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Tallest Ferris Wheel for Beijing 2008

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Note that these kinds of ferris wheels are not the kinds you would find in amusement parks. I think the more accurate name is 'Observation Wheel'. It's like those observation towers. For tourists to view the skyline from tall heights.


I doubt you would get sweaty palms from this. It's not like you're on a rocking rickety-old gondola. Those pods are fully enclosed (and fully air-conditioned!) and just stay in place throughout the rotation. I'm afraid of heights but I rode London Eye without any problems. It was quite cool actually!


And 20-30 minutes per lap is not long for these kinds of wheels since (for London Eye) they only go, well, one lap.

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The London Eye is 424 m in circumference and it takes 30 min. to make one full rotation. It means it travels with a speed of 24 cm per second (0.79 ft per second) or 0,9 km per hour (0,6 miles per hour).


And with a height of 208 m, this one will approximately have a circumference at 628 m, and when it will take 20 min. to make one rotation, then it will travel with a speed of 35 cm per second (1,15 ft per second) or 1,9 km per hour (0,78 miles per hour).


At The London Eye you can just walk on because it goes this slowly, but I would think the reason why you cannot just walk on at this one, is because it goes to fast.

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Sorry. My fault.


1 mile is about 1,65 km, then 1,9 km is 1,15 miles.


Then, (according to my calculations), this Beijing wheel will travel with a speed of 1,15 miles per second (1,9 km per hour).


But it still is'nt that fast compared to the speed of an escalator, as you, Calvin, wrote is about 2 miles per hour.

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SHANGHAI, Jan 12 (Reuters Life!) - China's booming financial hub of Shanghai has ditched plans to build the world's tallest Ferris wheel and will build a skyscraper in its place, state media said.


The wheel would have stood about 200 metres (656 ft) high and have 36 cabins able to take more than 1,000 visitors at a time, Xinhua news agency said in a report seen on Friday.


It would have stripped the world's-tallest title from the 135-metre London Eye, and could have cost up to 800 million yuan (53 million pounds), Xinhua said.


But a Chinese Ferris wheel could still have its day in the sun, as a developer in China's landlocked eastern province of Jiangxi wants to register its 160-metre-high wheel as the world's tallest.


The Star of Nanchang, named after the provincial capital, opened for business last May, and cost 57 million yuan to build, Xinhua said.


The developer of that wheel said application procedures for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's tallest wheel were underway, the report added.


Here we go...Vegas all over again!

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Construction began Monday on what was expected to be the world's tallest Ferris wheel, which will soar 680 feet over the Chinese capital when it is complete, state media reported.


The $99 million Beijing Great Wheel was supposed to be open to tourists at next summer's Olympic Games, but the project had been delayed by a number of design changes, the official Xinhua News Agency said, citing the Great Wheel Corp. A completion date has not been announced.


Complete article:


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