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Walt Disney World Epcot Discussion Thread

P. 118: Guardians Cosmic Rewind opening May 27th!

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How I miss Food and Wine!


When I was an Epcot cast member, I'd always get off at 7 unless I was working IllumiNAtions (which is a sweet deal as well), then I'd meet my then girlfriend and go get dinner in World Showcase. It was even better when Food and Wine rolled around! Oh and during Food and Wine they serve the STRONGEST Mai Tais, led to a bit of an embarrassing with my family to be honest. I don't drink all that much so I was hit even harder.

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Flower and Garden 2014 has opened!!!


We went yesterday to the opening of Epcot's International Flower & Garden Festival which runs until May 18th this year. I've always liked Flower and Garden, but felt it lacked something that Food & Wine had, namely, the Food & Wine! It had flowers and gardens, but honestly, I'm not much of a "landscaping person" as much as I *DO* like all the gardens that are on display, the flowers, the topiaries, etc. I had always hoped that Flower & Garden that would add something that would make me want to come back more often... Well, starting in 2013, they DID!


Last year brought the first round of "food booths" to Flower & Garden, and much like Epcot's Food & Wine festival, you will see some familiar booths set up along World Showcase offering a variety of food and beverage offerings, but this time around, the focus is on "fun foods made with fresh ingredients," and they are delicious! To get a better idea of the variety, here is a list of the food offerings from the Disney Parks website: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events-tours/epcot/outdoor-kitchens/


And now onto the photos!



Yes! Epcot Flower & Garden.... or as we are now calling it "Food & Garden!" =)


Just like as in past years, the focus IS on the gardens, the colorful displays, nature, and all things outdoorsy.


The Butterfly Garden is BACK!


And new food items are now also available! These "Caprese Push Pops" were the "winner" for our group! Not only were they 3 (available at the Festival Center), but they were everything you would want in a Caprese Salad... in one shot!


The Monsters University playground...very cute!


And this is why we are calling it "Food & Garden!"


The food offerings are very much like Food & Wine in that they are reasonably priced, small plates, and DELICIOUS!


Muppets Most Wanted! So happy to see Disney doing good things with this property again!


Showing off a bit of Simba's Pride.


Here are the Food & Garden offerings in China...


Love seeing this booth back in action!


The Spring Pancake and the Spring Rolls - Both fantastic!


Yup, more gardens and things...


We tried out the offerings in Italy, and just like during Food & Wine, Italy seems a bit lacking. I think we are spoiled with how amazing Via Napoli and Tutto Gusto are!


I know others get annoyed that this building is only used for festivals, and while I wish it still had attractions...


...the do a very nice job of re-using this space during events. And it's kind of nice to be back inside here again!


Did we mention the Caprese Push Pops were awesome???



I'm pretty sure this video might be outlawed in some countries!



I admit that the food offerings will get us coming back to this event (because they are GREAT), but if you're into landscaping and pretty flowers, this event is a double whammy for you!


Oh, yeah... butterfly.


A little bit of British food...


Now, I'm not a seafood person, but OMG, those Baked Potato and Cheddar Cheese biscuits... OMG! (Bethany ate the nasty seafood part!) =)


STOP THE PRESSES! Japan has something AWESOME!!! (as if you're surprised!)


That Temaki Hand Roll (on the right) just tied the Caprese Push Pop in terms of AWESOME!!! If you like "Chicken Katsu Curry", it's essentially that, in a roll. Yes. It's AMAZING!


Oh, yeah, flower...


The opening day of Flower & Garden kept the park pretty busy, but we're OK with that! The more people coming to check it out means the more the food and gardens will get expanded in future years to come! We will ABSOLUTELY be back a lot more this season!


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Nice! I love me some Flower and Garden and Food stuffs show. I'm really sad last year i missed out on so much of the food. Ended up one night leaving only for my mom to say she was hungry and we ended up at a Friendly's. FAIL.


Anyways, while we are talking about EPCOT, this little nugget of news dropped today. For the follow up to the last Disney Parks Marvel comic tie in (Seekers of the weird) they released this teaser today...


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Flower & Garden is basically Food & Wine but with more plants, right?

It's certainly becoming that way. The volume of food offerings is much less, BUT, what they have is proving to be "quality over quantity!"

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"Chicken Katsu Curry in a roll"--I'm sold!


How anyone can vote for any other park than Epcot in Amusement Today's "Best Food" category is beyond me (unless they've never been there).

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EPCOT seems to have the best food anywhere on the Disney site, (IMhO) whether it's this event

or the Food & Wine event in the fall. And in great tapas sized portions and prices too!


Must get there some year.

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Oh I agree on that, with most of the DIsney World food places. Mostly all awesome.

Where is that buffet by the way? I forget and am too lazy to look at WDW Guide, lol.


But I think it's the extra booths and nationalities at EPCOT events, that makes it more

interesting, not to mention mouth watering at times.

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Oh I agree on that, with most of the DIsney World food places. Mostly all awesome.

Where is that buffet by the way? I forget and am too lazy to look at WDW Guide, lol.


But I think it's the extra booths and nationalities at EPCOT events, that makes it more

interesting, not to mention mouth watering at times.


Yes that is why I really like Epcot because of the different countries. They have awesome rides too but I like the Rockin Roller Coaster and the Tower of Terror better at Hollywood Studios. The buffet is right in the center near the castle. I think it is right in front of adventure land I think or right near the ice cream parlor.

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Well we weren't going to go to Epcot to drink around the world during this vacation, but now I'd feel like a turd if I didn't shell out the $90+ to go to Epcot for one day to experience this festival! And this would be the double whammy for me as I love gardening and landscaping when I have the free time (and the money)....and that food...OMG!


Also think that this would be an excellent option if the weather doesn't choose to cooperate a day or two while we are down there. Even though it's more expensive to go to one Disney park for just one day than getting the multi-pass, I just can't see turning this down.


Actually, I'm almost contemplating just buying a multi-day with the no expiration date as that might be the better deal. And it will just mean that we will have to go back for the Food & Wine festival one of these years!


Yeah...that's what we'll do!

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Whatever it may be, something is being done to Maelstrom. However, I noticed this week that the ride seemed to be more popular than previously simply due to more people being drawn into Norway because of Frozen. I think many people didn't know that ride was there until they went towards all the shops and signs that displayed Frozen merchandise. The wait time was often 45 min to and hour this past week. It was a walk on every time when I was in Epcot last year at this time. May be just a coincidence but just my observation.


"Dream Building" in/around Maelstrom

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