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Walt Disney World Epcot Discussion Thread

P. 118: Guardians Cosmic Rewind opening May 27th!

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Forget all this talk about eating around the world...try drinking around the world!


Why not both?



We did that at Food and Garden last year!


Like Robb said, grab some family and friends and do a lunch run, take a break, go check out some attractions (as well as walk off some of it) and then go back for dinner and more drinks later in the evening! We ended up having drink samples from every country as well as tried most of the food stands with only two of us!

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Looks amazing... Last year I just caught the last day of the festival; not nearly enough. No Disney this year, but next year, I'll be spending a full week there, staying at the Boardwalk, so I can just walk on over, and stumble back, every day. The pictures here are making that year wait really painful, though. Just hope they still have the Hawaiian pork sliders again next year; I absolutely agree that it was the best thing there...and that's saying a lot, with how amazing everything was.

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First time posting, but visited this site many times ever since I worked at Six Flags St. Louis years ago. Now, I live in Orlando.


But anyways, I was at the park on the same day and walked past Robb while he was in one of the shops. Should've said hi.


Love the Food & Wine Festival.

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I'm counting down the days until Food and Wine. It really is worth every penny. I always have to get one of everything. Some I don't care for and will just try a bite, but almost everything is amazing!

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Looks like they are closing captain EO permanently on December 7th.

No replacement has been named yet.


I dont think I even noticed where Captain EO was in the park so can't say I will miss it at all.



Nope--me, neither.

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