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Errr, alright I'm not exactly new to this board neither to TPR in general, I've been very quietly following your incredible adventures in the roller coaster universe for quite some time now and I already signed up to the board a few month ago so... long story, short: I'm currently bored enough to finally introduce myself. *cough cough* =P


My real name is Benjamin Richter. I'm from Germany and live in Recklinghausen right in the middle of the "Ruhrpott". Turned 23 last year and professionally enjoy the very, very pleasant sides of life. ^^

I like roller coasters (O RLY??? O_o) and my local park is Movie Park Germany and I believe the second closest park is Phantasialand (Wee!).

If my list at coaster-count.com is correct I've been on 39 coasters so far. Yeah, friggin' rookie, I know.


Errr, my non-roller-coaster-riding-activities are basically ... uhm ... collecting DVDs \o/, playing RCT3 ... and other amazing hobbies. ,_,


Alright, I guess that's enough for now! Hope I didn't bore you too much.



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Well...I might as well have a go.....I too have signed up a while ago, but always have passed this up so,


I'm David Knight Jr. I'm 19 years old (will be 20 July 13...WOOT!) and I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My home park (about 20 mins away) is Kennywood Park! I'm the oldest of 7 It's kinda confusing because my step sisters are included, I don't reallly believe in the terms "step-sis/bro or half-sis/bro" so they are my sisters, with an addition to my two other sisters and 2 little brothers. Crazy huh, glad we all don't live in the same house lol. Anyhow, i'm currently in college and also working as a Security guard at the same college.

Coasters is my hobbie and hopefully my future career. Majority of my life involes around family & friends, coasters, music, movies, school, work, sleep and repeat. I'm a night owl and don't get to sleep usually until about 6 or 7am (i'm working on fixing that). I love to collect things like: Cd's (currently 122) Dvd's (currently 100) Video games (currently 42) and the state quarters. Also coasters games and coaster pictures. I love to just have fun with life.

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Hi! I'm treebeliever and I'm 20 years old. I live in Tijuana, Mexico. I guess my nearest coaster would be Journey to Atlantis at Sea World, though we have some local kiddie coasters here as well.


I love roller coasters, and I love theme parks. I have been looking around at this site for quite a while now, so I figured I should start getting involve and maybe have a chance to chat with some of you.

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Hello I'm Pyromane,

my RL name is Robert Langmack.

I live in Northern Germany and am 18 years old. I like roller coasters (real ^^) although I was still in hardly one. : -/

My English of knowledge are unfortunately the straight not best.

I translate (nearly) everything with Google or dict.cc. I hope it can my post office despite habituation-needy Stihl (Englisch=>Deutsch is unfortunately not so good Google grammatical ). But in addition-get I attempt it as well as possible!



Greet Robert



With me it is straight 21:55

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Another one of the "I really should register because I keep watching those videos" club here.


So hi all and I hope to enjoy my time at TPR. A couple things to get me off the mark, six weeks today I shall be at Walibi Belgium on the first day of my European Tour "Camping & Coasters 2006." There's six of us going and we're hitting twelve parks in 15 days (We decided to have a couple of sightseeing days as well.)


I've already started work on my plans for next year and if all goes well a small group of us will be heading across the pond for a tour (haven't been over since 2001 and I'm suffering!! )


I'll get into the whole posting of links to my own pages once I've been around for a while!


Have fun.

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Allow me to introduce myself my name is Humpty, pronounced with a Umpty... wait.. no.. that isn't me..


My name is Andrew, and I'm from Connecticut, where.. well.. nothing much ever happens. Thats about it, I'm mysterious, I suppose. Or crazy, I haven't decided yet.


Looks like a great forum, and the pics and vids are great! Cant wait to start posting more.

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Hey--I'm Rob. Love them coasters but have never ventured much beyond my area to ride them. I live in Richmond and although Kings Dominion should be my home park, I consider Busch Gardens to be it--much better park.

Haven't been on too many coasters compared to most of you guys. I finally got up to Six Flags America last month and loved Batwing, SROS, and Wild One. My favorite coaster overall is still Apollo's Chariot with Alpengest not too far behind. I'm very interested in seeing what exactly comes to ole Billsburg for 2007. I'm making a jaunt down to Atlanta later this month and can't wait to ride Goliath. Will it overtake AC as my new #1???

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Hi. I've been reading these boards and watching these videos for almost a year now so I figured I'd start officialy dropping in with responses while I sit here in my office hard at work on important stuff like surfing the Internet for leisure I'm actually going to purchase some of the TPR DVDs as Rob and Elissa have done a fantastic job putting them together. Just trying to figure out which ones I want. They all look good and I'll probably end up buying all of them cause I'm a geek like that.


Uh... A little about me:


Names Jamie and I am an graduate from Salisbury University in Maryland with a BA in Political Sciene and a minor in History. I'm now back working in my hometown of Burlington, New Jersey which is a 15 minute ride to Six Flags Great Adventure. I've never been to Great Adventure but I hear they dont have anything decent in the entire park. P.S., I use a lot of sarcasm. I love roller coasters. LOVE THEM!! If I could pro-create with them, I would. The previous comment wasn't sarcasm.


If you wanna know more about me, check my MySpace page. It's attached to my website link on the bottom of all my posts.


Anway, hi.


And 5 bonus point to all who know who my Avatar is and where it's from.

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goodmorning everyone (well, it is morning here:p)

I'm 18 years old, and I Live in Almere, Netherlands.

Almere is a 20/30 minute drive away from Walibi World, so yeah, i've been on goliath/robin hood etc. A LOT!


I hope you'll hear a lot from me on the forums!

cya all

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Hi everyone.


I'm Juan from the Netherlands.

I become a real coaster and themepark lover when i was on a holiday

to Orlando Fl, back in 1996. (where else?!)


Hope to have a great time here on this forum!

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