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Come on in and say "Hi".


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Hi, Im Stephen Hamilton and i am from Ayrshire in Scotland, UK. Hmmm.... well my local park is Loudon Castle and i love all rollercoasters and dark rides. My favourite park is Disneyland and Walt Disney World. I am a huge Disney fan and my favourite ride is the Tower of Terror.

My top ten coasters are- 1. California Screamin (Great soundtrack)

2. Matterhorn Bobsleds ( Cool Yeti and splashy finale)

3. Rita, Queen of Speed ( Recently rethemed)

4. Air (Feels like you are flying)

5. Kumali ( Vekoma SLC)

6. Pepsi Max- Big One ( I like Pepsi and big drops)

7. Crush' Coaster ( NEMO!)

8. Avalanche (Bobsleds)

9. Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril ( Pinfari, Great theming)

10. Oblivbion (Dont look down!)



Hi to everyone here. I am really looking forward to meeting and haring from you all.

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Hello, my name is Doug. My co-workers call me "Doug Funny", like the TV show... get it? I am a Freshman in college, and a coaster enthusiast. I spend my free time at my home park, Darien Lake. If it is raining I'm on NoLimits creating things probably not tolerable by even the most sound stomach. I've gotten to the point where coasters do not scare me at all, but they still thrill me a lot. I will ride anything put in font of me, and if giving the opportunity, I will ride it again (and again, and again). Besides Coasters I'm into photography (I have a pentax k-x), rock climbing, camping, eating, breathing, living. Starting out on the forum my coaster count is only at 25, but I plan on increasing that number significantly someday.

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Hi everyone !

My name is Kerr I'm from Glasgow in Scotland, been a rollercoaster enthusiast ever since i rode the Caterpillar coaster !

Not been to many Parks, Loudon castle, M n' Ds, Blackpool pleasure beach, Tivoli World in Benalmadena and Alton Towers !

I Started watching the videos on the youtube channel and thought they were hilarious !

Im Good with No-Limits but i suck at RCT3 :

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After 4 years of lurking and checking the TPR forums daily I thought it was time to say hi.


My name is Steve, I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I have ridden 191 coasters and love visiting the USA.

I met my now fiance "Priscilla" in Tampa Florida in 2003 while visiting friends. She lives with me here in Australia



I do not have a local park but being a yearly visitor to Florida, Busch Gardens and the Orlando parks are what I consider

my regular parks now.


I love coasters, anything Disney and I design kitchens for a living!


We are heading back to the USA in October for 5 weeks, for Halloween and Theme Park goodness and visit my home away from

home and my future inlaws.


One day I would love to do a TPR trip

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Hey everyone, My name is Kevin. I'm from New Bedford, MA. My home park is Six Flags New England. Everyone knows me as the kid who knows everything about coasters, even tho i really don't lol. I love to have fun. Theme Parks, Soccer, Drumming, and Clubbing are a few things that keep me entertained. Not that it really matters but I'm Bi. I love meeting new people. If you want to chat IM me, AIM: Soccasayswat. Just let me know your from where! =] Hope to hear from everyone!

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Hey my name is lauren.

I have been a 'lurker' on the this forum for a couple of years now but never joined.

So i thought today would be the day

Im a student studying media.

I have loved the thril of rolercoasters scince I was seven years old. My first 'thrill ride' was a pirate ship.

My favourite ride ever in the U.K is Stealth at Thorpe Park .

Ive been to a few theme parks in the U.K and Abroad .

This forum/website will hopefully open my eyes to themeparks/Rollercoasters that I havent heard about before.

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Hi, everyone! My name is Georgia and I'm a newbie to the forums. I'm absolutely fanatical about roller coasters and most things theme park related. . . .especially funnel cakes and lemon shake-ups. LOL.


More importantly, I'm obsessed with the Six Flags theme parks, in particular. Their coasters are loads of fun and I simply love the franchise. Not sure how obsessed everyone else is with Six Flags exactly, but I'm glad to be amongst fellow theme park lovers. Hope to talk to, and meet everyone very, very soon!

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Just realized I'd been posting for almost a week and hadn't come in and said "hi".


Well...my name's Patrick and I've been visiting this site for ages and finally decided to join the forums.


As far as parks go, I along with my wife and girls are Walt Disney World junkies and go at least once a year if not more. Just can't get enough of the house of mouse!


Other than that, I'm a professional actor/singer/director and I reside in Nashville, Tn.

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Hey Everyone!


My name is Jeremy and I am new here! I am from Chicago, and make my weekely visits to Six Flags Great America when the season is here. I absolutely love Theme Park Review and can't wait to get out on a trip with you guys soon and meet all of these wonderful people!! There are still so many places I have yet t experience but have been lucky enough to do some traveling around with a few of my friends who are as big of thrillseekers as I am. I recently got my Manta and Kraken credits, as well as my Hollwood credit, which has been LONG overdue! I have to say that my favorite parks I ave visited thus far in the United States are Cedar Point... I bet you didn't see that coming!... Magic Mountain... another shocker... and Great Adventure. The only european parks I have experienced are Parque de Attracciones and Parque Warner, Madrid. Big fan of Abismo and Superman! Regardless, there is much more that I need to discover and I really hope to do it with this group! When I am not finding my adrenaline kick, I am teaching tennis, or singing on a stage somewhere... If any of you have caught the National Tour of Jesus Christ Superstar, you MIGHT have seen me Anyway, that is a little bit about myself. I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer and I look forward to meeting you soon! But before, I go, I had dinner with some of my family yesterday and I cam across a FroYo place with what looked to be a familiar face, and though I have not met this TRP celebrity, I have seen PLENTY of pictures and wanted to share this with you all to see if you thought there was a resemblence... Kidtums, is this you??? I look forward to seeing what you guys think!!! Have a great day everyone!!!

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Just wanted to say "HI" from Brazil!!!


Although I live on the other side of the world (almost), I travel to the US a lot, so I was able to ride a lot of awesome coasters there!


Next week I'll be visiting Cedar Point, Kings Island, Holiday World and re-visiting SFGA. Can't wait!!!!!!

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Howdy everyone, I'm Vicky, over here in Delaware. Been here a week or so before I saw this thread I rode my first real coaster in high school (Batman at SFGA). I was absolutely petrified and thought I was going to die, but I wasn't afraid to ride anything after that! Now I have a 10 year old son, so I've had excuses to constantly go to parks and ride new things I'm hoping to hit Knoebel's in 2 weeks!

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Alright first post on this forum and guess what, it's an introducement post!


Hi Everyone, my name is Jeffrey i'm 21 years young and I live in the Netherlands (also knowns as Holland) the reason I signed up for the forums is that I have signed up for a 2011 trip. But also meet some new great people. My main interest are not really roller coasters, but actually marine mammal, especially dolphins!!! But I also have visited many parks with rollercoasters in it and I really love to ride them!!! Even I live overseas I still have an Annual Pass for SeaWorld Orlando, Florida. So that's how extreme I care about dolphins, but I also love to ride Manta and Kraken of course!!!


Sometimes my English can be a bit rusty, but I try my best to reduce errors to the minimum. However I spend over 7 months in the States in the last 2 years. So it will be not that bad!

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Finally I've managed to sign up and join.


Well I'm still getting into and learning about coasters as my selection of parks is rather limited. My home parks are KD, BGE, and SFA but I haven't been there in years. I'm in high school (12th grade).


Nice to meet you all!

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Alright guys,this will be my first post


I am 15, and I live in Fresno which is in the Central Valley, California. I love Intamin and "The Gravity Group" rides. my "hometown" park is Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, I am a season pass holder for the past 5 years. I usually make it over there at least twice a year, usually in the summer and fall. I've only been on 28 different coasters, but I've ridden most of them at least 3-5 times. The Giant Dipper at SCBB I have been on at least 70 times. I also live about 3 hours north from Six Flags Magic Mountain and 3 hours south of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.


Nice to meet everyone, I look forward to posting on the forum!

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