fired around here anyway these days it seems.

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