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What Are Your "Coaster Goals" For 2007?

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I'm really hoping for a great year (coaster wise) in 07, as I have oppurtunities to visit:




-SFFT/SWSA (for the new rides)

-Celebration City

-Silver Dollar City



That's about 25 new coasters, which would be one of the better years I've had. It's hard though, as I'm still at a age where I can't travel on my own, but hey, I'll make it work.


Bring on 07!

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I am going to Parque Warner Madrid, Parque de Attractiones de Madrid and I am going back to Port Aventura to ride Furious Baco which I am looking really forward to.


My goals are to try and get to Thorpe Park aswell next year but I doubt I will get there until next year (2008).


My goals are also to get back seat on Dragon Khan which I did'nt manage to do the 30+ times I rode it.

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My main goal is to have at least 26 coasters under my belt by the end of '07. That will happen since I"m most likely going to Hershey next year (Sorry Austin and David, my dumb parents cancelled the trip because they hate airplanes) and I know I will get to Funtown and get my Dragon credit at Canobie! I also have a goal of getting to Lake Compounce, but that might not happen.

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^^you've never been on a boomerang? Oh you're in for a sinus-clearer


my objectives:

ride Griffon @ BGE

goto Hersheypark and enjoy the new water-attractions

send in all the money required for the midwest trip

ride the woodie going up @ Kemah Boardwalk

make a photo TR of all of the above

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Coaster...Superman Escape@Movie World in 4 weeks time.



Already in 2007 here, has been for about 11 hours, Happy new year!


I'm hoping to be out there in about 4 weeks send me a PM of the dates you will be there.


My goal for his year is to go to more parks this year than I did last year.



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- Everything I can get on the midwest trip



- More than 2 rides on J2

- Coney Island

- Rye

- Funtown Splashtown


And my usuals, SFNE, Lake Compounce, Canobie Lake

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I have several parks that are definite for this year: (Wahoo, it is 12:16 AM as I write this)


1: Boomers (Dania)*

2: Rapids Water Park

3: Cypress Gardens*

4: Busch Gardens Africa*

5: Adventure Island*

(Parks 1 - 5 are all in one trip)

6: Knoebels*


8: Seabreeze

9: Sylvan Beach

10: New York State Fair

11: Six Flags New England*


Parks that are in the realm of possibility, and I hope to go to:


1: Astroland

2: Deno's Amusement Park* (Just in case it goes also)

3: Lake Compounce*


Parks marked with a * are parks I have not been to before.


I also plan to raise my coaster count to 85 or higher, which it is currently at 61, therefore hopefully getting my track record to 100 by 2008 or 2009.


- Tanks "Wahoo, it is 2007!" 4me05

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