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Amusement Park Workers In Ohio Excluded

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They just passed a law that raises minimum raise from $5.15 to $6.85 an hour but amusment park employees are excluded.



From- http://toledoblade.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070103/NEWS24/701030436/-1/NEWS


Taft OKs minimum-wage exceptions

Home health, amusement park, some agricultural workers left out


COLUMBUS - Despite calls from Democrats for a veto, Gov. Bob Taft yesterday signed a law exempting some workers from the newly increased minimum wage approved by voters on Nov. 7.


Ohio's wage was increased from the federal minimum of $5.15 to $6.85 as of Monday with annual cost-of-living adjustments promised thereafter.


But Democrats accused Republicans of using the usually routine process of translating a constitutional amendment into law to write out some workers, including home health-care workers, amusement park employees, and agricultural workers at small operations.


*It must suck to be an amusement park worker in Ohio. I don't think that's fair.

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Here's the other thing that is really messed up about Ohio and amusement park employers... With season positions, the employer is not required to pay over-time.


So say Captain Wally works six days a week at Cedar Point, which is the norm, and due to being short staffed he also has to work open to close everyday for the week, which is also the norm. Park opens at ten, have to be there by nine in the morning and then get off at ten at night.


13 Hours/Day x 6 Days = 78 Hours for the Week

78 Hours x $4.65(What I made when I worked there) = $362.70


Take out money for taxes and employee housing and your left with about $250.


Why I worked 5 years at Cedar Point, I'll never know.



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Hmm...that's certainly not fair. I'm sure that there will be some protest over this in the near future. I remember at Great Adventure, we asked about one of the workers how much they get paid and they told us a few things including how the park bypasses overtime laws by billing it a seasonal carnival or something to that effect (essentially the same as was previously posted).


What I'm wondering is if and when the federal minimum wage is raised, will it take precedence over the state law? My gut says yes, but there's a reason I'm not a poli sci/gov't major.

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California over-time exemptions don't include amusement park employees but it does include those that work at ski resorts.


Order 10


Employees of a ski establishment during any month when Alpine or Nordic skiing activities are being conducted


Employee may have a regularly scheduled workweek of not more than 48 hours.

Employee shall be paid not less than one and one-half his or her regular rate of pay for any hours worked in excess of 10 in a workday or 48 in a workweek.


Thought that was kind of interesting considering the conditions these employees work in.

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I wonder if cedar fair will actually take advantage of it. The reason I ask is this. Before the Increase, Ohio min. Wage was $5.15, but Cedar Point's base rate of pay was $6.25. I am not suggesting that people who go to work there should expect $7.95 (A $1.10 difference), but they may at least get paid more than last year. I think cedar fair may eventually realize that it can't get the good sataffing at less than minimum wage.

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Seriously. I started out at biggs, getting about $7.50 an hour. The only reason I demoted my pay is so that I could work at an amusement park (Coney Island.) Now that I'm trying to find a good permanent career based on amusement parks, I'm pretty much screwed to support anybody...

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Heck get a job at Office depot or something they pay 8 an hour starting...


Yeah... that would be fun


Employee discount on all the things you need to build your own backyard woodie!


That would be Home Depot, not Office Depot.

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I think it's also ridiculous for the Home Health Care workers and the Agriculture workers that are exempt from this also... but on the theme park side of all of this... as if Geauga Lake had a hard enough time hiring good employees, this law is going to virtually make it so that they have to dismantle coasters for them to have enough staff to open this year... oh, wait!

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Whatta joke this is.


I can't think of any home healthcare workers that make minimum. My girlfriend's a nurse and she laughed at that part. Average in cleveland area for home health is $20-25 an hour. What home health worker makes minimum???


However, on the Agriculteral side: In ohio there are many wineries that employee 'legal-migrant' farm workers and they'll make out on that one. 'Sorry Felipe, I can only pay you 5.15...."


As far as parks are concerned, i thought all of the ones in Ohio paid better than minimum anyway. ( have to laugh about part of this, as the Pizza Hut down the road from Geauga Lake 3 yrs ago was hiring people at 9.25 an hour because it couldn't get people to stay for 8.00 an hour.)




Way to go


-c hynde

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The minimum wage is pointless. The government shouldn't be dictating or forcing companies to pay employees a certain rate. Companies know that if they want quality employees they'll have to pay more for it, which is why most people make more than minimum wage. No one is forcing you to work at an amusement park, so if you work there you're doing so at your own free will and choice.


Simply stated, if you're working at Cedar Point you're doing it because you love the job, not because you love the pay.

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Simply stated, if you're working at Cedar Point you're doing it because you love the job, not because you love the pay.

Amen. The debate has been settled.

Still, if you live in Sandusky, Cedar Point is probably employer #1. Or 2.


They may have a largest employee workforce, but they're far from a monopolizing institution. There are a ton of hotels and restaurants in town that hire the same type of worker. I'm even willing to bet that the employees who work in the hotels and restaurants owned by Cedar Point make more than the ride ops, food service workers, ticket sales...whatever. Reguardless, they all make more than minimum wage so why this topic exists is beyond me.

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