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Alternative eaters-Vegitarians, Vegans, Carnivores...


What kind of eater are you?  

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  1. 1. What kind of eater are you?

    • Omnivore
    • Vegitarian
    • Vegan
    • Pescatarian (eats fish but no other meats)
    • I don't eat any red meat
    • I don't eat pork
    • Sugartarian (nothing but sweets :-P)
    • Carnavore (nothing but meat)
    • Babies (pretty self-explanitory)
    • Messed up like Elissa!

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My bf is vegetarian (no meat or fish) and at home I eat a pescetarian diet, it's just easier/cheaper to cook the same things for dinner and I honestly don't miss having meat as a regular part of my diet. If we're elsewhere I sometimes eat meat but i've found red meat in particular makes me feel queasy so I can only have a small portion of it.

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I'm an Omnivore but I LOVE STEAK! I'm an utter steak monster - when we go to restaurants they always give my meal to my dad because they don't think I could eat 450g hunk of meat.... mmmmmmm


I'll try everything at least once (including fear factor stuff) but I refuse to eat food with a face - well a face on my plate - so thats shrimp and fish when they still have their heads lol! I don't like to eat food that watches you.... o_O


Luckily I have a fast metabolism so I can usually eat what I want!


Right I'm off to eat half a cow!

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I'm an omnivore, but for some reason I tend to stay away from breakfast meats, like bacon and sausage. It's just kinda gross to me. But I'm happy with steak, pork, etc. and I have no hatred for vegetables. Well, most vegetables. I don't like onions, peppers, or tomatoes. And fruits are my dear friends (pomegranates = ).

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I'll basically eat everything, but I'm not to big on sugar. I'm a person who balances there diet based on the food pyramid, so basically I have a bit of everything (except sugar.) But seriously, I'm more of a meat/fruit eater compared to how much vegetables I eat.


Ive made a nice happy chart for you all to explain my eating habits HOORAY for healthy eating habits! (I'm extremely bored sorry)


Favorite Meats

1. Chicken

2. Turkey

3. Cow

4. Pig


(Though I often find myself eating a vegi burger because I think they smell and taste delicious)


Favorite Vegetables

1. Carrots

2. Celery


Favorite Fruits (I love fruits so there all number 1)

1. Apple, Bananas, Oranges, Strawberry, Grapes, Kiwi


Favorite Drinks

1. Water

2. Orange Juice


This should help explain my eating habits and what my diet is.

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