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Photo TR- Colorado Blizzard

ScOtT k

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I wake up this morning at about 6, and learn that I don't have to go to work because there was a blizzard moving into denver.



At about 9:00 A.M. there was 8 inches on the ground.



By lunchtime there was a foot and a half of snow on the street.



2 feet of snow at 3:00 p.m (this photo doesn't do the amount of snow justice)




By 7:00 p.m, the snow was up to my knees.



After dinner I come back out and find another 2 inches where I had just shovelled.



When I get inside, I get an early christmas present. A 2003 Silver Oak.



I warm up by the fire after shovelling.


Anyhow, it looks like it will continue to snow for a day or two - we are expecting 34 inches by the end of the storm.

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If you can tolerate driving right now, anybody mind snapping a shot of Lakeside or SFEG in snow?


Sorry to rub this in your face, but, 80 degree Christmas' are always fun too .


Nope - all highways are closed - most avenues are impossible to get on. The trains are all closed as well. Besides, amusement parks aren't that exciting in the snow.


And no, an 80 degree christmas would suck. Seriously.

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I live in Greeley, Northern Colorado. This is record for this town, and the state. Right now, there is a good 3 feet of snow on the ground. I'm suck inside. The streets aren't plowed, we can't open doors and windows. I'm starting to get cabin fever.


My boss called me today, saying that I don't have to come into work, the city is closed.


I'll get some pictures up soon.

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Sorry to rub this in your face, but, 80 degree Christmas' are always fun too .


Horribly incorrect. Its cold and rainy in Upper Ohio - wish it would just get done with being mild and SNOW already.


I have some sledding to do (the motorized version). And some skiing. Rain sucks. So does 80 in December. Why do the same things I can do in the summer in the winter? By winter Im sick of summer. Sweating my balls off at work (both jobs) and ready to be comfortable.

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Denver SUCKS! I really do not think they know anything about plowing. Weeks later alot of the roads here are still screwed up, not to mention the crater sized potholes that are on every single damn street now!


It really surprised me to see a city like Denver do such a crappy job clearing the roads.


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