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TR: A Theme Parkin' Weekend fit for an Orlando Birthday!

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This week, my family decided to celebrate my birthday by allowing me to go to theme parks non-stop! From Epcot to the Universal to the Magic Kingdom, it has been great fun, and there is hopefully more to come. Tonight, I am going to ICE! at the Gaylord Palms hotel. Also, I hope to finally get my credit for the Dania Beach Hurricane, so you can expect all of my adventures to be here in photo and video!


Here is our group, including my father and brother as we left the tank.


I remember how this one little girl followed me through the entire complex (behind the glass windows of course) as I slid my hand across the glass the entire way.


The experience was truly amazing, except for the part where I nearly whacked a shark in the nose with my fin!


My first time doing DiveQuest at the Seas with Nemo and Friends, but definitely not the last!


For our first day, we ate at Le Cellier (my favorite restuarant in Epcot). While there, we ate Canadian Cheddar Cheese Beer Soup, Salad and a Chocolate Moose!


Spaceship Earth's new post-show has begun visible construction. 2007 folks, 2007!


I just want to walk back there and see the show for myself...too bad I don't also want to get myself arrested...


It is a bit hard to see, but this sign actually says "No cell phones, cameras of video devices allowed beyond this point." This is the cast entrance to the Laugh Floor Comedy Club.


Its a scary sight isn't it?


Day 2: Christmas Day at the Magic Kingdom. It was so busy that the park opened the Tomorrowland Terrace!


I really loved whole experience! The dive was so fun, and you can be assured that I will be back next year!


The talking trash can was here today, entertaining guests in Tomorrowland.


My brother and his friends decided to suprise me and take me out for a night a CityWalk! First up, Bubba Gumps!


While the house lights don't dance to music, the display is still pretty amazing!


On the way home, we stopped a local house strung up in Christmas spirit.


Day 3: Back at the Magic Kingdom, I wear my TPR hoodie for the first time!


Back at Epcot that night, we went and saw a part of the Candlelight Processional and Gary Sinise!

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I got to see two test runs of Laugh Floor Comedy Club when I was there earlier this month, and to be brutally honest, you're not missing too much. I was really expecting more from the show since it's acted by former Adventurer's Club cast. Of course, I also saw it when it was very rough and unfinished, so maybe the completely finished show will be better. Out of 10, I give it a 5. We saw two completely different versions of the show, so it will be cool to see which version they choose to use!



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Day 4: ICE! at the Gaylord Palms!


OOH! Group family photo time!




This TV shows a preview from the live webcam broadcasting from the ice slide (more like an ice coaster).


This TV was showing "The Making of ICE!"


I'm so ready to freeze-Floridian style!


This weird thermometer and I are just chillin' out!


Room #1 between the hotel and the temporary ICE! complex.


Time for our Parka Pickup!


Who's the gingerbread person in this photo?


Pretty sweet huh?


Go Gators!


It is pretty hard to believe that everything (including the projector screen) in this room is made of ice!


After going through room #2, we are finally in the ICE! complex!


A nice way to see how close the two sculptures are...


Um...Could someone explain to me what this is... we don't have elves for Hannukah...

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Here are more photos from day number four at ICE!


Who here is a statue?


"I saw the sun, and it opened up my eyes... I saw the sun!"


Who's the mush-man now Santa?


Did anyone lick the ice when they went here, because I would want to considering how many people do touch and sneeze on it...


The glass slipper and some guy's head...


The end is near!


Pretty cool!


This was the busiest room (for good reason). In here, were the ultra fun ICE! slides.


This slide was so insane!


It was so cold in the building that the lights froze over.


The light show at the Gaylord Palms isn't as large or colorful as the one at the MGM Studios, but it is also sponsored by Sylvania and it dances to music.


I couldn't resist this when I saw it sitting in the hotel's game room!


For dinner, we ate at the hotel's amazing buffet. Let's just say that I won't be eating for a while!


Oh... This looks familiar...One hint- don't ever wait to see the Gaylord Palms' Holiday Stage Show!


ICE! was a pretty cool experience! (Pun intended!)


Say goodbye to the cold and the parka!

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The most "fancy" thing I ever ate at Disneyworld was some macaroni and cheese, and a salmon. That's a real shame since I've noticed that there is more to Disneyworld food than I first thought, but my mom wouldn't have payed over $20 anyways

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Here are the last photos from ICE! and then I continue on with my day riding the Dania Beach Hurricane!


(I do apologize about how small some of the photos are but I had to pull them from a small video...)


Here is a quick question: I took several on-ride POVs of the Dania Beach Hurricane during my visit. Should I upload them for downloading even though Robb and Elissa already released their version?


This is the kind of thing that happens to you when you don't keep your legs down on the ice slide!


Here is a POV shot of ICE!'s ice slide.


Here is the first of my POV shots...


I really think the Coaster Group did a great job with this one. I'm sure they built it with airtime in mind!


Maybe its just me, but this sign isn't really intimidating...


This a pretty long train for a woodie huh?


"Nothing but Air" is the appropriate expression here...


Lots of fun on my first ride on the Dania Beach Hurricane!


Isn't this entrance welcoming?


A nice little overview of the out and back portion of the coaster.


This is the last shot I was able to get while I was filming before I experienced my first blackout. Luckily, I wasn't the one that blacked out- it was my camera!


This is what happens after you ride a wooden coaster full of airtime in the backrow 7 times in a row!


A patriotic shot...


I say my goodbyes for this year...Next year, I will be back!


This ride really was great!

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Here are some more photos continuing from my week including DisneyQuest...


Also, if anyone can tell me if they want me to upload any of the videos from this week (including the POV of ICE!'s ice slide or any of my four POVs of the Dania Beach Hurricane).


The best part of the meal is their dessert platter. Each dessert is served in a shot glass-and each one tastes great!


For a belated birthday dinner, we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Seasons 52.


Prepare for your flight to the VenturePort!


Jungle Cruise is long in need of an update. Just wondering, has anyone here beat the game?


There used to be a slide here, but a guest got stuck inside (causing a large panic), so once she was taken out, so was the slide.


For the holidays, even DisneyQuest had its own Christmas tree.


For the first time ever, Adam and I did the Animation Academy at DisneyQuest. This is what our Mickey ended up looking like...


Scary isn't it... a gangster alien wannabe...


Scary isn't it... a gangster alien...


Now those are awesome glasses!


I'm also liking this plush!


I'm liking this hat!


Who in this picture is more bloated?

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Gotta compliment you on your choice of shirts in this Photo TR.


Thank you! I'm guessing you are referring to my Florida shirts, but even if you aren't, that is kind of you!


Yes, your UF shirts. What can I say? I like your style.

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Yes, your UF shirts. What can I say? I like your style.


Thank you again! I have been a Gator since I was born and I have been visiting UF since I was a year old. Oh, and if you haven't guessed already, I am sure that we will win the championship game against Ohio State!

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