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Walt Disney World Epcot Discussion Thread

P. 119: Test Track closure announced, new concept art released!

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Actually, it is. Just make one thread and ask your question in the future. Or just post it one of the existing threads. Posting in all four threads was obnoxious.


Do some research on your own. There are a TON of Disney World threads in here to search through. Once you you've done that, come back and ask any more specific questions you have.

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Epcot Food & Wine Festival is HERE!!!


With all the awesome fall events going on at the Orlando theme parks (and they are all really awesome), the one that really stands out for us is Epcot's Food & Wine Festival! For those of you who don't know what it is, just picture about 30 booths set up all around World Showcase in Epcot, each with different food and alcohol samplings from different countries, regions, or food types.


This is the time of year you can literally "eat and drink your way around the park!" It's AWESOME!


This year's Food & Wine festival goes through November 11th. We highly recommend checking it out as often as you can (you'll probably find us there on most days!)


We of course were there for the opening day! Here are some photos and a video. (Yes, they put me to work in the Ocean Spray Cranberry Bog! lol)



Epcot Food & Wine 2013 is officially OPEN!!! This makes us happy! =)


Here's just a sampling of some of the menu items...


...and a few more!


The "Ocean Spray Cranberry Bog" is the very first thing you will encounter walking into the Food & Wine Festival!


Stop by and get a free pack of Craisins!


To kick off the Food & Wine Festival, they invited us down to "hang out in the bog!" lol That sounds amazing!


Check me out... I'm all suited up!


"Would anyone like some fresh cranberries? I picked them myself!"


Hanging out with Rod from Ocean Spray. He tells us all about the bog and why Ocean Spray is here at the Food & Wine Festival (Watch the video!)


Yup, they put me to work! =)


Let's go check out the Food & Wine Festival Center.


Do you think Elissa should buy these "Chef Mickey" ears?


Here is the official artwork for the 2013 Food & Wine Festival.


Even some merchandise for the beer lovers!


Yesss! Another place at Walt Disney World to get the free Ghirardelli chocolate samples!


Gotta admit, as much as I love the Food & Wine Festival Center, I do miss Wonders of Life.... Body Wars, Cranium Command, Martin Short talking to you about sex...


Here are the 2013 Food & Wine money bracelets! Load these up with hundreds of dollars and eat your hard earned dollars away!


Each of the Food & Wine countries have a booth like this.


Here's the menu for Brazil!


Don't cry for me...


"How's it going, Jake?" =)


Sorry, no Kangaroo tail on the menu!


Mexico had a yummy new taco on the menu!


I have weakness for Mexican food...


...so I had to get one! And it was delicious!


Here's a look at the offerings from Singapore...


Elissa got her "Stack-O-Dumplings" from China...


South Korea had a new item as well...


Check out their booth...


Lettuce wrap was back from last year and it was good...


And this Kimchi Dog was new. Wonderful!


A moment of silence as the loss of the "Cheese Fondue" this year did not sit well with Elissa... Poor girl...


A sampling from Africa...




It wouldn't be Food & Wine without BEER! (Sorry, I'm not a wine person....but this makes me VERY happy!)


Poland, anyone?


France was CRAZY BUSY!!! Lots of people want them snails!


While still bummed about the Country of Cheese being dead to her, Elissa found some happiness in Morocco.


The Canadian offerings are always OUTSTANDING!!! (Still can't believe I'm saying this about anything Canadian!) lol


My personal favorite this year so far is still in Hawaii...


"Hey Kid... stop changing the prices!!! They aren't going to get any lower!"


I *LOVE* the Hawaiian Pork Slider. OMG! Sooooo good!


Pork slider and a beer! Now THIS is an awesome combo!!!


Scotland was new this year...


And they offered "Vegetarian Haggis???" I didn't even know that was possible! lol


Make sure you get one of these passports and stamp each place you get food and alcohol from. About half-way around, and 10-15 drinks in, it's ok to slur the stamps if you have to. ;)


Had such an AWESOME first visit to Epcot's Food & Wine! We plan to be back many, many, many times throughout the season! =)

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Such a great event. I've done it three times and it really is the best time to visit Epcot.


It's also one of the best ways to use your snack credits if you're using the Disney Dining Plan.


Question: what app or software do you use to make your photo collages?

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Epcot was absolutely PACKED on Saturday for Food & Wine! Great for the park, but I'm not sure I'd recommend going the Saturday of opening weekend. Check out these pics...


Look at all the people!


There's the line for Ireland.


This is the most packed I've seen Epcot in a long time.


The line for the China booth starts in actual China! :)

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I will say, though, they were running all the booths at the highest capacity they could, and I didn't hear anyone complaining (Kevin Yee obviously wasn't there), so they must have been doing something right at least!


HAHAHAHAHAHA, that's awesome! Glad its still pulling giant crowds, I never want this event to go away!

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I will say, though, they were running all the booths at the highest capacity they could, and I didn't hear anyone complaining (Kevin Yee obviously wasn't there), so they must have been doing something right at least!



Based on the reviews I've been reading (Here and other sites ) it's safe to assume that F&W @ WDW is a hell of a lot better than when it was at DCA.

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so question (since I've always wanted to go to this, and here seems to be the place to ask)


can you buy a "passport" of some kind that lets you try food from each booth?


or is each booth "pay as you go". . .


if so, I can imagine that must get hella expensive if you stop at more than just a few places.



I guess, bottom line, I'm asking, is there a set price? or just pay as you go?

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^ DCA didn't have "food & wine" - whatever it was they had, it wasn't "food & wine!"


DCA's version was "Food and Wine lite". They maybe had 5-6 booths (most were in existing food locations) and some cooking demos. But most of the events were upcharge events designed to cater to the Disneyland AP's.


We did a couple of them, and had a blast, but it had nothing on what EPCOT does.

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^^It's pay as you go. Grab a gift card and just swipe and eat!


lordy, lordy. . I'd be $300 in the hole before even getting halfway thru



(we did the sorta/kinda one they had at CaliforniaAdventure when we were last there. The cooking demos were fun, but the food was included after the demonstrations, so we didn't spend too much money -- at least not all at once).

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