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hi i'm nick aka ducky from the bay area aka santa rosa ca


i have ton of pets i have five ducks 2 geese 25 fish and i have 36 rodents hamsters and rabbits 4 cats 2 dogs and a goat

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I'm not new...I'm actually quite old but I'm pretty sure I never filled this out before.


I'm Holden Iverson.

15 [almost 16] years old.

Born and raised Californian (though I don't have the tan to prove it).

I love roller coasters, I've been riding them for half my life.

I like my coffee black, just like my metal.

I'm 6' 3".

My birthday is the day before Halloween .

I'll be a sophomore in high school this year.

Once I graduate, I'm getting a summer job at Cedar Point!

Millennium force is my favorite coaster so far, Intamin is my favorite maker.

If you have any questions, PM me.


Add me on MySpace! The more, the merrier.

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My name is Mike and I'm 15.

I live in Utah, so I only get one amusement park, Lagoon. Only 6 roller coasters for now, but it will have 7 next year (apparantly it's supposed to be designed by an Arrow engingeer that went to work for Lagoon after they went bankrupt). Anyway, there's also that S&S Family Fun Park or whatever, but it's pretty small and I haven't been there yet either.

Um, non coaster related? I had a brownie for breakfast this morning.


Mike 8)

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Well I'm not exactely new here, but I think you deserve to know who I am.

My name is Thomas, I'm 17 but my birthday is tomorrow. I live in Belgium in a place called Hechtel-Eksel

My screenname has nothing to do with frogs or anything, but Wrebbit is just the name of the company who makes Puzz 3D's (I'm a big fan of those things).

My other hobby beside going to themeparks is playing piano. For those who may know classical music: I'm now learning the sonates of Beethoven.

One thing you should know about me: I'm a huge fan of Steel Dragon 2000!

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Hi everyone


I won't tell my second (or "real") name here, so if you have to name me, just use "furrtek" or don't name me at all

I'm 17, live in France next to Belgium and I have a big intereset for electronics and mechanics, especially on entertainment systems like cinema, simulation and -roller coasters-. I didn't ride much of them, maybe around 10 without counting double-rides but I really enjoy it, if I could travel easier I'd do all Europe parks

I've just done WDParis, WDStudios, and Walibi Belgium for now.

If you see tecchie or very stupid photos, it -can- be one of mines

And for the final note on my poor life, I'm also a great fan of Vekoma crappy rides!

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my name ist Olli and I come from Germany, nearly Hamburg.


In September we planned an trip to california and we would like to visit Magic Mountain, and I hope, I can find some informations.


When you will know, who I am, ask me or visit my homepages www.big-olli.de or www.worldofcoaster.de.


Greetings from Germany



PS: I hope, that the post is correct. I´m not so good in english grammars

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I'm Morgan, I'm 23 and from the UK. My favourite park is Alton Towers and favourite coaster is probably Nemesis, but also love the Disney and Universal parks. I'm planning on doing a bit of an American Parks tour in a couple of years, so any pointers would be great.

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I'm Morgan, I'm 23 and from the UK. My favourite park is Alton Towers and favourite coaster is probably Nemesis, but also love the Disney and Universal parks. I'm planning on doing a bit of an American Parks tour in a couple of years, so any pointers would be great.


Thank god for that, a local!!!!!!



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hello Rob


well first off we have the same name (well people call me robert)


I am from the great city of chicago


and i am an actor/comidien who loves coaster


my personal favs are


raging bull (SFGAm)

MF(cedat point)

top thrill dragster (cedar point)

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Joined here a while ago, just never posted on the forums.....Been a TPR fan, or whatever, for a while now so I'm one of those guys you hear on the phone in radio shows ''long time listener, first time caller''........Yeah.

Live in sunny ol' sexy Eastend London.

Unemployed for about 2 years now, yay for me I signed onto the dole last week! Yes, THAT desperate for money.


Um, 18 and feeling it.


I'm a writer, script writing, but no one likes my material though, mainly comedy.....Been turned away from sooooo many producers because my material is ''too controversial''....Pffft, I told dem neegros where to stick it.

See I can get away with saying that coz my girlfriend is half neegro.....Right?....Isn't that allowed in the whole racial thing?


If Thorpe Park was a female I'd hit it......It's a local* park and I love it.


Can I plug? Can I? Please? Just once? A little pluggy wuggy?....I'm gonna plug.

I help with a site called Theme Park Junkies, basically a UK Theme Park fansite. It's grown over the years from being a Thorpe Park fansite to....Well that ^

We've got a forum but not botherd about new members, if you wanna join, join, if you just wanna browse the site now and again then so be it. As long as the site is known and helpful to our guests we're happy.


Thanks for the plug.


That isn't me in a nut shell, but it's the best I can come up with....




*= If local means 2hour train ride and 15min Cab ride then yes, local park.

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I'm Lisa, the not-feline Fuzzy Psycho. I love coasters, but unfortuantly haven't been on many due to severe time and budget constraints. I am forever addicted to RCT1, my home park is Valleyfair!, and my favorite coaster is(was) Wild Rails (RIP).


Non-coaster-wise, I love reading, computers, am a proud Tolkien geek, and am actualy crazy enough to have owned cats and rats at the same time and let them play together.

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My name is nesdude. I've seen some of the videos offered at TPR a while ago and decided it was finally time to make an account and see what all the hubbub was about. I don't think I know any of you, so hi once again.


I reeeeeeeeeally don't know what I can put here, so I'll just babble aimlessly for a few minutes. I love coasters, my home park is Cedar Point, and I've been very limited in my coaster choices. Some of my favorites include Magnum XL-200 (Cedar Point), Mean Streak (Cedar Point) and Silver Comet (Martin's Fantasy Island).


I am consided a GOES (Guest of Exceptional Size) in some parks by just a few pounds. However, I've only been denined from one coaster, and that was Millennium Force in 2005. However, I did manage to sqeeze on this year, so at least my size is under control. Too much info? You be the judge, I did say I was gonna ramble on.


A few other hobbies include computers, programming (C++ 4 LIFE), and building random NoLimits coasters. I don't get out much, but I do have friends and we do stuff. Like LAN parties. And hanging out. And stuff.


That's it for me. Any questions? Comments? Feel free to email or PM me, I love to get to know new people!



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I'm Shell. Live in the UK, love coasters. Usually ride them alone as chap is a chicken. Probably will be snooping about most days when I am meant to be working.


I'm 31 and work in the for my chap in his 2 businesses. They are IT and Adult orientated. Love the Hong Kong trippies and will be visiting ourselves in the near future.

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Hey guys!


My names Dave, i'm 16 i live in the UK and surprisingly i love coasters and having fun (not too sure about donkeys/rodents but i'm sure i'll get used to them)


I play drums (grade 6 to 8 depending on how i'm feeling, energy etc.) and have done for a few years, it's fun and loud so i like


I'm also into pro sound and ligh, this is a bit odd but it means i collect really big systems and rent them out for fun, so i make money out of a hobby which is always good. I've joined up here to meet a few more people and hopefully go on some trips, but yeh i hope i enjoy this place

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