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Coaster Expedition & Other DVD Reviews!

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Here's My Review of Coaster Expedition Volume 5: Japan-a-Mania and MORE!!!!!:


I received this DVD for Christmas and Have watched it many times. I think the music choices are great ("Hell Song" for Fuji-Q!) and there are POVs of Coasters that you can't find on YouTube!(The Dinosaur Coaster @ Expoland, Hamster Coaster, Etc) My only complaint while minor, is this: on the Tokyo Disneyland video, It would have been better for you to Make "What dreams are made of" only Disneyland and "The Sailor Song" only DisneySea. The Coaster vids are pretty good quality, and I love the look on Dan's face as he sees the covered splashdown boat at Expoland!Over all, I give this DVD a 8.749999/10.

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I just finished RC in the Raw. It delivers perfectly on it's promise, with a really great mix of coasters. The bonus footage was absolutely hilarious. I'll probably get one of the Coaster Expeditions soon (any recommendations?).


Also: the TPR mints and pen are a brilliant touch.

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Roller Coasters IN THE RAW!!!

***** 5 out of 5 stars!!!


This DVD is awesome! A POV provided with every single scene, and more amazing offride footage! No music, no sound effects, no NOTHIN! Just raw coaster footage, which is the best kind! It makes you feel more like your there!


Thank you, Robb! I couldn't be more happy!

I am really looking forward to CE Vol. 9!

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What's in a Brain?


Jesus Christ (God's son) this DVD is one amazing piece of work. I had to watch it twice just to make sure I got everything! Anyways, on to the review...


Disk One


Wow, I don't know where to begin. Guy is one imaginative dude, and boy does he make sure everyone knows it in this DVD! There are segments on both sides of the spectrum. From the awesomely hilarious situation in the Montezooma's Revenge segment, to the dark and mysterious shots and characters in the Ghostrider segment, this DVD has it all. No two segments are alike, but all of them are very "out there", or in other words, REALLY MESSED UP!


The wickedly awesome puppetry was rather unique and fantastically incorporated into the entire DVD. I mean come on, any of you thought about using puppets in a roller coaster DVD? They are just simply brilliant.


Disk Two


Very nice coaster footage DVD. Lots of Western US rides on this disk. All the segments were very well done, great footage of each ride including some great POV's




Fantastic DVD. Very creative and far from ordinary. Its a very different type of DVD, so its not for everyone! I would recommend it to anybody who wants something far distant than any regular coaster DVD. So please, buy a copy of this DVD!

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What's In A Brain?


Disc One: What more can be said? Well, I guess a little more. I did enjoy it and it was a trip. It's tied all together by Dr. Phil which helps make more sense out of the film. The film is set up as a psychiatrist appointment. A lot of the film is very Python-esque so if you like them, I suggest getting this DVD. I think my favorite segments would have to be the 4th Dimension and the Ballad of Mr. Six. Great stuff!


Disc Two: I'd have to say I enjoyed the second disc a little more just for the POV's and Guy's "Backwards POV's"! Extra cool bonus points go to Guy for using the Beach Boys (my favorite band) "California Girls" in the California Screamin' POV!! I nearly creamed myself when I heard those first chords.



Coaster Expedition Volume 9 (From a Spain Trip participant's point of view)


Disc One: Another fantastic edition of the Coaster Expedition series! It really captures all the fun and good times we had. It's got some really good, tight editing sometimes syncing with the music. I also appreciate the little nod at the end.


Disc Two: More awesome on-ride footage which is top notch coming from Robb's duct tape cam. If you enjoy boobs, you'll enjoy this disc as well. There's plenty to be had of that through various POV's. The bonus segments are fun too and also bring back some great memories!

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I just bought volume 1,3,6,8, and 9. I'm currently finishing my viewing of 9.

Rather than review a bunch of little things i'm just going to say my money was well spent.


All the dvds are great 1,3, and 6 have a few technical issues, luckily they were on segments that had been posted on the website and that I already have downloaded.


Robb- It is clear you are getting very very good at filming and editing. You can tell how volume 1 was kinda ... typical lol but number nine i'm not even done watching it and it's top notch. More mix of randomness which I like everything is much crisper and it's extremely good quality.


I would recommend purchasing anyone of these dvd's if you have not already done so.


Also Robb, thanks for the mints lol.

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^ Just out of curiosity what technical issues did you have and were the labels on the discs different from the other ones?


I recently changed the way I've done labels on the DVDs and the newer versions seem to be far more compatible with players than the old way.


Glad you liked the DVDs!



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^ Just out of curiosity what technical issues did you have and were the labels on the discs different from the other ones?


I recently changed the way I've done labels on the DVDs and the newer versions seem to be far more compatible with players than the old way.


Glad you liked the DVDs!




A few of the segments would start freezing and it would play through distorting the sound and you couldn't make out any video and in certain parts it would go back to perfect then back into the distortion. It only happened on like ... 5 segments total i'd say but they did have the older labels.


I was kinda disappointed because one of the segments that got screwed up was Farup Sommerland (spelling) where joey can't do the monkey bars (LMAO) that park rocked and from seeing the clips online there were some very good looking girls on that segment lol. So i'm a little disappointed with that.

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I just finished watching the DVD “Roller Coasters in the RAW” Disc 1 and Disc 2 and I am here to say I was totally blown out over the quality and sheer amount of On-Ride footage.


I especially enjoyed the "Woodies" Disc #1 (Wooden roller coasters that is - now get your mind out of the gutter!) as those are truly my favorites.


Both Discs offer loads and loads of exciting coaster footage and the BEST thing is there was NO narrative Period! None! Nadda! All the sounds you heard where the people yelling and screaming and the clanking of the Ratchet Dogs of the coasters climbing the Lift Hills and then making like a “Bat Out Of Hell” down the first hill and up and down the subsequent hills or loops or corkscrews, etc. All through the footage you not only hear the people but you can hear the all the coaster sounds of the screeching wheels as they sped along the steel of their coaster tracks while occasionally rubbing in some of the tight turns and don’t forget the air brakes.


What really gave me the proverbial “Goose Bumps” though was when I sat close to the screen and watched the action and had the speakers set right, left, and center. What a rush as the scenery and hills of the On-Ride footage sped by. I felt as if I was almost there and a few times I even got a bit disoriented from the speed of the coaster making its tight turns and quick dips.


Another good thing about the DVD footage is each coaster is introduced with its name, place, and statistics. That kinda sets the stage for where you are and what you’re gonna see.


OK, now for a piece of truth. I lied about there being NO narrative. You know how Robb is as he rides the coasters he can be heard saying his “Ohhh Gawd” and “Ohhh yeah!”, and “Oh that‘s gonna hurt!” and “Ohhh geeze” and on these coaster runs you will still hear Robb saying these and all of his other ‘quaint’ ride sayings. (Sorry Robb you know you do, hehe!)


Many of you may already have some if not all of these coaster videos downloaded and residing in your libraries and or stored on your hard drives or even backup DVDs and you are wondering if it is worth getting this DVD. After watching all 30 coasters, encompassing over 100 minutes of ride footage, my vote would be to say YES! To me it was truly worth spending 10 dollars on the “Roller Coasters in the Raw” DVD. Each disc has 15 coasters on it. That’s 15 “Woodies” and 15 “Steelies” with great color and not much narration as the coasters traverse their intended circuit.


So there you have it, a quick review of the latest DVD from Theme Park Review. It might not be from the New York Times but at least here it is. Also, remember that when you buy stuff from the “Store” at TPR you are helping keep this awesome site up and running.



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Coaster Expedition Volume 10: Midwest Mania USA


So, I finally got a chance to watch the Alveys' newest Coaster Expedition installment last night, and must say that it was some of the best $10 I've ever spent. This was probably the most fun volume I have seen yet. Each segment features a perfect combination of park/coaster footage and the outtakes that the CE volumes have come to be known for. If you are more into straight up coaster porn, the video has plenty of great footage with unique views, many of which require special access. If you enjoy outtakes more, well, you are also in luck because this volume features some of the best outtakes I have seen in the TPR DVDs and these scenes are abundant.


The segments were masterfully edited. I was really amazed by the number or references the footage makes to the lyrics that are simultaneously heard. There were multiple occasions where I found myself rewinding segment to catch a reference I might have missed. The best example of this is the Indiana Beach segment that is available for viewing on the TPR site. I can only imagine the effort that was required to pull this off throughout the entire video.


The DVD had some features that I didn't really expect. The main reason for this is because I didn't read the description prior to purchasing it. I just assumed that I was getting a DVD of all the parks on TPR's Midwest trip. However, it also included two "ghetto fair" trips that were very entertaining, Renegade footage and POV, and segments of the rarely-heard-about-or-seen Adventureland and Arnold's Park. All of which was a pleasant surprise. On top of that, the Bonus footage of Robb and Casey cramming into Toboggan was absolutely crazy and hilarious.


Overall, Volume 10 is yet another great addition to the Coaster Expedition collection. I highly recommend it to anybody, whether you are a die-hard enthusiast or a casual park-goer. I don't think anybody will be disappointed. The coaster footage and outtakes offer something for everybody. At the end of the video, I found myself thinking, "I desperately need to go on a TPR trip soon."

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