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Walt Disney World Epcot Discussion Thread

P. 116: Space 220 Restaurant Grand Opening report posted!

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  • 1 month later...

I just realized that it seems that Disney is truly capitalizing on the festival ideas. For the Holidays, they now have passports and stations for the Epcot Holidays around the World.




I guess the montra is "Make it feel like it's F&W, but it's really not"


Has anyone gone and checked it out yet?

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I would prefer the Food & Wine, but this still looks awesome.


I'm not big on sweets, but my partner is, so he could sample those while I will drink my way around the world - and then he could be the designated driver in case we are not staying on property. No wait, that wouldn't work as he likes to drink and party as much as I do! Guess we better just stay on the property now that I think about it.


I am actually somewhat ashamed to admit (as older, seasoned drinkers) that we have never attempted this at Epcot...perhaps we need to get to work on fixing that with some fellow TPR members that can show us the ropes!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Just heard from some people working in the Norway Pavilion that Maelstrom might be closing to make room or be refurbished to "Frozen"..


also saw something about this at screamscape;


Frozen Attraction - Blue Sky Rumor - (1/3/14) This could just be a fanboy rumor, but according to an email sent my way, WDI has been given the initial nod to do a little Blue Sky dreaming to determine just how they could transform the Maelstrom ride in the Norway Pavilion into a new Frozen themed attraction concept. (Credit to “Allen W” for the tip…)

Since this is Blue Sky phase, they are looking at all budget levels here, from a simple rethemed of the existing boat ride system and layout, to the installation of a new kind of flume ride system, possibly the one rumored to be put to use on the Pirates ride at Shanghai Disneyland. Given a big enough budget, the entire current ride structure could be demolished to make way for a new trackless ride system concept. Given the cold snow and ice theme of frozen, I would love to see trackless ride cars used, themed as a sleigh ride through the wilderness, scooting across the frozen landscape.

Just remember… a new ride has not been approved. WDI was only approved to do some initial Blue Sky dreaming to see what might work best in response to the stellar box office results Frozen has been bringing in, as well as guest reactions to the Frozen character meet & greet already in Epcot.


Anyone else heard about this?

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This of course would be amazing, but I agree it sounds more like a fanboy's dream than anything else. KT is freaking out though!


I've already got it mapped out in my head...when the troll pops out before the final drop he says "So he's a bit of a fixer upper" and sends you down into a salon!

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^The hottest chicks work in that pavillion. As long as they keep all the hot chicks, they can do anything else they want. Besides, the princesses from Frozen are pretty damn hawt in their own right. They could tag team me any day of the week. Heck, they could bring that creepy snowman along, and I'd still be DTF


Guy "The cold never bothered me anyway." Koepp

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^ They could always enlarge the show building, yes? At the back of it? Front facade would stay the same,

or with new themeing for FROZEN, of course.


And Elsa's transformation is a drag queen's wet dream.

(That dress, those legs, those heels, that song!)


I think it's worth a try to covert Maelstrom into something like this.

We could be in a sleigh, pulled by Sven, LOL.

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I remember when we visited, there would be local people who liked the boat ride,

but hated repeating the movie. So once they were 'docked' they waited till the

entry doors opened, then dashed to the end of the lines of people exiting the previous

showing! And exited that way, skipping the movie.


Not the best way to do it, but it worked for some (of us).

Of course if they took that whole movie theatre out, there would

then be some more space to re-create a new flume ride, etc.

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When I visited in 2011 the doors to the theater were kept open at all times because they knew nobody wanted to stay and watch that crap


I love Frozen and think it'd be a nice way to spruce up World Showcase and make it more entertaining for kids. But I wish Epcot would refresh pavilions that need it (like Imagination or Ellen) instead of replacing rides that are still decent.


Edit: I think a Phineas and Ferb trackless dark ride would be a great replacement for Imagination. Imagination needs to be redone and Phineas and Ferb is very popular.

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