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Hello everyone. My name is TJ, I live in nyc, I'm 25 years old and love coasters with a passion. My home park is Coney Island / Luna Park (Astroland). Been going there my whole life, in fact, Cyclone was my first coaster. I'm a pretty open person, fun to talk to, and have a good sense of humor. I look forward to getting to know you all. You guys seem like a cool bunch.


Here is a recent picture of me also:


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Hi everyone!


I've been following TPR on Twitter and Facebook for a long time and thought it was about time that I joined the forum!


Been to lots of different theme parks in the UK, and also been lucky enough to go to Disneyland Paris twice (most recently last year) and Port Aventura a long long time ago...


Favourite rides are both at Alton Towers - Nemesis and The Smiler! Love them both and my favourite changes depending on my mood!


Been dreaming of going to Florida for years and finally lucky enough to be going next year! I'm sure I'll be using lots of info from the forum to plan everything and will definitely be drawing on everyone's knowledge and experiences!

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Some of you may Know me as Lemurseighteen on YouTube and social media or Pineracer from other forums, Steam, Origin or Twitch. I have been directed here on occasion when looking up info on Chiller and I got board today so I finally decided to join (now that I am almost 15).

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I've been lurking on TPR for years and finally decided to join recently. P-sychiatrist is the name I use for my music projects (mostly indie rock and hip hop), but my real name is Branden. I finally made my pilgrimage to Cedar Point last year with my best friend (El Toro_Ryan) and hope to travel to at least two new parks this year (I'm thinking Lake Compounce, Knoebels, and maybe Carowinds). Apart from music and coasters, I also love anime, video games, snowboarding, cosplaying, pretty much any nerdy thing you can think of!

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I am MIAfan88. I am a big fan of Michigan's Adventure and 88 is my favorite number. As with most newcomers, I have paid attention to TPR for along time. It felt like it was finally time for me to join in the have fun here. I will probably spend most of my time here in the RollerCoaster Tycoon sections and Cedar Fair park threads. Mostly Cedar Point, Michigan's Adventures, and Valleyfair.


It's going to be a bumpy ride!

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WOOP WOOP!! Finally a TPR Member!!


Hi I'm JP. I'm an addict. (Hi JP) I've been hooked since I reached the height of 1,20m and was taken to the Efteling. Thank you mom. I've known the the TPR program for quit a while now but was always to scared to take part and share my addiction. But here I am, Trying to come clean and talk about it with you. XD


I'm a ski/snowboard instructor during the winter and in summertimes I work at the bungyjump station in Scheveningen,Holland or as a sailing instructor somewhere warm.


I write my own songs on guitar, a website coming out soon, and love extreem sports.


For the 2015 season I'm planning a massive rollercoaster trip (my childhood dream) to visit almost every themepark on the East coast. 4500km, 20 Themeparks and lots of Hamburgers withing 35 days. More about that later aswell.


Nice meeting you all!



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Hello TPR.


My name is Ernie. I've been a TPR fan for a few years, but I ended up deciding to join the forum today.


I'm a huge fanatic of Six Flags Great Adventure, my home park. I even worked there as a ride operator last year. My favorite rides there are Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro. As a matter of fact, I've ridden Kingda Ka a total of 45 times, and even got a rollback too. The most times I've rode Kingda Ka on a single day was 5 times in a row, twice. I've even rode Zumanjaro a total of 10 times last year, with most rides on a single day being 6 in a row. Since I plan on making weekly visits to Great Adventure this year, I'll try to get my total ride count on Kingda Ka up to 100, and for Zumanjaro, I'll try to get my total ride count up to 50.


Besides Six Flags, I also design my own coasters on NoLimits 2. As for other hobbies, I can solve a Rubik's Cube in less than 20 seconds, I play guitar, I write music, I like taking photos for Instagram, and I love going to rock concerts.


Hope my time on TPR's forum will be great!

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Obviously I'm here because I'm a theme park enthusiast.


I've been to several parks throughout my life, many multiple times, as I never get tired of rides.


Santas Village (CA - I was only a little one, but that probably gives you an idea of my age since that park is way old and gone for ages)

Disneyland (California)

Knott's Berry Farm (California)

Universal Studios (CA)

Silverwood (Idaho)

Six Flags Magic Mountain (CA)

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (CA)

Six Flags over Texas (TX of course)

Six Flags New England (MA)

Worlds of Fun (MO)

Circus Circus (Las Vegas, NV - small but I think it counts as a theme park?)


I feel like I'm missing parks. On my to do/must visit places include the theme parks in Florida, and top of my list is Cedar Point. I've always wanted to go, so perhaps this year

Thorpe Park(England)

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I am Lady Spud from sunny, sweltering Florida. While I have many parks to choose from, I consider Busch Gardens Tampa my home park. Im a relatively new rollercoaster enthusiast so please bear with me.


The most fun I've ever had at a park was a trip to Kennywood in 2011.

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Hey everyone,


Long time Facebook / Youtube fan and decided this evening to join the forums. I once operated for Robb, Elissa and the gang some years ago at Chessington World of Adventures. Had a picture taken with Robb and discovered that I had a manly I'm-working-really-hard sweat patch in the photo. LOL


Thanks for having me,


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Hey everyone!


I'm Amelia. I was definitely a Disneyland kid growing up, and I consider it my home park.

Within the past few years, I've really learned to love theme parks and roller coasters as a whole! So far besides Disneyland/DCA, I've only been to Knotts, Sea World San Diego, and SFDK.

My dream park of the moment is Alton Towers, I'm absolutely in love with the elaborate theming there.


I'm an aspiring storyboard artist and animator! Dreaming to work at Disney one day.


Nice to meet you all!

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Hello Everyone!


I've been reading these forums for a while. A select few of you may recognize my username from SSCoasters or even the CoasterDynamix forums back when they still existed. I am the same person and I'm starting to get back into the rollercoaster scene. Since I am now living in a dorm in college 2000 miles from home, I can no longer build K'nex or CoasterDynamix models like I used to. However, now that I'm on my own I have more opportunities to visit parks around the country (whenever I can find the funds to do so, at least).


I'm originally from Ohio. For 13 years I lived 10 minutes away from Kings Island. During middle and high school, Kings Island would be a weekly ordeal for me and my friends. Two years before I left for college, my parents dragged me up to Columbus. It was a sad day in my coaster-loving life, but on the plus side I was now 100 miles closer to Cedar Point. I've now been to CP several times. I've also been to Magic Mountain, Knott's Berry Farm, and Seaworld San Diego multiple times considering my family visits California often. My wildest adventures have brought me to all the Disney World and Universal parks in Florida as well as Fuji-Q Highland in Japan.


I'm currently in college at BYU in Utah. In just a few weeks I hope to travel up to Lagoon to be one of the first TPR members to ride Cannibal. I've put Fury 325 on my bucket list for this summer, but I'm not sure that dream will become a reality before I leave on a two year mission for the LDS church. If nothing else, I hope that I can get in one final Magic Mountain trip to ride Twisted Colossus.


My favorite park is Magic Mountain. My favorite roller coaster is Top Thrill Dragster, with Eejanaika coming in 2nd, and Tatsu, Maverick, and Diamondback all being honorable mentions. I can attest from experience, though, that every ride has something unique to offer, something that makes that ride irreplaceable.

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Hey, I'm scf. I'm from Germany and currently living in Berlin. I use the TPR video channel for hardcore procrastination and as substitute coaster satisfaction since I'm actually afraid of heights and have ridden only ONE roller coaster (if you only count coasters with inversions) in.my.life. And I'm 30, so that means my credit / time ratio is probably the worst on the whole board. However, I'm currently actively trying to overcome at least the fear of heights by a) convincing people to come and join me for a TP day and b) increasing the ok-ish height of attractions I'm boarding by ..exposing me to aforementioned heights.


But even if I don't ride many thrill rides (at least, until now), I just love theme parks. They give me such a fuzzy, warm feeling inside and I also enjoy reading about them, as well as reading about coasters and other rides. For this summer, I plan to visit Freizeitpark Plohn to ride El Toro, a wooden coaster by GCI and, hopefully, Heidepark. I grew up in lower saxony, about a 2-hours drive from Heidepark, so I have lots of fond memories of this park (except the one where some guy redecorated my shoes with some protein leakage as I was a child) and am also excited to see it undergo so many changes during the last years. It must have been a good 20 or 22 years since I visited the first time and I remember lots of stuff like a creepy stuffed parrot singing "Im Wald und auf der Heide" or some laser gun activated animatronics ..or the view tower 2 being an innocent view tower, before the remake as Scream. Love that park.


If I'm really lucky, I could maybe make a trip to Europa Park - I have never visited this one before and I'd love to. But I should have a better grip on my fear of heights so I can actually ride the coasters there (Silver Star, you are my rite of passage).

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Hello! My name is Tammie and I live in Barboursville, WV. I guess my local amusement park would be Camden Park. It's very small but a great place for future roller coaster fans to get their feet wet, lol. My two most visited parks are Kings Island in Cincinnati, and The awesome Cedar Point (America's Roller Coast) in Sandusky. Both, of course are located in Ohio. I also enjoy travel, although I've really not done much. OK, well, just thought I would say "hi"!

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Well, dumb of me for not posting here first, just had to take a look at the Fury 325 Media Day Report!




Hello peeps of TPR! I look forward to to having a great time in the TPR Forums and on TPR Trips!

Some of my Hobbies include obvious ones such as Theme Parks and Roller Coasters, but I'm also an extreme sports junkie who Skydives (187 jumps in 3 years) and B.A.S.E. Jumps (17 Jumps in 1 1/2 years)


I am also a competitive PC Gamer into a wide variety of FPS Shooters and Simulations.

I also have been in command Of 2 Virtual Demo Teams, The YS Thunderbirds and the YS Patrouille De France, performing at a wide variety of air expo's and shows.


I am also an Otaku that has seen and completed hundreds of anime series and have read a huge number of mangas as well! And have had an obsession with Hatsune Miku as I have been to 9 Concerts so far (2 In the USA, 5 in Japan, and 2 in Indonesia) and it wont end there!


Thanks and I look forward to hanging out with many of you, maybe for reals?! :O Peace!

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