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S:TE For Sale?

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what are the costs to remove big rides?


To give you a comparison point:


Six Flags America spent $80,000 to remove their Iron Eagle flat-ride (ala Knott's Hammerhead).


Now imagine what it would cost to take down Superman (not to mention the costs on parts transportation, then rebuilding).

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But seriously

i think that there not going to be able to get rid of it.In the ten years its has been open SFMM has spent tons of cash on matinence.Its just an eye sore now and i think the park will knock down eventually and there trying to pick up some cash for it.


the rides the should get rid of









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This ad is such bull. the price for this ride is way off, look SF is seling their old first gen freefalls for more than this is listed for.


Most big ride like S:TE are sold through a major broker like ITAL int.


Me smells a hoax.


Well I may be wrong, here's the listing and while the rides listed price makes it affordable for any one to buy. taking the ride down, moving it then setting itup again are another story. The broker is Intermark and they are a real player in the industry. So S:TE might indeed be for sale!


hmmmmm matbe we canget it for our park!


We'll just have to wait and see.



Price: $ 125,000.00 USD

Listing Began: Dec 1-23:50

Hight 415 ft

This equipment is Used

Manufacturer of equipment Intamin

Size/footprint 1315 ft long

Equipment condition Good



Listing ID: 1478

Seller: intermark

City: Nashville


Zip Code: 37215

Country: United States

Phone: (615) 370-9625


Fax: (615) 370-8852

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I have no doubt. Heck for 50,000 if no offers where made I beat they would jump for it simply for 2 reasons.


#1. Tear down/transport costs.

#2. Operational costs, along with the electric bill, thats a hard pulse of power.


Selling the ride with the new owner and or broker flipping those bills and covering transport, you cannot beat that.


Be interesting if anyone knew with wear and tear, op's, and electric what the projected operational daily costs of that ride where, sorry are?


Also interesting to see if someone actually buys it, I doubt for that price. The ride is just to expensive to run how it is designed for most parks. It will prob end up out side of the US.


*I hope they auction the superman figure on top, I'd bid for that.




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It's not for sale. It was all a mixup. The park's PR gal Sue Carpenter contacted a few enthusiast sites and stated that Superman The Escape is not for sale, Freefall is.

that's a shame. People were celebrating celebrating S:TE's demise, and I find it sad that they have to get rid of freefall. Woe is us!

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It's not for sale. It was all a mixup. The park's PR gal Sue Carpenter contacted a few enthusiast sites and stated that Superman The Escape is not for sale, Freefall is.


Can anyone second this? I was getting excited it was leaving!

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Wow, I can't believe how many responses there were to this.....as I had expected and said in my first post, it did in fact turn out to be an error where they used the wrong picture and description, and it was in fact supposed to be a sale ad for FreeFall.


I was reading through and looking at some of the responses in the thread, and although I am glad to see it was an error and S:TE is not leaving, especially because it's the one coaster at SFMM I have not ridden (well, technically, it's one of two because I have not ridden the Deja Vu there; I rode the Deja Vu at SFOG though) I can see why someone who bought the park might take it out. The cost of the electricity to run it along with problems and downtime seem like something they might not want to deal with.


Whoever buys Magic Mountain, or if no one does and SFI keeps running it, I would like to see them:


-Work with S&S to get X fixed and up and running to capacity using the new developments designed when they built the newest 4D (Eejanaika) and focus on showcasing it as one of their star attractions. I realize a lot of people may not like it but I think it really is a one of a kind ride with a ton of potential and it still is the best coaster I have ever been on. Heck, two of the most popular and extreme rides at the park (X and Goliath) only have a 48" height requirement, making more of the big rides more accessible to more members of the family, I would think that would fit right in with the new Six Flags "family" vision.


-Get all of the B&M coasters (Tatsu, Scream, BTR, Riddlers) running to full capacity and smoothly at all times, and although they don't have to, I would like to see them put some landscaping under Scream.


-I would not mind seeing them get rid of both Psyclone and Colossus and instead build a world class wooden roller coaster as that is the only coaster I can think of that SFMM really needs.


-Fix Revolution. Get rid of the ridiculous restraint system it has now that replaced the lap bar that worked just fine for years and years, and do something about the trims that have all but ruined a once great steel coaster.


-If they are letting go of rides, I can see them getting rid of: Flashback, Viper (I thought one time it would be great if they sold Viper and moved Scream over where Viper is now), and Psyclone.


I kind of think it's a mistake to let FreeFall go, as that is the only "Drop" ride SFMM has. However, if whoever runs the park in the coming years wants to build a truly extreme ride , they could always try to fit the opposite side of S:TE with a drop tower like the Giant Drop on the one other S:TE in Australia. a 400 foot tall drop tower ride? I would think twice about riding that.

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