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This was a shocker to me this morning, but James Brown died in a hospital after entering for treatment for pneumonia. I personally didn't like the man, because of the things he did in his personal life, but he was the godfather of soul, and the granddaddy of the digital sample. (Artists sample James Brown more than any other artist! CHA-CHING!)

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It only seems like a few weeks since I saw him performing live in Glasgow. Even though he was not long out of surgery, he still had so much energy on stage. Many people can say many things about the mans personal life, but there is no denying he was one hell of a performer. There arent many left these days.


A sad loss for entertainment.

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Soul Brother #1 was a huge hype machine, not just for himself, but for alot of other artist he worked with. Whatever he worked on he turned to funky gold(see: Bootsy Collins)...My first experience with JB was back when I was seven, and I watched Blues Brothers with my dad...The Right Reverend Cleophus James showing Jake and Elwood the light was what set that film apart from just being another "SNL" sketch. I also saw JB a few years back when he stopped through dallas. A 70 year old man who could still belt the tunes and still sound as good as he did when he was 35 was not only impressive, but something to aim for when I get to my twilight years. I certainly hope I have that much energy and vigor at that age.

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