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What Are Your "Coaster Goals" For 2007?

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Here's the list of parks I am currently planing on hitting this year:


-Cedar Point (can't wait to ride Maverick)


-SFKK (My first water coaster)

-Holiday World (my first chance to ride some "good wood")


If everything goes right it should be a great year for me!

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The Kellys, Al, and myself just finished planning & booking our 2007 US coaster conquest. Check out the madness below:



We did the Midwest/Kentucky/Holiday World swing last summer and had a great week. I've never had the chance to get to any of the PA/NJ parks liked I've wanted, so we decided to do combine the Midwest & East Coast and make it a two week trip this time around. I know the driving we're doing is a bit nutty, but it really worked out well last year for us. If anyone has any suggestions for the East Coast swing feel free to chime in.


Were mainly looking for great food/brew spots in PA after our days at Hershey and Dorney. We are also open to meeting up with any locals so feel free to drop me PM or email.


Thanks for any tips or suggestions folks.


Sean "Really looking forward to Toro, Maverick, Voyage, the GOOD Great America, and Schintzelbank again this year!" Menefee

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Realistically... the only new coaster for 2007 I'll be riding is Knott's Sierra Sidewinder. Other new credits (to me!) this year will be the Westcoaster, ROTM Hollywood, and the shady looking wild mouse at Adventure City in beuna Park. oh, and I also hope to finally get a ride on Ghostrider. I've been to Knott's 3 times in 2 years and it always seems to be down.

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My main goals will be achieved on the Mid-West TPR trip. I'm SO FREAKING EXCITED.


I'll also go to SFoG on Easter Sunday, and am planning a trip to Dollywood (my first time) sometime this spring.




Most of my coaster goals will be accomplished with the Midwest Trip as well. I was trying to go to Dollywood this spring but instead I'm going to Atlanta for my birthday in May; so I can use my Six Flags play pass from Magic Mountain to visit the park in Atlanta for a few hours to ride Goliath. I'm sure Dollywood will be squeezed in before October.

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I think that I have an actual chance to complete my goals for this year. Wish me luck:


1. Cedar Point (my home park)

2. Geauga Lake (my home park part 2)

3. King's Island

4. Michigan's Adventure

5. Holiday World

6. Six Flags Great America

7. Darien Lake

8. KennyWood

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Update: I was SUPPOSED to go to Canobie today, but I couldn't, too much going on.


*Well it looks like my first trip is going to be the Enka Fair on the two days that its open (May 18th=-19th).


*My first real park trip is going to be La Ronde on May 27th along with a few TPR members, should be a fun, credit whoring day.


*Two weeks after that, I'm going to Canobie, Late May-Early June is the time when I get my real Theme Park fix.


*In August, I'm going to Funtown/Splashtown to get the rest of my Maine credits so I never have to go to Maine again to ride coasters.


*During the summer, I might go to Canobie again with a few other people, but I have very little time this summer.


*In October, I'm probably going on a credit trip across New Hampshire to get credits, but if that doesn't happen, I'll go to Canobie.


Yeah, so if I get all of the credits I want, my count will increase by 15 bringing my count up to 31, but I highly doubt that.

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For me, the top coasters I should be riding for the first time in the coming months are:


- Expedition Ge Force, Holiday Park

- The Winjas, Phantasialand

- Black Mamba, Phantasialand

- Knightmare, Camelot

- Dragons Fury, Chessington World of Adventures


And, I may get to do the following, so long as I find the money for the flight:


- Furious Baco, PortAventura

- Dragon Khan, PortAventura


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My goals for this season:


- To get my 100 th coaster credit (kiddies and fair coasters not included). All trips have already been planned and I think I will get my 100 th credit in Liseberg.

- To have done the most popular parks/coasters in Europe so I'm ready for a trip outside of Europe next year!


Next week, minitrip Germany, 04/29 - 05/03, including:

- Europapark's (new family coaster Pegasus, Front seat Silverstar, Euro Mir, ...)

- Skyline Park (The world's first X-car "Skywheel", cool drop tower, ...)

- Holiday Park (Front seat & back seat Expedition Geforce, 80 metres (260 ft) tall swining chairs carousel "Lighthouse Tower").

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