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Well, my Mom's Jewish, so we celebrate Hanukkah, since it starts tonite, and for some of you it is night, I'd just like to say to all of your Jewish users, Happy Hanukkah! Have a great 8 days and nights!



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Ah, the joys of being half and half. There's Hanukkah, wherein I receive the crappy gifts versus Christmas when I get the awesome stuff. Can't wait for my socks and underwear!


I'm gonna go eat some latkas and then go rock the dreidel bitchezzz.

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You celebrate it too? I always thought the menorah on your icon was a joke, no offense, but because of the fact that you're sarcastic a lot, I assumed it was to be funny...

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Yup! My family is pretty non-religious, so we honestly don't do much, maybe do the candle thing once or twice. My parents aren't even around this year (they went to Costa Rica). I might go over to my grandparent's one night.


I just want my SOCKS!

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I got a Target Giftcard tonight. It was a nice surprise since the only thing I asked for is to go to Hersheypark next year for Springtime in the Park and said there was nothing else I really wanted.


Hanukkah is probably my favorite holiday of the year since besides the gifts, I think it's one of the more relaxed holidays.

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My other half is Israeli, so I'm celebrating both holidays this year as well. Actually, we're switching roles, I got him 8 gifts, and he got me something for x-mas. And no, I didn't skimp on the Chanukah gifts either! But he is getting a few gag-gifts, like "size queen Gelt" and "Oy Vey body wash".


I cant wait to see what I'm getting!

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I was wondering, what is Hanukkah? I remember hearing it somewhere but didnt know what it was?


I'm not Jewish, bu according to a Rugrats episode i saw one time, Hannukah is the festival of lights. Every night people light a candle, to remember the daysleading up to the Miracle. Then you get a present.


Hey, who says Nickelodeon isn't educational!

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Happy Hannukah all.


Well I am Jewish and living in Israle and here it is a really holiday for the children for 8 days, though we the adults don't have any holidays and keep working.

The true is that I don't like Hannukah so much as I really hate candles (go figure) .

The best part of this holiday is eating Donnuts, but each donnut is 750 calllories so it is insaine eating more than one (and you always wish to eat 10).


Unlike the U.S., in here there is no holiday season and you don't feel X-Mas at all !!! No trees, no decorations ... really not X-Mas friendly.

The only place you can feel some of the X-Mas spirit is visiting hoods where immigrants are living.


Anyway -Happy Holidays to ALL of you.

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