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Photo TR: tokyo Disney and Bangkok

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Hello everyone, my wife april and I went back to asia again this year, we try to get out of the US a couple of times a year and this time we chose Thailand and Japan. Most americans stop at tokyo because they dont want to fly the ectra 7 hours to get to thailand, but it is so worth it! we were supposed to go to this theme park called dreamworld, but we slept thru the time we were going to get picked up by the park to go(jet lag really sucks, even after traveling the world several times i cant figure out how to beat it!) I will post a few pics from thailand because it is such an awesome place then also will post some pics from disney.

our flight was kansas city-dallas-tokyo-bangkok total of about 23 hours in the air. our plane was late into tokyo so we had to spend the night there on the way then took singapore airlines, the number one rated airline in the world, into bangkok. if you have never flown on a foreign airline you are really missing out! they are way above most all US carriers.


The thai people are all very welcoming and will always "wai" to you when passing and say sawadee krup which is like good day. we spend a week and half in bangkok then flew to tokyo for disney. we have been to all the US disney parks but this was a first foreign park for us. we hit disneyland the night we arrived and deisney sea then next day. during both days there we saw a total of 3 non japanese people!!!!! they are crazy about disney in japan!!! and the girls wear tight little mini skirts and high heel boots around the park all day!!!!!! plus all the crazy disney hats and gloves.

this was our first time in japan, we had spend a lot of thime in thailand before, but not in japan. I thought that the Thai people were short, but the Japanese are way shorter! I didnt fit into the hotel bathroom and was tto tall to ride raging spirits, I rode it anyway! We can also speak thai a little but not japanses at all so we had a bit harder time there.

disney sea was awesome, and we loved TOT!!!! Journey was also great and maybe my favorite ride at either park. i shot a video of it but have no idea how to get it up onto the site.


We got to TDS about 20 min before it opened and the crowd was already huge! April took my picute and i look like a giant! EVERYONE ran to TOT to get a FP, the line just to get the FP went way down over the bridge! I have never seen anything like it before! when we rode it, there was only a 45 min wait. we really liked the story line and the ride itself.

Even the characters at the park are short, when i got my picture taken with them, they all acted like I was so tall, and then all the japanses people waiting for thier picture woould just laugh!!! it was also weird that the japanese people wanted to take my picture or have thier pic taken with me.

anyway at TDS we rode, TOT, journey, indy, raging spirits, and that was about it i think. there were so many people there as you can tell by the pictures.


it was weird that TDS had a bunch of weird rules about taking pictures, but when the gates finally opened in the moring, everyone RAN full speed to TOT and nobody said a thing. But then I try to take a picture inside a ride and the are signing camera, then make a big X with their arms??? so sprinting is ok, pictures are not!


if you have any questions about our trip feel free to ask1


one last picture of the mcdonalds in bkk. hope you enjoyed everything about our trip. Jeffrey and April


this picture is our of order, but this woman sat in our bangkok hotel all day and played music!


this is me trying to get into our bathroom at the hilton tokyo bay. i look like a giant!!


disney bus


this bus went less than one block to the monorail station!!!!



a japanese dinsey wedding


these girls wanted to take their picture with april. most all the girls did the V for victory sign in their pictures


I was on one knee for this pic!!!!!!! thats the height difference between us!


April in only 5 feet tall and never the same height as the characters!!


Tower of Terror. great story line, even tho it was ALL in japanese i still think we figured it out:)


April and me right before they tried to tell me i was too tall to ride!!!


raging spirits


inside journey


my favorite ride!!!!




right inside TDS. we were standing on a bench for the pic and this guy made us get down. but sprinting to TOT is ok?


what was she wearing???


can you find the american????




its a small world. it was aprils first time for this at any of the parks


we ate a light snack from here. the nachos were weird!!!


jack from nightmare before christmas


the monorail in tokyo. we didnt know you have to pay to ride it. we thought it was the same as the US!!!!


like i said, everyone loves the king!


this is all the crap we bought in Bangkok. everything is so cheap!!!


bangkok traffic is horrible!!!!!


the only church in bangkok


more thai boxing


thai boxing, these kids start when they are 12!!!! we sat ringside and the fights were great!


this is at mcds, many of the thai people were eating whatever this was



more monkeys


house on stilts


this was our dinner we ate in this house on stilts over the ocean


the monkeys were awesome!!! they swam right up to our boat!


the famous bangkok toilet


us and the monk after we gave the medicine and he sprayed water on our heads


this is a ypical bangkok shop. we bought stuff to give to the monks in the temple. mostly medicine.


Sushi??? you see this sight often in the market. you pick your fish and they hack it up right there!


eels that tha thai people eat. we bought some and let them go for more merit. we are baptist so we dont get some of the buddah stuff.


offering the monks food. you have to take your shoes off and stoop down while they pray for you.


Food for the monks. if you feed them it brings you good merit. April wasnt allowed to touch them and had to hold my arm as i gave them her food!


this is the dinner I cooked at the cooking school. it was delicious!


the bangkok mascot. its a very long story!!!!


KFC in bangkok. not exactly the same as home. everything is very spicy!


me doing the same thing


April getting measured for her new clothes. In bangkok, tailored clothes are cheaper than off the rack stuff in the US


our cooking school at the Basil restauraunt


flower market


all the flags are for the king. he has been on the throne for 60 years and everyone loves him!!!


our hotel, Marriott resort and spa riverside


April and two of the chicks at bed supper club


our bed at bed supper club


this is Bed Supper Club in Bangkok. you lay in bed and eat dinner while the DJ spins music.

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The running thing at Tokyo Disney is one thing that you cannot convey until you see it. People literally sprint and nearly knock each other down once the gates open! For a society that is so polite and nice, it's an odd thing for sure!


Great TR! Very interesting stuff! Thanks for posting.

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I have wondered if Togo's coaster trains are designed for smaller people, or if they're just uncomfortable for riders of any height. I've ridden five of them in the US and each time have thought the average Japanese person must be smaller than the average American.


Really enjoyed your interesting photos and narration. I hope you'll share your next adventure as well!

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I Pretty much hate myself.


I went to tokyo a few years back and didn't know there was such thing as DisneySeas.


Missed an opportunity to go (didn't even bother with the disney land they had, i knew that was there though).


Nice trip report. Asia is an awsome place and i'd love to go back someday. Preferably one when people aren't paranoid about SARS or somthing.

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Nice report

I lived in bangkok for a while and love it. its just mad yet everyone is polite and gracious too. its bizzare.


Anyway ive been trying to figure out where that photo of the traffic is taken? From what i can remember it looks like its outside the (HUGE) MBK shopping center where the 2 skytrain lines meet?


I also love the KFC prices over there 95baht is about £1.30 ($2.60) for a meal. which is about 3 times cheaper than over here lol

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments about the report.


The funny thing is that I am not that tall for here in the US, I am 6'3"!


You are exactly right about the traffic picture! It is at Siam station right by MBK, that was one of our favorite places to shop. I go tmy hair cut in MBK, and it took about any hour becasue half of the time was the scalp, neck, and shoulder massage! All for abuot $8! Then go to eat up on the 6th floor some really good food for about $2 including a Singha!


arrowfanman, we always go to the weekend market to! I have a video of it this year, i have never seen so much different crap being sold in the same place. this guy tried to get me to buy this venemous snake and take it home in an empty pepsi bottle, then when i got to the airport he told me to just put the bottle down my pants and nobody at customs will know i have it! Now, i bought a lot of weird things throughout my years but never a venemous snake in a pepsi bottle!


if you have any more questions let me know!

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^ So that's why Pepsi is so crap tasting. All the snake venom!


Asia fascinates me. I really want to go to places like Bangkok (real name is Krung Thep) and Indonesia.


I take it you bypassed all the ping-pong shows there...

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Asia fascinates me. I really want to go to places like Bangkok (real name is Krung Thep) and Indonesia.


Krung Thep (City Of Angels) is Actually short for


Krungthep Mahanakhon Amonrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop Noppharatratchathani Burirom-udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amonphiman Awatansathit Sakkathattiya Witsanu Kamprasit


So i can see why they call it just Krung Thep

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Great Trip report and pictures ... just one slight correction on one of the captions you have for the photos. The one you have labeled as inside Journey to the Center of the Earth, it is actually a photo of the inside of the Mermaid Lagoon/Ariel's playland area of the park and not inside JTCOFE.

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Can't believe I missed this until now. Good lord. In any case, big ups to visiting Lumpini Stadium, given that its been one of my big travel goals for the next 5 years. Any idea who was fighting when you went, or at least a date so I can figure out who was fighting? Heh.

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