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Hello, I'm Greg. (Go ahead, I'll wait for the whole group to respond "hi Greg!) I am here because I am a coaster addict. I have been riding coasters since before I was born...true story. My mom would ride while pregnant with me! Maybe that's why I am the way I am but I digress.... Anyhoo, I found out about this place back in 2007 while on a trip to Kentucky Kingdom. I was in line behind a group of you folks and saw the backpacks everywhere that day. Since then I have been a longtime lurker. So I thought I would step out of the shadows and say hello. Looking forward to running into some of you folks again sometime out there!

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Hi, I'm Kenny!


I've been looking at this website for months, but have just made an account today.


I live in Denver and within 20 minutes of Elitch Gardens, Lakeside, and Waterworld.


My current coaster count is 20ish.


I'm a college student and have no money, ever.

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I am Steven Neidig from Indianapolis, IN. I am a senior in high school and recently turned 18 years old.


Although I was a part of TPR during their Deep South and Texas tours this summer, I have yet to post on the forums (I've read tons, just haven't posted yet!) I've decided to change that and try to be active on here.


I could choose either Holiday World, Indiana Beach, or King's Island as my 'local park' because they are all about the same driving distance away, but I would say without a doubt that my "home park" is Holiday World. That is where I rode my first coaster, The Raven, and has my favorite wooden coaster, The Voyage.


In total, I've ridden about 65-70 roller coasters.


Some interests I have include:


- Technical Theatre work at a local theatre. I also do tech for school productions.


- Playing RuneScape. I've played this browser-based Java game for 5 years now. People like to give this game and it's players a lot of crap but I don't care - I love it!


- Aviation / things that fly. I have been accepted to Purdue, College of Technology and will be striving for a degree in aviation management, particularly air traffic control. This could change, however.


- Fish and snake keeping. I am currently raising 14 red belly piranhas. They are currently 3" in length. My snake is a California King snake that I accepted from a friend that no longer wanted her. She is 4' in length.


- LOST!!! Best show ever. 'Nuff said.


I'm sure there are other things I could say but I just can't think of any right now...


Well, that's that! First post on the forums! ^-^

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Credit as(like) beginning .... I am a boy of Spain, of 23 years, for some 3/4 years approximately I see you across my screen of computer, see all the reviews, etc .. of TPR, but not because, now to been when I have decided to form a part of the forum, and of this great hobbie/pasion for the theme parks, roller coasters, etc...


I have the page sight of above(up) to below(down), though my Englishman is scanty, and do not find out about the majority of things, only I see photos and if I see something interesting since I translate it in a translator in google:b because of it to excuse myself if not to deal some things, but me the whole translator translates it, and he(she) does not translate any things well, or does not put the correct verb, and I not to correct it.


Good from child that I have been very a fan of all this type of things, many years ago here in españa not to exist nothing theme, like that park that I was the king of the fairs of my proximities, my wise family that was my passion, like that that whenever podian they were taking me, was remaining fascinated quite all the attractions for adults that I not podia to rise, but always he(she) was thinking that already to come my moment. In 1995 to open Port Aventura, I tape-worm 9 years, and the same year towards the communion, my family do not doubt it, my better gift of serious communion a trip to the mega-park that they end of inagurar, this way that took me, and release the Dragoon Khan, Nothing mas to open the park was very poor, not it is vegetation, etc ... as any new park. Segui growing, and to continue visiting all the parks that podia (neither many(many people) given to the economy). I was Port Aventura 5 times, Warner Bros Park Madrid 2 times, Mythical Terra 8 times (I have it next to house), Fairground of Madrid 1 time, and there my account(bill) is ended.


The last time that Port Aventura visits to think because not to work there? This way that I did interviews, etc .. and consegui to be employed at Port Aventura, it has been a year of my unforgettable life, knowing people, seeing the entrails of the park, etc .. not it exchange for nothing of the world. Thanks to it, conoci to a great friend who also is carried away of the parks and together we want to cross ours all those that we prune, our goal before dying we want to go to Universals in halloween, Magic Kingdom, in short, to do a tour for the whole USA let's hope that there last many of them ^^

And this way little by little to cross the whole world as(like) to do you. And all that "it" is "summarized" more or less my life as fan of this type of things. And good, that has gone to few ones does not mean that it(he,she) does not know of memory(report) the majority of parks of the world ... jeje. For some kind of(some,any) this(this one) the google.maps, webs, reviews of you, etc .. jeje though to many(many people) it(he,she) has not gone, I know myself them, jeje


Good already little by little me ire informing (and learning Englishman) of since(as,like) this goes, but I suppose that when to come to españa or it(he,she) surrounds, if the economy allows it, me podria to appear with you and all that not?.


PD: If there is someone who speaks Spanish, who says it please, this way it(he,she) helps me a bit in translations and all that.


An embrace!!!


PD2: And good to comment on a thing also, the friend about whom he(she) was speaking before and I, across Internet we have sent our curriculum to Universal Orlando to work there, it(he,she) wanted to know if someone me podria to say:

If they contract people of other countries? If they lodge you? If serious profitable to go away of españa to the USA to working? And several mas that me iran happening if I have the possibility of speaking with someone who deals on the topic ^^ Thank you very much.




Haber como empezar.... soy un chico de españa, de 23 años, desde hace unos 3/4 años aproximadamente os veo a traves de mi pantalla de ordenador, veo todas las reviews, etc.. de TPR, pero no se porque, ahora a sido cuando he decidido formar parte del forum, y de este gran hobbie/pasion por los parques tematicos, montañas rusas, etc...


La pagina la tengo vista de arriba a abajo, aunque mi ingles es escaso, y no me entero de la mayoria de cosas, solo veo fotos y si veo algo interesante pues lo traduzco en un traductor en google

por eso perdonarme si no entendeis algunas cosas, pero me lo traduce todo el traductor, y algunas cosas no las traduce bien, o no pone el verbo correcto, y yo no se corregirlo.


Bueno desde niño que he sido muy fan de todo este tipo de cosas, hace muchos años aqui en españa no exisistia ningun parque tematico, asi que yo era el rey de las ferias de mis proximidades, mi familia sabia que era mi pasion, asi que cada vez que podian me llevaban, me quedaba fascinado todo todas las atracciones para adultos que yo no podia subir, pero siempre pensaba que ya llegaria mi momento. En 1995 se inaguro Port Aventura, yo tenia 9 años, y ese mismo año hacia la comunion, mi familia no lo dudo, mi mejor regalo de comunion seria un viaje al mega-parque que acababan de inagurar, asi que me llevaron, y estrene el Dragon Khan, nada mas abrir el parque era muy pobre, no habia vegetacion, etc... como cualquier parque nuevo. Segui creciendo, y segui visitando todos los parques que podia (tampoco muchos dado a la economia). Repeti Port Aventura 5 veces, Warner Bros Park Madrid 2 veces, Terra Mitica 8 veces (lo tengo al lado de casa), Parque de Atracciones de Madrid 1 vez, y ahi se acaba mi cuenta.


La ultima vez que visite Port Aventura pense ¿porque no trabajar alli? asi que hice entrevistas, etc.. y consegui trabajar en Port Aventura, ha sido un año de mi vida inolvidable, conociendo gente, viendo las entrañas del parque, etc.. no lo cambiaria por nada del mundo. Gracias a eso, conoci a una gran amiga que tambien es apasionada de los parques y juntos queremos recorrernos todos los que podamos, nuestra meta antes de morir queremos ir a Universals en halloween, Magic Kingdom, en resumen, hacer un recorrido por todo EEUU esperemos que duren muchos de ellos ^^

Y asi poco a poco recorrer todo el mundo como haceis vosotros. Y todo eso es "resumido" mas o menos mi vida como fan de este tipo de cosas. Y bueno, que haya ido a pocos no significa que no me sepa de memoria la mayoria de parques del mundo... jeje. Para algo esta el google.maps, webs, reviews de vosotros, etc.. jeje aunque a muchos no haya ido, me los conozco, jeje


Bueno ya poco a poco me ire enterando (y aprendiendo ingles) de como va esto, pero supongo que cuando vengais a españa o cerca, si la economia lo permite, me podria apuntar con vosotros y todo eso ¿no?.


PD: Si hay alguien que hable español, que lo diga por favor, asi me ayuda un poquito en traducciones y todo eso.


Un abrazo!!!


PD2: Y bueno comentar una cosa tambien, la amiga de la que hablaba antes y yo, a traves de internet hemos enviado nuestro curriculum a Universal Orlando para trabajar alli, quisiera saber si alguien me podria decir:

¿si contratan gente de otros paises? ¿si te alojan ellos? ¿si seria rentable irse de españa a EEUU a trabajar? y varias mas que se me iran ocurriendo si tengo la posibilidad de hablar con alguien que entienda del tema ^^ Muchas Gracias.

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Hello TPR!

At first: My english is horrible! I'm sorry for that!


My name is Barry, 18 years young. And i love rollercoasters!

My hometown is ''Krommenie'', and is close to Amsterdam.

I am a Dutchman!


I have this year work in the dutch Walibi World, and now I work for the Winter in the Amsterdam Dungeon.. (Not a Themepark, but it haves a rollercoaster! alright.. one of the smallest in the world, but oke..)


My favorites coasters are the coaster from B&M! But I must say.. that I have only ride Black Mamba in Phantasialand.. (Shame.. Shame!)


So.. I have no idea what i can tell more about myself. This is enough i think.

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As you can clearly see, I'm silver2005. I'm on other forums such as KIExtreme and KICentral under the same screenname, and The BeastFan at Coaster-Net. My real name is Mike, and I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, with Kings Island as my home park. Aside from coasters, I attend the University of Cincinnati, currently with a undecided major, and I'm a proud member of the UC Bearcat Bands. I have to date, riden 64 roller coasters, my favorite of them being Beast as my favorite woodie and Diamondback as my favorite steel coaster (I can't compare the two types).

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Hi, I'm Lora. I'm from Evans, GA, right outside of Augusta.

I'm an RN. I'm married, and have a 13 year old boy.

I love to travel, and most of my trips take me to theme parks. My home park is SFoG, but I go to the parks in Orlando more than my "home" park.

I have ridden 38 roller coasters, and my favorite is Apollo's Chariot at BGE. I also love The Mummy at Universal Studios. My favorite woodie is GASM at SFoG.

I like visiting water parks just as much, if not more than I like theme parks, and water parks are usually included on my trips. I also enjoy all things touristy, and Vegas is one of my favorite destinations. I love the shows, and all of the cheesy attractions.

My other interests, instead of making me seem less geeky, make me seem oh so much more geeky. I love SciFi. Star Trek, Firefly, Buffy, Lost, Star Wars & many other shows are all very much a part of my life. If my trip does not include a theme park, it's because its to a SciFi convention. My home con is DragonCon in Atlanta, and I'm there every year.

I would love to go on a TPR trip, and I hope to do so sometime in the future.

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Hey everybody!

My name is Eric and I'm from New Hampshire. I originally got hooked on rides when I saw the sky master at my local fair and that sort of put that interest into place. 4 Years ago, I started playing RCT3, and that made me curious about coasters. I learned about all the company's and parks that make them and started traveling around to ride them. My parents always took me to parks when I was younger as well.


I first learned about Theme Park Review through you tube. I'm also a fluent member on the RcPro forums and Brandon suggested that I check this site out too.


As of now my coaster count is at 56 and I've traveled to many parks around the east coast including; Cannobie, Disney World, SFNE, SFGAV, Cedar Point, BGE and Fun Town to name the major ones, but I've also been to smaller parks too. I'm Currently trying to get to Rye Play land, Lake Compounce, Dorney Park, Darien Lake, Hershey park and Kennywood as well


Besides coasters I enjoy computers and graphic art. I am also a full time high school student. I'd like to work with coasters for a living, but the odds are unlikely so I think I'll get into art as aforementioned.


So anyways, I'm glad to be here and I hope to take a trip with you guys someday.

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I'm from the USA, and love all sorts of coasters. My favorite ride would have to be Thunderhead, it's just so smooth and fast, my second fav. is Millennium Force at Cedar Point, also extremely smooth and just a blast to ride. My favorite game EVER is RCT2, but I do not have 8cars, so I have to make do with regular scenery. Hope to meet and become friends with a lot of people!

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Sup! I'm Jimmy. I live about 1.5 hours from KBF and SFMM. I play drums Like a high schooler, even though I'm 12. I've been OBSESSED with roller coasters since I was 7. In my 2nd grade writing assingments I would write about Pimple The Chicken, a fat chicken that designed coasters. Pimple The Chicken also owned a theme park with no name. The park's main ride was a lawnmower themed coaster with no name.


I have not been on many coasters because I'm 12, poor, and live around only two major theme parks. The good thing is that I'm saving up my allowance and birthday money to go on a coaster trip to Nor Cal. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom/Great America here I come!!


Well, see me around TPR!

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Sup TPR, I'm a RCT3 enthusiast, and a definite Roller coaster enthusiast. I live about 1 hour away from Bush Gardens Africa, and about 3 hours from Orlando.


I started to love roller coasters the first time i set my eyes upon one. My first roller coaster was Scorpion, the original Schwarzkopf looper. I love Busch Gardens so much that I went on SheiKra a total of 115 times in a single day, Talk about thrill seeking.


I also Design roller coasters off of RCT3, which you can find some of my designs on the Roller coaster games, models and other randomness section.


Overall, I'm glad to be here, and I will enjoy TPR to the fullest!

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Hi there,


I come from Germany, between Cologne and Duesseldorf, so my homeparks are PHANTASIALAND, MOVIE PARK GERMANY and TOVERLAND. All of them I can reach by car in approximately 1 hour. But since I started this hobby a year ago, I more prefer to Europapark (Silverstar and Blue Fire) and Holiday Park (GeForce, yeah)!!!


My interest on rollercoaster began as a child. My parents had traveled often around the world with me, and I liked to take a trip in themeparks, luna park, and funfairs over there - each rollercoaster I saw, I must ride! In the past years I had have a huge pause about 11 years, cause my ex-girlfriend doesn´t enjoy themeparks and coasters.


But now I started again with many targets to ride.


My biggest dream in the past was to ride "X", cause I came one year earlier they built it to SFMM and was a bit angry about that.


I enjoyed this site since last winter and read the trip reports and so on...


I have to say... so - Robb and Elyssa, you do a great job with this site and with your Trip-Organization!!! And with Kid Tums, too!


Well, I´m working as a male nurse in a psychiatry, but many of my colleagues would say I´m crazy myself. My hobbys are Rollercoaster riding and filming, Geocaching, swimming and the usual things (meeting friends and so on).


I hope I will be a part of a trip in the next few years, must taking money beforehand, so I will meet you guys and chicks someday and have much ride times and fun, I hope!


Please excuse my horrible english, will try to get better...

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Hi guys,


I registered here for the free DVD the other week, so now I've decided to have a look round the place. I am a NoLimits player and will post my projects, and live near Alton Towers which I visit often, was about 15 visits this year.


I really enjoy TPR videos etc. and hope to stick around for a bit.

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Hello everyone


My name is Kujaun

I'm 29 male, single and looking... oh wrong site lol j/k

I live in Moreno Valley, Ca it's a good drive from the major parks especially SFMM, Knotts isn't to bad but the 91 freeway is HORRIBLE traffic! Oh yeah we have Castle Park but after a million times


I love nolimits

My favorite park is SFGADv

my favorite coaster steel is X2

Fav. wood traditional/non tradition would be El Toro

Fav. Coaster firm Intamin


I'm an Airtime junky

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Hello I'm Nicole


I stumbled around this lovely place a while ago and admit to being quite the lurker... figured it was about time to change that at least somewhat.


I live in southwestern CT and thus lucky enough to have have quite a few parks within a day trip of me: SFNE, Lake Compounce, Rye Playland, Coney Island, SFGAv... to name a few.


I have been blessed with parents that appreciate roller coasters and have been going to parks since before I can remember.


My first "big people" coaster was the Wildcat at Lake Compounce... sitting next to my mother going down the first hill, my body was not in contact with "any" part of the train and I was quite sure had I let go that might have been the end of me. But I am here and I was hooked. I definitely threw a few fits when I wasn't tall enough to ride some coasters but time and age fixed that.


I honestly don't know how many credits I have to my name currently but I do love a good ride.


Nice to meet you all.

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Hey.. I'm Chris from Temecula, CA


I'm 24, and have been a coaster fan for only a year now.. I lived my entire life thinking that Disneyland was a 'fun' experience, until my friend forced my to go on California Screamin'. While that was awesome, my sister's friend FORCED me to go on X2 during my first ever visit to SFMM.


Ever since (over the past year), I have been to SFMM 4 times, Knott's twice, and Disneyland too many times to remember.


I have been lurking here for some time.. Didn't know if my love for coasters was a 'fad' or not.. Now that I know I am obsessed with them, I decided to join.


Also, I am into cars.. big time! I have a '65 Mustang that is in a magazine, and a 2007 Shelby GT.




You all seem like a fun bunch of people.. hope to maybe go on a trip or two..

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I'm Ian from Toronto. I am 29 and have been into rollercoasters and theme parks since I was a little kid. I've been reading TPR for the past year and decided it was time to create and account and start posting!


My favourite coaster is Millennium Force (although it will probably change after riding Intimidator, Bizzaro or Expedition GeForce in the future!)


My favourite park is Cedar Point (I guess I'm a CP fanboy, but I haven't been to many parks outside of the midwest).


Nice to meet all of you, see you on the forums!


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Hi everyone,


My name is Austin. I live in Anaheim, CA. I have been visiting SFMM and KBF regularly, multiple times per year, since my parents took me to each park for the first time in 1983. My dad is also a coaster enthusiast and he is the one who got me started riding. I've been on 60 coasters and my favorite is X2. I also go to Disneyland occasionally, since I have a cousin who works there and I can get in free, but I mostly only enjoy thrill rides. I am much closer to KBF and Disney, but I consider SFMM to be my home park, since I enjoy it the most and go there much more often than any other park. I am a huge Los Angeles Angels fan, I enjoy watching almost any sci-fi show and am a huge cat lover.

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Hello Everyone!


I just wanted to say hello. I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in August of 2009. I am doing a master's program here. There are a lot of great roller coasters and theme parks in the area...but I don't have any friends who are interested in going. So if there is anyone in my area who loves roller coasters and theme parks as much as I do feel free to drop a line. I am a 36 year old year guy from San Diego, CA. I worked at Sea World in CA the last time I went to university.





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