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December 16, 2006

December Dollywood Debauchery III

DVD Premier Party


After Krogering, we had to switch some cars out and do this and a little bit of that, but eventually we made it to the Cabin for some fun. There were a few games after everyone got settled, so we sat around and played and ate and what not. I’m not even going to begin to go in to what the prizes were, but there was a nice bottle of Courvoisier, a nice Disney watch, and a few DVDs. James was really happy with his, and for all of you reading that know why I’m saying this, yes, one of the DVDs was Heathers.


Then it was the moment we’d all been waiting for…Tommy & James’ Vacation Extravaganza 2006. Yay! The lights went out, the surround sound came on, and we all watched the DVD. Well, we all started watching the DVD, but poor Barron got sick and spent most of the rest of the nite in the bathroom or in bed. The DVD was really well done again, and during the intermission between the 2, we had some more snacks, including some interesting cakes Karen had brought.


After the 2nd half of the DVD (Disk 2), Bryan, Matt, Josh, and Myself all got in the hot tub while everyone else had to video and take pix. I’m thankful that they have nothing on me, other than the extreme loss of water. After a while in the hot tub, we sat on the porch and talked about everyone and everything, coaster related or not. Oh, and we played with the bullhorn. And by ‘we’, I mean James. And by ‘played’, I mean got on our neighbor’s nerves (I’m sure). Good times.


Eventually I parted and went to my own bed once again. The next morning I slept a bit longer. After getting ready and getting back into the groove with the gang, we all headed out, some of us home, but the rest of us to Cracker Barrel. Thankfully Brandon had put in our table request rather early since they’d left before anyone else, so when we got there, we didn’t wait long, even though the place was crowded. Breakfast was good (We love the Cracker Barrel), and at the end, we left our awesome waitress a nice tip before saying our goodbyes and parting ways. Everyone else when home. I had to go back to Dollywood.


You see, the night before, I used someone’s cell phone as I thought I’d left mine back in my room. But when I called home, mom said someone else had found my cell at Dollywood (I didn’t even know I had it). So I had to head to the park to pick it up, and they didn’t open till 1:30 pm, so I had to stand and wait. Eventually, though, I got my phone, got on the road, gassed up, and about 4.5 hours later, rolled in to home.


It was a great weekend, had a lot of fun, weather was wonderful, Dawn’s getting married, Thunderhead in the Dark is the ONLY way to even think of riding that thing, and all is right with the world on the trip home. Now I can’t wait to go back in April and ride Mystery Mine. It was mocking me. It knew I couldn’t ride it, so it pointed and laughed. I will get to ride it when it opens up in the spring, though!

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