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Wuhu, New York City!


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Finally I saved enough money for trip to New York City in September this year! (...and that's a lot of bucks if you live in Austria/Europe!) Hooray!!!


I wanted to ask you, NYish people, for some 'hints' or 'secret places' I can visit in NY!? Of course I have to see all the 'standard-tousist-landmarks', but I'm looking for some alternatives. HELP!


And one question about SF GA: Should I visit the park on a weekend or is it better to go there during the week??


Thanks a lot!

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Living in New York, I've never done nor do I know anything touristy... but def go to Serendipity for some frozen hot chocolate! Oh and go to the Wax museum on 43rd and 7th! You can go through the chamber of horrors in it, it's really lame, but if you like haunted houses it's OK. See a broadway play... um I dunno lol when I go, I know what I'm doing and where I'm going but it's usually to a friend's apartment or to a bar or show. And go to Central Park! It'll be nice in Sept!

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