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The Discovery Channel -- Building Tatsu

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I've re-encoded the file using h.264 for video and AAC audio. I also managed to edit out all the ads, trimming the run time to just over 43 minutes. The file now complies with the MP4 file format. I took liberty to test encoded at various bitrates. The 512kbps (video bitrate), clocks in at 194.6MB. The 769kbps file is 279MB. At 1.5mbps, the file size is 497.2MB. I also have the original file w/o re-encoding the MPEG-4 libvcodec edited for ads. Let me know which of these you would like. IMO, the 512kbps is the optimum for size and quality. I did one last file at 256kbps; clocking in at 114MB. If I had an original source w/o compression, I could have made them look even better. All files are ready for streaming (you choose the protocol). Let me know how and where you'd like them.

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I'm rubbish with all this stuff. I'm pretty sure i have it somewhere, i downloaded it last time (thanks by the way, it was great). What site can i use for free etc? I'd be happy to upload it if someone told me how




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What's the exact title of the show? I might be able to find it!


Also can anyone suggest some other good Roller coasters or Theme Parks documentaries? I've seen noly the one about the construction of Kingda Ka and it was pretty good!


I know I record all the "Ultimate Thrill" Series... There were like 3... "Ultimate Thrill Fast and Frighting"... "Ultimate Thrill Beyond Speed" ... and... "Ultimate Thrill Technology Of Terror" They were all great shows the first 5 times, but now that I can watch the entire shows on mute and still know every single word of what they are saying, they have kind of lost their fun Hope that may have helped with your question.


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