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Hello everyone,


I've been reading on TPR for years now and finally registered.

I'm from Belgium,i'm 26 years old and love themeparks.I even worked at one,maybe Robb and Elissa will remember me



My homepark is Walibi Belgium.

I rode 168 coasters over Europe and USA, next big coastertrip is Florida during summer 2008.


Other interests are Pc-gaming, movies and skiing

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Hey everyone!

My name is Robby and I'm 18 and currently attend the University of Alabama. (Roll Tide! ) I have been regularly visiting this website for around 6 years now and have been following it since then. I love the site and really think Robb and Elissa are doing an awesome job at keeping this site up and running. I have decided to start posting on these boards after several years of lurking and am looking forward to getting familiar with everyone!



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Hi, I Sam and I figured it's time to get the first post out of the way. I'm in Indianapolis and I've hit Holiday World, King's Island, CP, WDW, Bush Gardens and Universal Studios/IOA. I vastly prefer wood to any steel (airtime over loops) and Disney to IOA. Beast Rules!


I produce internal propaganda videos for a large cell phone company and we really do have that big network that follows you around


Can't promise I'll post very much, but I do buy DVDs!

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I'm Sinead, I'm 21 and I'm from Scotland. The closest theme parks to me are Loudoun Castle, and M&D's.


The last time I was at Loudoun Castle it was ten years ago and it was barely a theme park, but I just had a look at their website and it seems to have improved a lot. M&D's is home to Tornado, the only terrible rollercoaster experience I've ever had!


The only other UK theme parks I've been to are Alton Towers and my favourite, Blackpool Pleasure Beach!


I have a bit of a phobia of drop towers, even though I used to go on the Playstation (I think it's the 'Ice Blast' now?) all the time at the Pleasure Beach. But on one visit I suddenly developed an irrational fear of them!


I'm a film student, studying at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (what a mouthful). My ambitions are to become an editor, and to ride as many rollercoasters as possible before I die!


Here's my face! This is me dressed as the Mad Hatter for Halloween. I look mental.

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Hi! Krista here from Arlington Texas. Home park is Six Flags Over Texas and I pretty much live in the shadow of it (if you call 4 miles south a shadow.) I'll be 28 years old next month and have been married for 2. I worked at SFOT for 6 years as a ride operator and tried to make a living off of it, but they had other plans. I have some pretty good "stupid guest" stories to tell, as I'm sure any experienced amusement park employee will. Anything you need to know about this park, I can usually provide an answer or know where to find it. I've been in ACE for 10 years now.


Been a small lurker here for a while; by the time I found this site it was pretty well established and I was established as a forum member on a few other sites and I hate joining forums after they've been around for a while. But I did use this site to contact Elissa after I heard about their wedding at Disney; I liked the flowers she used for her bouquet and was planning a wedding myself, so I needed to find out what kind they were so I could use some in my own. I understand y'all just had a baby in March; I just had my first back in July. Congratulations!


I don't get to travel very much because I'm poor and I suck at trip planning. I've been to Six Flags Over Georgia, Dorney Park, AstroWorld (grew up at that place, RIP), Fiesta Texas, Zero Gravity of Dallas, the State Fair of Texas (worked there in 2003), Sea World of Texas, Wonderland in Amarillo, Joyland in Lubbock, and Cliff's Amusement Park near Albuquerque. I also frequent Schlitterbahn (grew up there too) and I've been to Hurricane Harbor (worked the Skycoaster there for 2 summers) and Schlitterbahn Galveston. Come to a Texas ACE event and I can practically guarantee I'll be there.


I usually never encounter a coaster that I HATE; anytime I get to ride a new coaster is a blessing for me since, as I said before, I don't get to travel much. That's not to say I enjoy them all, but I'm glad to have the experience. My favorite coasters tend to be those that are fast and smooth, so I guess I prefer steel over wood, but you will NEVER be able to convince me that the Texas Giant is so rough it can't be ridden! (Ok, you have to ride in the front seat and lean into the turns while planting your feet in the crease between the floor and the front of the car, but still...) #1 steel is Mr. Freeze and #1 wood is Texas Giant. Besides coasters at parks, I will ride any Intamin drop ride and the skycoasters, and I collect park snowglobes and a piece of park clothing, usually t-shirts. My exact steel/wood count is on a laptop we no longer use, and I can't remember what those totals are yet, but I can tell you that I have 429 Skycoaster flights on 5 different Skycoasters at 6 different sites and have paid for only 4 of them. It usually helps to up your count when you work them for several years! It was my favorite ride to work, hands down.


One of my favorite travel stories is my 5-hour trip to Dorney Park. I was there by myself, park was practically dead. It was my first time there, so I tried to ride everything I passed. But Hercules was closed, and closed, and still closed every time I checked. I had to do it; it was a Dinn & Summers just like my Texas Giant. I rode everything I liked twice while waiting for it to maybe open. Right when I gave up and picked up the phone to call my dad to come pick me up, I heard them run a train. I waited and waited, and was there at the entrance when they let people in. I rode it twice in the front.


Two months later I was telling this story to some ACE friends, when I found out that they had closed it down and were in the process of demolishing it.


I work in a very small credit union (155 employees) and I image our consumer/member documents into a digital imaging program. For the pay and the hours, this ranks right up there as the laziest job I have *ever* had. The only downside is it's 16 miles from my house. Though I plan to leave here and be a full-time momma before the end of the year.


Oh and I am a very descriptive talker...... Short sentences can never describe any story I have to tell.....


I'll have to upload a pic of myself later, cuz things like that (including MySpace) are banned here.


Thanks for having me!

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Hey all..I'm new, sort of. I'm Scott, a classical/rock musician and composer in New England. I have no idea how many coasters I have been on, but I'd guess it's somewhere near 75. I posted another number a few weeks back, but I think it was wrroneous. I still don't know what the obsession is with donkeys, though. When I was a teenager, I lived in Kansas (no Dorothy jokes unless you want to know the bad ones), and my father, in addition to everything else, had donkeys on his farm. Nice enough animals, but a little on the odiferous side, and don't try to ride them anywhere. They're more obstinate than "It's a Small World" in the pirates of the carribean section. (was stuck in that part two seperate times for no less than 2 1/2 hours each time; second time, we just walked out.)

I'm looking to start my own local offshoot-junior division, called New England Coaster and Ride Obsessions (yeah, it's NECRO...it's accidental) and anyone in the NE area who wants to explore what parks we have up here is more than welcome to join in! My homepark is either Lake Compounce or SFNE (depending on mood), and fave park I have been to so far is Marriott's (Paramount's) Great America. Yhanks

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I'm new here. My name is Nicole. I'm from outside of Philly. I've loved roller coasters all my life. I guess my first one was the Toboggan at the OCMD boardwalk.


I had been lurking around here for a while. I'm a regular on RCC and some of those guys post here so I finally registered after lurking for a few months.




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Hi everyone


Another lurker here. From UK, living in Madrid.


The first coaster I rode was the Cyclone at Pleasureland, Southport, and the next one is Abismo in the Parque de Atracciones. In about two hours' time...

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Hello. I hail from a smaller, rather secluded forum, hence the lack of an original, clever, or descriptive username. By some miracle, it hasn't been taken yet. I really must have some sort of allergy to large forums. I don't go to that many, and I usually don't stay at the ones I sign up at. Maybe this one will be different, especially with the roller coasters and whatnot.


I remember the first time I rode a full-sized roller coaster. Ah, yes. Possibly the most bone-jarring thing I have ever experienced (thank you, CCI!), but I enjoyed it enough to eventually become obsessed with the topic of roller coasters. That was in May. Of course, since then, the park with that coaster in it has come quite far, especially in the area of closing down everything except for the water park and sending away its attractions to Michigan, Virginia, and other places that deserve them much more than this filthy little metropolitan-area-from-the-bowels-of-Naraka.


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Hello! I am zeke, or if you want to call me by my real name, Jezico. I am now currently in high school and a major coaster nerd. I started liking roller coasters about 2 years ago, and I am now a coaster nerd. My homepark is Busch Gardens Tampa, and apparently the only amusement park I have been to. I plan to go to more parks, though. If you meet me in real life, you will see that I am one of the most unique and interesting people you will ever meet. See my profile if you want to see more about me.

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Hello... My name's Olivier, I live in Belgium. I've been reading those forums for YEARS, even if I don't take part to many debates. But I thought, as I might be meeting some of you next summer, I will introduce myself in a few lines. I'm 33 (will be 34 for East Coast 2008) and have been a coaster fanatic for 25 years now. My favourite ride is Dragon Khan, as you may guess, even after riding bigger coasters like Millennium Force, Riddler's Revenge, or Nitro among others. My coaster coun t is currently set at 162, the latest I rode being Black Mamba, Typhoon and Furious Baco. (I LOVE Port Aventura) I'm a foreign language teacher for pupils aged 16/19 but also teach adults in evening classes. My passions are coasters (of course... riding, creating on no limits and Coasterdynamix, which I adore) I also love video games and my biggest passion aside coasters is music. I've been playing the saxophone since the age of 8, play it in a funky/jazz-style group, as well as the guitar and keyboard in a rock cover band. I also compose rock songs and ballads. It's high time I opened a myspace page... It will be my first trip with TPR although I have already attended some ECC events. I'm really excited to meet you all and have a good time next summer !

Here is a pick of one of our gigs. See you soon !


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Hi, my name is Alan,

And I'm a coaster enthusiast.


I just move to Albuquerque from Phoenix (after 33 years!).


I've been "married" since 1992 (talk about a surprise to me that someone would put-up with me for this long).


For work I used to be a Draftsman (CADD & a teacher of CADD), but now I find myself semi-retired.

Now if I could only figure out a way to pay for vacations, hmm....


I should have joined here years ago, but I can be a little slow on the up-take.


Anyway, there's more, but I don't want to bore y'all.

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Hi all,

I've been a fan of the site for about a year, but never really had anything to post before...too busy or just not interesting enough in my life. I look forward to actually having something to say in the future! My family and I are big Disney nuts, and rollercoaster fans in general. Our 4 year old son calls them rolleycoastas and is disappointed that he can't go on many of them due to his height. We own with Disney's Vacation club....that is where most of our money goes at least, and I am about to move to Yokosuka, Japan around January for 3-5 years; (Governement Civilian employee) so lots of parks in our future there! I hope I can pick your brains a bit for the best stuff to do there! Bye for now. - Brian

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Hiya! My husband, Eric aka ernierocker, said I should come here and introduce myself.

I will be joining in on the East Coast Trip, although I'm not a roller coaster enthusiast as Eric I do find them fun on occasion.


I am a 26 years old, I live in Tennessee and I'm a graphic designer.

Looking forward to the trip!

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Hi there

So I have been lurking around here for sooo long now, I thought it was time to introduce myself and hopefully get more involved in the forums etc.

My name is Dylan, I am 31 and live in Reading, England.

I have been a coaster fan for years and over the last few years managed to get out to some non UK parks - SFMM, CP, SFGAdv, PortAventura.

My home park is Alton Towers (even though Thorpe Park is closer to my current home), have spend many days out there over the past 18 years. Which probably explains why Nemesis is my favourite coaster. After riding it so many times since its opening season, I still enjoy it as much now as I did back then.

I get very jealous looking through all the TPR Photo Trip Reports and Upcoming Trips - hopefully one day I will come along to one, when I manage to persuade one of my (less fanatic) friends that it would be a great idea! Maybe.....one day....

East Coast Trip 2008 looks awesome.


So...hello everyone *waves*

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Hello there everybody.


My name is Marco I'm 17 years old and I'm from the Netherlands.

I'm just new here.


My home park is Walibi World and my favorite coaster is Goliath.


And there is small chance I will join you guys on the mainland europe trip and if not you will proberly see me on one of your othter trips.


Have fun all and enjoy.


Marco G.

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Hi guys.

I'm Thomas, I'm 15 and from New Jersey. My home park is Six Flags Great Adventure and my favorite roller coaster so far is Nitro. I have only been riding roller coasters since July, I use to be afraid but somehow I managed to get on Talon and Hydra at Dorney park and now I'm hooked.

I like this site and I hope to be here for awhile. I like the humor here too, I think the videos are really funny and all the donkeys.

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Hi everyone, I'm Martin, and my wife Cheryl is my riding partner. We live in lower Manhattan in the Financial District. We both grew up near "great old parks that are now gone", Palisades Park in NJ for me, Nunley's on Long Island for Cheryl. I got a bit turned off on theme parks after the Great Adventure fire in 1984, but grad school found me in Pittsburgh, and it's hard not to fall in love with Kennywood. Cheryl's coaster history is not as detailed, but we've decided to make it a team project! We love this site and can't wait to get on the next ride.

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Hey everyone, I'm Ollie.


Local park is Alton Towers, go every year and love it.


Not been on many coasters but I love them and I play games such as Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, and No Limits.


Other interests include World of Warcraft (hey everyone that plays ) fishing on the odd occasion and sleeping.


Hope everyone's ok.

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HI!!! I'm Keli and I'm 18. I go to NAU and I LOVE roller coasters, I can't belive how many you've been on Rob! That's so awesome! I'm gonna try and go on that many some day. And this form rocks btw.


Annnnnddd, oh yeah, my favourite ride of all times is Haunted Mansion Holiday in California! <<--cute smiley!

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