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How was your park year?

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We had a great year for park visits. Probably are best year so far. Plus we finally got out of Florida to ride some coasters. Anyways, I just wanted to share with you some of our highlights:


For me, my favorite trips had to be:


1. The insane evening at WDW's Magic Kingdom last March.

2. Our visit to SFoG's this year, every coaster was running.

3. Our evening at Hersheypark.

4. Meeting Wes and Westcoaster at Epcot for the evening.

5. The entire "Real World" TPR trip.


Ok, here are some photographs.


Oh yeah, The "Real World" trip with some friends was really great as well.


I got to experience Mission: Sinise with Wes and friends.




Another "People in front of the Moosejaw car" photograph for TPR.


Earning 2 DejaVu credits in one year must amount to something....I think.


Leanne was happy to ride all three Superman: UF coasters in one year.


Leanne was a bit shaken up after all that ejector airtime.


Oh yeah, this instantly became my number #1 wooden coaster. The Phoenix at Knoebels.


Yeah my geeky photo, my 100th credit.


We enjoyed Hersheypark.


Yes, another Intamin coaster.


I learned to never ride Batman in the rain.


As well as my first Togo.


I finally got to experience my very first Intamin coaster.


It was cool to ride Italian Job a few days after it opened.


Hypersonic was our good friend's very first launched coaster.


We finally got to experience Busch Gardens Williamseurope.


It had been too long since our last visit to South of the Border.


Looks fun to me!


Yeah, SFOG's Goliath was certainly a highlight this year.


I was also reminded how awesome my jacket is.


Derek reminded me how awesome dolewhips are.


Big Thunder Mountain was just as insane.


Best Magic Kingdom visit ever.


Yes, this is the first of 245,364 other onride EE photos.


Starting in January, we got to ride Expedition Everest.

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I will say this had to be the most fun coaster season I've ever had, it was just awesome! My highlights:


-Goliath Media Day


-Holiwood Kniggetts


-CoasterMania at CP

-Multiple Disney trips

-TONS of BGT trips


Enjoy the photos! (thanks to www.tommyandjames.net for a few of them)


Colin C


Hey look its that credit that got torn down that Nicole's dad has but she doesnt!


Why thankyou!


Hey Joe, how's it going?


rrrrrrrreeeeeeeeecccccttttttttuuuummmmmmmmm of space mountain.


Look its me....


oh em eff gee


I love this shot, how many can you count?


What the hell is all of this for?


The GAP crew at Holiday World.


WHITE CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SFGAm, woo.


You might know this guy as the "B" of B&M. Werd.


Golarry media day! I took this on opening day as you can see from the massive line!

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Yeah, my park year was pretty much some crappy coasters in the Philippines and Florida.


So if you want to see my park year, go here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=31691


Since I'm going to be doing alot more domestic traveling next year (Indianapolis, NY, Atlanta, Kentucky, Virginia, Denver and more) I will most likely get to more places.

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My year = I went from 300 coasters to 417 coasters...


Rode coasters in the US,Canada,UK,Norway, and Sweden.

Made 12 plane flights... All for parks.


Some of the parks I went to (some 2-3... or 15 times)

Méga Parc*, SFNE, GreatEscape#, Santas Workshop*, FamilyKingdom*, Myrtle Beach Pavilion*, Steel Pier*, Castaway Cove*, Wonderland Pier*, Moreys*, Canobie, Great Adventure#, La Ronde*, Clementon*, Bowcraft*, Astroland, Denos WonderWheel Park, Rye Playland, Quasy, Yorks, Busch Gardens Europe, StoryLand, Kings Dominion#, TPR UK trip + Add on*, Camelot*, Gullivers*, Jeepers Rockville*,Jeepers Greenbelt*, Six Flags America, and Lake Compounce.


* = New park

# = New credit


And a few random photos -


Oakwood -



Astroland -



Clementons -



Moreys -



Liseberg -



Jeepers Greenbelt -




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Mine wasn't too bad.


- Went to Orlando for the first time, hit up all the parks there.

- Got an Expedition Evacuation

- Rode America's first X-Car coaster

- Rode my first SLC

- Tried to save Libertyland

- Got to see Goliath under construction

- Rode the coaster I had always dreamed about riding, Revenge of the Mummy.






#1 coaster on my list.


I miss it.







Expedition Evacuation

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Hey look its that credit that got torn down that Nicole's dad has but she doesnt!

Hey, Colin! Die! My dad has credits at Worlds of Fun and Opryland that you'll never get!


My 2006 was the most insane year ever. I went from thinking Canada's Wonderland was a far drive (90 mins) to driving 7 hours and thinking "Oh, this isn't bad". I think my mother is pretty much convinced that I'm insane now. I went from like 42 credits to 136, and went overseas for the first time.


And ended my year at my first non-CP Cedar Fair park, where I rode my first looping Schwarzkopf.


Found a coaster that made me cry. :D


And was introduced to some awesome dark rides.


I was reunited with an old love!


Got back to Marineland, which is like 5 miles from my house but I haven't been to in almost 10 years


I got to visit a park I've been meaning to for a while... Kennywood


And found my new favorite coaster. (I also found a new favorite park, but I don't have an "overview" photo of it!)


The UK trip! I finally got to ride the coaster I've been obsessed with for like 10 years.


A couple weeks (?) before the UK trip, Paul and I went to Seabreeze (first time for both of us). The guests there that day were.... interesting.


This visit was special because it's when I met Derek, and had my first evac from a coaster - Skyrider!


My year started off at PCW, the park I visited every year from age 3-18.

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My park year was pretty uneventful. I had pics but the cell phone they were on got screwed up yesterday so I will run a breakdown.


Geauga Lake nothing new here just the wave pool which I was pleasently surprised with.

Cedar Point only new thing here was Skyhawk which I really liked and I can't wait to ride it again next year.

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Three events for me;


-Got the only Half Pipe credit IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE!

-Lost my SLC virginity, not my Boomerang virginity.

-Found the crappiest coaster in the world.

-Farewell ride on Python.



Watch my Python Tribute Video!:





Its not that bad...


I got da Half Pipe, biznatches...

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The first half of my year was amazing, the second half wasn't so much.


In January, I finally made it down to All the Florida Parks (excluding WDW), including Wild Adventures and Magical Midway. All of which were brand new except SeaWorld.


You can check out the PTR here:http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=22020&highlight=gihugic


In March, I made it out to Vegas. All new credits.


In April, I went on a trip to Lake Winnie, SFOG Spring Fling, Carowinds, and Dollywood. All of which I'd never been to before except SFOG.


That was the end of my new parks for the year, though. The rest of the year, I hit SFGAm and PKI a few times each.


I would have liked it to have been more even, but I can't complain. I still had a heck of a year. My camera broke while in Florida though so I don't have many pictures after that trip.


I immediately regret this decision! Ok, so it wasn't that bad after you did it once.

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My year was very uneventful. Mainly due to work/school and the fact that I don't own a car and none of my friends are coaster people like I am. I did manage to make a couple trips out to the parks though. I hit SFDL in July and PCW in October for their Fearfest.


SFDL managed to really surprise me on how well everything was running. There were multiple trains on all rides (except Boomerang, of course), friendly staff and efficient ride ops. A great day there.


PCW was absolutely PACKED for Fearfest. I had never seen the park so full...of overdressed, snotty high school students. Seriously, its like every high school in Toronto exploded and every student landed at the park. Despite the amount of people, the ride ops were massively efficient and the waits were never that long for rides, which made me happy.


K...now for some obligatory pictures of my short coaster escapades in 2006.




Artsy ferris wheel shot


Viper makes my ears cry


Mind Eraser makes my ears cry too.


One more picture of the awesomeness that was Superman


Oh God, people...everywhere!


Failed Italian Job picture attempt



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It was an alright year for me this year at least i got on some coasters.


Spent a week over on the Gold Coast of Australia and got 8 new credits (As last time i went over i was to short for most of the stuff)


Favorite new coaster Superman Escape (Movie World)


Favorite New Flat Ride: The Claw (Dreamworld)

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Mine was mostly Florida parks in March: WDW, BGA, SWO, IOA, USF - all new credits except 4 that I rode in 1989.


Also went to Holiday World & IB (Voyage only new credit); Dollywood & Beech Bend (all new credits).


Highlights: EE, Voyage, Sheikra, Kentucky Rambler, ROTM.


All in all a great year (I've always freakin' loved WDW since I was 9 and I got to go for 1st time since I was 20 - wow, has it changed - so it was extra great!)

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I went to All Star Adventures in Wichita, Kansas. Gotta ride a new credit!

The Kiddie Coaster -- The Dragon Coaster. In the back seat, it actually had airtime, believe it or not.


Passed Wild West World waiting for it to open for 2 more credits.


Frontier City in Oklahoma City. Still haven't rode the kiddie coaster. Diamondback or ErUPtion are defenitely the best rides in the park.


Six Flags Elitch Gardens. There vekoma's are actually pretty smooth. Had a good time, but there were some downs to it.

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2006 has been another busy year for me, Coaster & Theme Park wise.


Paultons Park was my first park of the year way back in mid March & my last park of year was just last weekend visiting Adventure Island in Southend.


I will not list every park I visited this year but will summarise some of the highlights for certain Months.




The UK gets a half decent Intamin Launched Coaster with Stealth, I was able to get quite a few go’s on it two weekend‘s after it opened




Late April I went to Tivoli Gardens & Bakken. Tivoli is a great park to go to, the whole atmosphere of the place is fantastic. From the Scenic coaster to the B&M floorless, they have some great ride.

Racing the Zierer coaster at Bakken was my 300th Coaster.




My last trip to Pleasureland at Southport, at the time we all did not know of the parks imending doom. Was a great day & with some great company also.




A week long trip to the USA. Visited Busch Gardens Europe, PKD, Hersheypark, Lake Compounce & SFNE.


Also in June visited Parque de Atracciones in Madrid once again to try Abismo. Visited Tibidabo & PortAventura also. The coasters at Tibidabo are nothing special but some of the other rides there are quite unique.




Visited Phantasialand, as well as Heide Park & Movie World. Black Mamba is a great coaster & the themeing is awesome, but for me it does not beat Nemesis.




Visited Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Jetline is just brilliant!. The park got really but the park just kept adding more trains to it. At 1 point they were running 4 trains.


Well enough of rambling, here are a few photo's


The awesome Jetline & the average Vilda Musen at Gröna Lund


Black Mamba, NOT as good as Nemesis as some people may think !!


Even I did'nt go on this !!


Abismo, X-car coaster at Parque de Atracciones


Good bye Cyclone :-(


Tivoli, a great place


Yay ! I get my 300th coaster (love the kid's expression behind me)


Stealth, The UK gets a half decent Intamin launched coaster

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Grr, my year was horrible park wise, but my year isn't over. Here's a summary of what happened this year:


April: Three trips to BGE! Even though I didn't get to ride Alpengiest, I still loved all of the rides (I know, I think that BBW is "meh, overrated" but I still tried to enjoy it) and the atmosphere was great! By far, the best themed park I've been to! 9.5/10, I just hated the staff.


May: Enka Fair (does that count?) and my very first trip to Canobie Lake Park. I remember "All of the shit I made of the fair (Don)" but still enjoy this dump! The orbitor was a great ride, but Enka was just another ghetto town fair! 5/10.

Canobie Park was definetly a good park when I visited last May! Even though I got pared up with my worst enimys (AND THEY LIKED THE F***IN CORKSCREW), I enjoy the atmosphere of the park! The area around the Boston Tea Party was actually nicely themed and so was the Old Canobie Village so that was a definetly a positive. Infact, I enjoy all of the rides I rode except for the Corkscrew so I enjoy my "should have been a bad trip" to Canobie Lake!


June: Nothing, please read on.


July: Just did a Eurobungie, that was it. Please Read On


August: A ghetto kiddie fair (That covered 1/100th of an acre) and Palace Playland (finally). Well Palace playland was fun, but it was ghetto. Sure it was my first PARK night visit, but four rides broke down (including the Powersurge) which pissed me off, but at least I got both credits including the easternmost coaster in the USA! 6/10


September: Canobie Lake Park: I rode most of the ride and enjoyed all of them even though Boston Tea Party was painful. The park was very nice and my friend and I had a good time together! Oh yeah, The Yankee Cannonball was an airtime beast. I don't know if its because I rode it when it was wet or not, but this thing has ejector airtime! 9.5/10!


Fall: None!


December: In the future I'm getting three credits in Ireland! I have nothing to say at the moment though, so stay tuned!




Bad quality Picture, but a great ride!


Boo, Canobie Corkscrew


Ghettos Galore!


Hooray for ghetto fairs!


Stupid Alpengiest.

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I did pretty much the same thing as Zane, went up to do the Theme Parks up at the Gold Coast. I finally got to ride Superman Escape, which i had heard so many good things about. It was better then i expected, and had some good speed, especially on the Launch. Unfortunately, one of the best rides where, Wild West Falls, was closed for maintenance, as well as most of the Western area, which intrigued me. Scooby Doo was running really well, as was Road Runner, despite being a little boring. Batman the Ride 2 was pretty tame.


I think I've said this before, Dreamworld really sucked this year. Tower of Terror was closed for Maintenance, Cyclone was even worse then i remember, the Eureka Mountain Mine ride had picked up some speed, and Reptar was pretty boring. Although, the Giant Drop was pretty awesome, Wiggles World was pretty fun, holding a Koala was pretty neat as well. And the log flume was wet!


I went to Wet and Wild briefly after Warner Bros, because Warner Bros is pretty small, and Wet and Wild was next door, and it was a hot day and all. I really went there to try out Tornado, but because my sis was in China, and Dad was away on Business, as usual i had to ride by myself. Which turned out to be really good, because i got to ride with three really nice, and really heavy fat men! We went really high up, past the yellow line, which we were aiming to pass. I also checked out Mach 5, but only had time to ride the center lane. It was pretty awesome. I also got to ride some of the classics, 8 lane aqua rider, Twister and Speed coaster (which has a very misleading name) were all fun.


Sea World was easily the surprise of the Visit. Corkscrew was running EXTREMELY smooth, which really surprised me. I went on to ride it multiple times through out the day, something i don't usually do on Arrow Rides. The Bermuda Triangle was as mysterious as ever, i still couldn't work out what the people were saying! Vikings Revenge Flume was also very good, as was the small water park. The animal shows were quite entertaining, although we missed out on getting a time slot to swim with the dolphins. The water Ski wipeout was also very good, as were the Churros!


Best Coaster: Superman Escape.

Best Flat Ride: Giant Drop, if that counts as a flat ride

Most Surprising Coaster: Corckscrew

Best Water Slide: Tornado

Best Water Ride: Bermuda Triangle



That was my season. Next year, i plan to do Mirabilandia, Europa Park, and possibly La Qua. Photos will come later, i don't have them on this computer.

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My year was pretty awesome. I went to pretty much all of the Socal parks except Legoland and USH. I also went to some brand new parks in Florida. I really enjoyed Florida, probably the crown jewel of theme parks. IOA was the best park of this year, with Epcot in a close second. So, it was pretty awesome.



Totally sexy



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Not as good as I wanted it to be, but still decent. Started in march with an off season tour of Lake Compounce, which was great (met some people from this forum, too). In June I did Canobie which I hadn't in a while, so it was nice. July I did a fair and then Lake Compounce back to back, which was a good time. September was my 'big trip'. I did BGE twice, PKD, and Clementon (all new to me). All the parks were very different from each other, and all had something nice to offer.


Overall it was a pretty good year, not as much as I would have liked (I wanted to do Funtown USA (Not really sure why I didn't make it), Knoebels PPP (just didn't plan it out seriously. It was just kind of a "I want to go" thing, but that didn't really work), and Lake Compounce's Boulder Fest (got in the way of my VA trip) but still nice.


pics (in no particular order):








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I think this is a pretty good topic.


My year was pretty good. I went to Orlando twice, and made it to SFA for the first time. I rode my first flying and SLC coasters, got my first Superman:ROS, finally went on the Mummy, and went to Busch Gardens for Sheikra. Epcot's Food & Wine was great too.


I'm coming back for this next year.


One last ride on BTTF


This is pushing Kumba for #1 on my list.


Non-coaster related, but I went to Chicago to watch the Cubs sweep the Cardinals, and as a bonus got to experience the 7th inning stretch sung by none other than Gary Sinise.



Such an insane drop


I really enjoyed this.

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Not a bad year:


* rode Superman Escape at Movie World which was a surprisingly excellent Intamin rocket.


* went to Great Adventure and got my first rides on El Toro (absolutely f***ing brilliant) and Kingda Ka (kinda krap, I'll stick with Dragster), and learned the absolute joy of the Gold Q-bot.


*went to SFMM and rode Tatsu for the first time (not bad) - the park just irritated me though, and of course X was down.


*went to Belmont Park (San Diego), Sea World (San Diego), and Pacific Park (Santa Monica) for three unspectacular new credits in spectacular locations.


Edit: I forgot - Manhattan Express or The Roller Coaster or whatever with the new trains - still sucks, and Insanity and X-Scream at Stratosphere - both terrifying.

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My year was short.


Started at labor day and ended first week of october.


1st trip to hw, june 8th and 9th: Chickened out on coasters


2nd trip: labor day weekend, rode legend, then voyage, then raven


3rd trip: closing weekend, rode all three plus eagle's flight and log flume, was cold and was one of very few who rode.


Attractions rode this year.


Voyage (9)

Raven (7)

Legend (7)

Eagle's Flight

Liberty Launch

Bumper Cars


Log Flume

Gobbler Getaway

Monsoon Lagoon

Wave pools


Not ridden:


Round up (not going to)

Scrambler (not going to)

River Rapids

all water park slides.

The howler

few others I can't remember.

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This year was pretty good. Got 6 new credits and went to 1 new park.


1.Riding Tatu for the 1st time

2.Going to PGA for the 1st time.


I loved 2006 and bet 2007 will be even better.


This Inverted has something called force.


New Credit at a New Park.


I finally met TPR members in person.


Yummy Egg Turn Goodness!


My new favorite coaster.


Hooray for Tatsu opening this year!


Best trip to DLR of the year.

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