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The Classic Nick Topic


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I loved Wild & Crazy Kids...


Oh how I longed to do something like this...




Wild & Crazy Kids was cool! I still remember the one where they rode Colossus at SFMM, RACING, (before I knew what Colossus even was), with cups of water and whatever team had the most water at the end of the ride won. That would be cool.

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Am I the only person alive who remembers Weinerville and Stick Stickly?


STICK STICKLY!!!!! Gosh what an awesome character!!! Althought I dont remember all that much as to what he said..but i remember him doing some new stuff..and the catchy tunes.

Ohhh yeaahh!!! I remember him! I don't remember too much, but I remember him always saying "HI! I'M STICK STICKLY!" In a really high pitched voice. I always love it when I remember him.



Nick was awesome before they took out the following shows.


Hey Arnold!

The original Rugrats

Rocko's Modern Life

Invader Zim


All of the game shows

Angry Beavers

Kennan and Kel

The Amanda Show


That's all I could think of as of right now, so yeah....


One of the problems with modern day cartoon is that they don't seem to put enough effort into them, look at how simple all of the drawings look.



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I used to love:

Ahhhh, Real Monsters

Hey Arnold!

Ren & Stimpy

Angry Beavers

Double Dare

Figure It Out



The Amanda Show

All That

Are You Afraid of the Dark?


Rocko's Modern Life

Kennan & Kel

Invader Zim

Wild & Crazy Kids

Pete & Pete

Clarissa Explains it All

The Secrete World of Alex Mac

What Would You Do?

Rocket Power





The Wild Thornberrys

Inspector Gadget

Yakkity Yak

Angela Anaconda


And I also loved the old Nick Jr when i was a kid....the one with Face (I think thats what his name was) and they had shows like The Busy World Of Richard Scarry and Gula Gula Island

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My favorite shows were:


Rocko's Modern Life

Aah! Real Monsters

All That (the original cast)

Are you afraid of the dark? (also the original)

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Double Dare

Guts (then Global Guts)

Salute your Shorts (Who could forget this lovely moment?)


~Adam "dreamed of topping off the agro-crag" Roth~

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