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Vildsvinet- bonbonland (NL)

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/\Have you been there?? It do not look like that in real... i do not no why it always look like it's blue on pictures but in real world it's steel coler. I been in Bonbon Land 2 times and i tried it 3 times both times i was there. When you are trying it and you are in one of the front seat's you can see it's steel coler.

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I must agree with GewGew here. I am from Denmark too, and when you ride the real thing, it is a normal steel colour, but it has a little blue in it. If you go for a very light baby blue (as said), i think you will get it just right.

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The Jetline coaster is almost, ALMOST, identical to the coaster in Japan (I think it was Japan), wich Mr. Alvey got a POV of.


By the way, nice coaster there


BMRX in Kobe Portopialand. It's defunct now I think, but you can still find the POV. Infact, I have it on my computer right now!

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