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Hi, I'm Peter from England. Haven't been to many Theme Parks really (must go to more!) but here's a list:



Walt Disneyworld

Universal Orlando


Disneyland Paris

Thorpe Park

Chessington World of Adventures

Alton Towers


American Adventure


Paulton's Park (does this one even count?!)

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Hello to everybody,


my name is Martijn (Nickname is derived from this). I'm 32 years old and i live in Den Bosch (The Netherlands) together with my girlfriend and two cats.


Love rollercoasters and have traveled around the world to visit them. Have a look at my Themepark Calender to see where i've been and where i'm going next.

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Hello everyone!


I'm Ian from Liverpool, England (Yes, home of the Beatles! lol)

I'm one of those old people who decide they hated their jobs so quit and went to University, from where I have recently graduated with a Law Degree.


Er.., I'm completely baffled by all things computer related - i.e. finding a picture the right size to put on here (But put me in front of a PS2 and I'm happy for hours) but have popped in and out of here a few times but been too shy to say anything - until I got a proddy e-mail from Robb telling me to say something!

My closest park was Pleasureland Southport, now Blackpool Pleasure Beach, with Alton Towers a close second!

My bestest friend in the whole world has had a house built in Orlando for the past couple of years, so I have been spending my summer breaks from studying there (also Thanksgiving week too!) So have a pretty good knowledge of Disney & Universal (But not Cypress Gardens - which will be rectified when I'm out there again in November!)


Favorite coasters - The Big One in Blackpool, Air in Alton Towers here in England, and over in the Sunshine State they wold have to be The Hulk and Duelling Dragons (Blue Dragon!) At UIOA, the Mummy at Universal Studios, The Rock and Rollercoaster at Disney/MGM and lots at Busch Gardens in Tampa!

(Also, special mentions go to several rides that aren't coasters - Dr. Doom's Fearfall, Dudley-Do Right's Ripsaw Falls, the Tower of Terror, Soarin', Mission to Mars...)


Anyway, I've waffled on enough, I'm now going to look at my pics from the last couple years to prepare for my trip (5 weeks from Friday and counting....!) I Promise I'll say something next time I'm here!


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Hi everyone.


Mick (tradcentric) writting from Ireland - land of the coasterless! (well ok, we have about 3 - all tiny and useless).


I'm originaly from Manchester, England so I grew up in the shadow of Blackpool Pleasrure Beach. Camelot was up the road and Alton Towers about an hour and half away - heaven. Now I live in Limerick, near Ireland's west coast. Love it here but there's a serious lack of funfairs in Ireland and not one themepark. Someone with money please build one here!!!! If I win the lottery, I'll do it myself!.


Anwyay - thats me,



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Joris from Belgium here. Been following the recents events for some time now. This summer I spent my vacation at the East-Coast. I visited Six Flags Magic Mountain which was fantastic! Belgian theme parks suck compared to this amazing park!


Just wanted to say hi and thanks for all the cool vids and pics. Keep it up!



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Tim from the UK here.


Gradually getting through as many European theme parks as possible, and will start on the parks in Florida when my girls are a bit older!


So far this year... Thorpe Park and Chessington too many times to count, Alton Towers x 3 (2 or 3 days at a time), Disneyland Paris x 1 (5 days) and Phantasialand x 1 (4 days).


Lots left to go, but went to Europa Park, Port Aventura last year.

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hello, loooooong time reader... first time poster ( i think )... anyways, i go by j, i live in orlando... former hhn scaractor (once tried to scare robb in 'disorientorium' only to be scared by the camera )... park obsessor... woodie enthusiast... graphic designer...


look forward to chatting away on here... so hello again!



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hello everyone!

i´m gerd from deggendorf, a small town 80 miles east of munich.

i´m so glad, i found this site because while watching all those pictures and videos i find a little psychical hideaway from my job as chef and i get reminded that there is more in live than earning money and work from lunch ´til midnight!

oh: thank´s for the great onride video of the dania beach hurricane in hollywood/fl.

my friends aunt lives there down the street and everytime we give her a visit in the united states, it´s the first coaster we ride, even before we drive up to orlando!

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Hi everyone! My name is Drew and I've been a bit of a lurker so I need to say a bit more about myself. I'm originally from Rochester NY and grew up near Seabreeze (love the Jack Rabbit and the Bobsleds), Darien Lake (the Viper and Predator used to be great rides), and Canada's Wonderland (still a big fan of the Bat).


Favorite theme park: Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Favorite coaster: Alpengeist


I live outside Atlanta, GA now and try and visit Six Flags over Georgia every year or so. I have ridden Deja Vu, and it's a shame we're losing it! Great ride when running...


I have a wife and a young son and can't wait until he is old enough to take on rides!

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Hello Everyone,


I was lucky this summer in that I got to ride the Boardwalk Bullet the weekend after it opened (pretty good, strange lift hill stoppage every time) and Renegade at ValleyFair! (very good, especially in the back). Also got to check out Mystery Mine at Dollywood and was in the first 1000 to ride Maverick at Cedar Point on opening day. And I live in Florida! The highlight was riding El Toro during the ACE Preservation Conference since everyone went to Kingda Ka on Saturday morning and that didn't open for hours so I rode El Toro with the general public over and over.


Now it's back to work.




Peter Wright

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Hi everybody

I'm Remon Melenboer , i'm living in the netherlands ( so please correct me if i make some mistakes with the grammar )

i live in a small town called Etten-Leur

it even had a logo !

and a famous windmill ( called : de zwartebergse molen translated : the black-mountain mill )

and don't forget the city hall


i am a member of tpr since 17 Jun 2007 but i am more of a lurker than a poster

( i hope you all are okay with that )

my hobby's are : being a thrillseeker , computer nerd and listening to music


i hope you liked my introduction


Greetings from oversea

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Just wanted to introduce myself to all. My name is Chris and I live in Rhode Island. My favorite park in New England is Lake Compounce in CT. My favorite coaster is Boulder Dash after riding it for the first time this year. I used to go to Six FLags NEw England but cannot stand the place anymore. I have not been to many parks across the country but love riding coasters and older classic flat rides not the newer more boring spin and puke rides. My favorite flat ride is the FLying Bob's from Chance. EVen though the still make newer versions the older models just go faster and swing a lot more than the newer models.

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Hey there


just droppin' a little something as an introduction...


briefly said


I am a DJ

I am crazy

I am fund of coasters


that's about it


lots of info about myself is to be found here:





we're planning a 10-12 day US coaster trip in 2008, Cedar Point is a must, any other suggestions are more than welcome


This is me...

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