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Hoodie The Movie

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey everyone!


I've got a pretty significant update today, even if there are no flashy pictures or videos. Don't worry eventually there will be. But just tonight I got together with Matt and we worked pretty hard on nailing down the final story for Hoodie 3. As of right now it's still mostly in outline form. So we still need to work out all the dialogue and more of the specifics. We will probably get around to that tomorrow.


I'm not sure exactly when we'll start shooting, but I imagine it's still at least a year or so down the road. It's slowly coming together and I'm getting really excited for it!


To get more up to the minute updates, news, and other fun stuff check out my Facebook and Twitter pages. Click on the little icons under my avatar. You know you want to!plug>

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Awesome. It would be awesome if there was some kind of thing that comes out after this that is called like Hoodie:The Trilogy, anc it comes with the three hoodie films, the commentary, etc. Anyway, I cant wait, I totally love the first 2, so bring on the transportation.

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  • 1 month later...

^ Thanks! Pirates of Suburbia seems to be a lot of peoples favorite series. I've got about 50% of Pirates 3 shot and I don't think I'll be able to film anymore for a variety of reasons. So I'm planning to fill in the gaps with detailed animated storyboards.


I guess while I'm here I can give another update on Hoodie The Threequel.


We've made some progress on the script. As of this moment we have 4 fully fleshed out script pages. Things have been busy for both of us recently, so we haven't had much time to get together to work on it. It's slowly coming together though.

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I've rendered Robb speechless. I feel very honored.


In other news, I had somewhat of a break though just yesterday regarding the script. I was talking with one of my friends from work and he helped me re-format the storyline. It makes a lot more sense now than it did. The plot points are pretty much the same, the only thing thats changed is their order. The funny thing is that by switching around a couple of the scenes motivations are more clear, the action has been intensified, and it just seems like a more natural progression of the story.


So I'm going to be starting over on the script. But it'll be a much better movie because of it I think.

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  • 8 months later...

WOW! It's been a really long time but I have a new update on Hoodie 3!

(Hoodie starts at 1:08 in the video)



Matt and I have changed the script drastically since my last update. The story itself is basically the same but major details have been changing on a daily basis as we write and re-write. As of right now the script is 2/3 completed, but we will start shooting in two weeks at West Coast Bash!


As for now that's all I can say.

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  • 4 months later...

It's been a long time since our last update! I actually forgot to post this video here on the forum when I uploaded it late last month.


For those of you who only care about the Hoodie update, it starts at the 3 minute mark. But I would encourage you to watch the whole update, as it has some important details as to what is going on with me and how it will affect my projects, including Hoodie The Threequel.


By the way! There is also an Exclusive Clip from Hoodie The Threequel IN THIS UPDATE!!!

So watch it below and be sure to leave a comment. Thanks!


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That house is super manly! I can't wait till we move into our new house because then I can show you all the manly pink bathroom that we will have! Woo!


I'm super excited for Hoodie and all the other videos you guys do. Pirates of Suburbia was freaking awesome and I really think Johnny Depp owes you money for stealing Captain Jack from you...you were way better than him.


As always...keep it up guys!


Jimmy "One hour down the road from you" Bo

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Matt's hair was beyond epic at WCB. I can't wait to see the third installment of the Hoodie franchise. And long live Jeremy's Captain Jack! You guys keep up the great work! Don't let the work and money woes get you down. I'm sure that someday you're both going to be filthy rich, but will still look back on these days as some of the best.

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Thank you for all the comments guys! It's great how supportive the forum members are here.


ILoveRides - That picture is red dawn awesome!!!


Robb - We don't really have Matt hair playing too large a role, other than him having that hair for some of the movie. But we are still writing. I'll see if maybe we could work it in somewhere.

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LOL! That was just my retarded brain making stuff up...


I once worked with a guy who you would ask him questions...and he would pause...and then answer...pause again, and then continue his answer. He would do this consistently. We would joke about him being from another planet, and the pauses were him downloading information from his alien world. The hair remind me of that....

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