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What Are Your "Coaster Goals" For 2007?

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I'll inevitably visit Carowinds and SFOG at least once each. I'm gonna make a trip and hit PKI, CP, BGE, and maybe PKD if I have time for sure sometime in mid spring. I could hit GL but meh. I'd like to do Kennywood and perhaps GAm while I'm up North but I really dunno how much coasting my girl is up for. She tolerates and to an extent enjoys my coaster geekdom but doesn't have the same sort of appetite for them that I do.

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Well this is going to be an interesting summer for sure. My original plans were to fly to St Paul to visit some family. Of course I would have spent some time at MOA and Valleyfair. But now, things are slightly grander.


A couple of weeks a go I made the trip up to Tahoe so snowboard. But then it turned into a total adventure. On the way up we stoped at Boadie ghost town and on the way back the stops were the Nevada State Train Museum and Manzanar, respectfully. Then we got to thinking how it would be cool to make it back out to New York. More ideas developed and then it turned into a full cross country loop.


Coasters were not even in the pictures when we started planning ( I am past the point in my life where I thought it would be cool do do a "coaster road trip".). But then I thought it would be cool to throw a few in here and there. This is what the trip looks like so far:



Virginia City, NV

Salt Lake City, UT

Mount Ruchmore/Crazy Horse Monument


St Paul, MN (visit family, Valleyfair, MOA)

Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park

Chicago, IL

Indiana Beach

Holiday World

Kings Island

Cedar Point

Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum (Cleveland, OH)

New York City (visit family, Coney Island)

Gettysburg, PA

Washington DC

Richmond, VA (Kings Dominion)

Williamsburg, VA (sight seeing, Busch Gardens)

Orlando, FL (Disney/Universal)

New Orleans (tourist crap)

Dallas, TX (SFoT)

Roswell, NM (get abducted or something)

Grand Canyon



There are a ton of other parks that I would love to throw in the mix. but when it comes down to it, I just wont have the time, or money. Hersheypark and Kennywood might get visited. But who knows. Still in the planing stages. Any suggestons?

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My only real goal for 2007 is to get out to Sandusky and ride Maverick and the coasters I didn't get to go on when I was at CP summer of '05. And I would like to get down to SFGAdv again and ride Kingda Ka and El Toro, which where closed when I visited last spring.

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^^^ Chris, I know how you feel. I, too, want to see so many things here in the U.S., and less and less I feel like I have to "hit all the parks." I just don't have that "drive" to get out and rack up as many credits as I can.


At one time, where I went was determined by what ride/park there was at my destination, but now I'm more interested in going to places I've never been, regardless of whether there's a coaster waiting for me there.


But, staying on-topic, as coasters go, I'm happy riding what's close by here in SoCal. Not the greatest, but most are still fun.



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My 2007 plans are a bit out of whack because I had to bow out of the Midwest TPR Trip.

My goals include:







Cedar Point






Not sure if I'll make all of those, but I darn well am going to try.

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Florida in April: It's not really a coaster trip but hopefully I can stop at Universal or Disney for a couple days while we're down there.


OH/IN Summer Trip: Cedar Point, Kings Island, Holiday World, and possibly Indiana Beach.


The Florida coaster trip comes in 2008.

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  • 2 months later...

Six Flags over Georgia


Cedar Point

Holiday World

Busch Gardens Europe

Six Flags America

Kings Dominion


I probably won't be able to reach my goal and visit ALL of these parks before I gotta go back to Germany at the end of July, but hopefully most of them

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Don't really have any "Coaster Goals".


In fact, it's likely we won't hit ANY new parks or coasters this year. We are making 3 trips to WDW and that's fine with us.


We may hit SW, Busch or Cypress Gardens on one of our trips ... but if we don't, we don't. Not a big deal.


Were not even getting SF passes this year, so that counts out any of those parks automatically.

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ride all the differenct kind of coasters there are or close.


So far:


Wood- check

looper- check

launched- check

suspended- check



What I need that I can think of







What have I forgotten that I can get by going to Sf: stl and chicago, Cedar Point, Kings Island, SF: KK, and Indiana Beach.

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Busch Gardens Africa - Done as of March 15th.

MGM Studios - Done as of March 14th

Animal Kingdom - Done as of March 14th

Six Flags Over Georgia


Cedar Point

Kings Dominion

Busch Gardens Europe


I'll have them all complete by Mid August.

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To actually make use of my homepark and visit there more often. Chessington world of adventures is my home park and I rarely go there, so I am in 15 days with my friend from wales. I plan to make an "update" topic and go there as often as I can. Although that maybe a bit hard but heck I have a train station nearby!




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I can't wait for the season to begin. On april fools day "De Vliegende Hollander will open @ Efteling.


My goals for this year:

To have been on almost every modern Intamin coaster in Europe.

To have been on 10 out of the 11 B&M's in Europe. Only Katun left after this season.


Parks for this season

Netherlands: Efteling - Walibi World - Toverland - Hellendoorn

Spain: Port Aventura - PDA Madrid - PW Madrid

Scandinavia: Tivoli CPH - Tusenfryd - Liseberg - Grona Lund - Power Park - Sarkaniemi - Linanmaki

Germany: Europa Park - Heide Park

France: Parc Asterix

Belgium: Walibi Belgium - Bobbejaanland


Next year: Japan

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I have at least one credit to get at the following parks.


SWO -(Shamu)

BGA -(Sheikra)

IOA -(Unicorn)

USF -(ROTM & Woody)

BGE -(Griffon)

Kings Dominion -(IJ:TC)

Carowinds -(a few junior/kiddie credits)

Dollywood -(Mystery Mine)


...so I'll be visiting those parks this year.


...and next year is Cedar Point in May.

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At this time I don't have a lot planned but that could always change. So far I plan on:

SFStL (since it's only a few minutes away from where I live)

Silver Dollar City (I consider this my home park and I'm there more than SF)

Holiday World

Kings Island

SFKK (1st time)

SFGAM (1st time)

Universal Studios (1st time)

IOA (1st time)

WDW (September for honeymoon)


I can't wait to ride some coasters

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I might be able to check out SFKK. Definately hit the water park. And I am a big fan of Mantis, so Chang will be awesome. I havent been there since I was a little kid, so it will be fun.


I didnt go to Coney Island last year, and I hear they have a new 50ft drop tower, so that is always fun.


SFGAmerica is always a posibility along with Holiday World. But I am not 100% sure.


Parents are talking about a future trip to Disney World every time I bring it up lol. We havent been since 2001.


I will be working at KI so I will have a PTR daily Im afraid I will get bored of the park, but there will always be something to do at Kings Island.


Goals? I neeeeddd to ride a floorless. I think I missed a ride on Raptor at Cedar Point, so I am B&M deprived. Carowinds might happen on the way to vacation, so I will marathon on Top Gun. And that always kicks a$$.



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Hope to do many European parks this year! And to finish my judgement about Vekoma (i will be doing a lot of them).


I have an Efteling seasons-pass and i hope to do every park which is included in this membership!


Next year (2008) i will be really going worldwide! Big in Japan (together with Janster, see above!)

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Definitely I need to go back to HW and ride Voyage again (best wooden I've ridden).


I really need to get back to CR and ride Maverick and TTD. Havn't been there for 2 years or so and STILL havn't gotten my ride on TTD....still missin Millennium Force and Magnum..

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SF Great America (Steeldrum trip)

Firehawk (Reride KI)

GL before they take out anything else (And now that my parents will let me drive that far and I have a MaxxPass)

Maverick (Reride CP)



Holiday World

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I didnt go to Coney Island last year, and I hear they have a new 50ft drop tower, so that is always fun.



You mean the 40 ft tower? Its alright, and gives a little air (I worked Coney last year, and will again this summer.) From what I've heard, we're supposed to get either a rock or rolloplan. I forgot which one. Either way, another great classic ride comes this way

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