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Walt Disney World Epcot Discussion Thread

P. 116: Space 220 Restaurant Grand Opening report posted!

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From www.wdwmagic.com


23 February 2007: Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros replaces El Rio Del Tiempo


Epcot's Mexico pavilion, "Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros" debuts (replacing "El Rio Del Tiempo") with a new storyline and film featuring Donald Duck, José Carioca (the parrot), and Panchito (the Mexican charro rooster) from the 1944 Disney film "The Three Caballeros."


The "Gran Fiesta Tour" film features an animated overlay of the caballeros being reunited for a grand performance in Mexico City. Along the way, Donald disappears to take in the sights of the country, leaving José and Panchito to search for their missing friend.


In addition to the new film, the boat ride's props, set facades and sound system have been refurbished and enhanced.


The new attraction is set to open on April 2nd 2007.


I think it sounds great, mostly because Ive always been a Three Caballeros Fan. But Im going to miss the "El rio del tiempo" name.

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^ My bad. I had read he was from Spain. Where's the parrot supposedly from?


I will say I'm glad they're at least using Disney characters for this, not more Pixar!


^^ You are correct Wes. It's almost 20 years! Sheesh, and to think originally Spain, Isreal and Equatorial Africa were supposed to be added in the first few years....

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Yeah, I remember I was there a few years ago and there were construction walls up that said "coming soon: Africa" and there was a booth selling some African merchandise. I think it was cancelled due to the AIDS epidemic. I bet Israel would offend some religious people, so that was cancelled too. But Spain is a good idea, I wonder why it was cancelled.....

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Saudi Arabia refuses to acknowledge the Israel Pavilion. Move along, no fast pass for you.


It's too bad, I bet you could piece together a nice pavilion from all that leftover holy land experence crap just down the road. Goliath burgers!!


Barry, I can't believe you actually went to that place. LOL!



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Where's the parrot supposedly from?


The parrot its called Jose Carioca and its from Brazil. On the movie theres a part dedicated entirely to Brazil and includes parts about the Carnaval from Rio de Janeiro and Carmen Miranda (the girl with fruits on her head) sings to Donald.

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Yeah, I remember I was there a few years ago and there were construction walls up that said "coming soon: Africa" and there was a booth selling some African merchandise. I think it was cancelled due to the AIDS epidemic.


Yeah right. If it ever was truly in the plan, it probably got scrapped because they added the Africa area in Animal Kingdom. Or we might still see it in Epcot, I don't know. But I'd certainly guess it had nothing to do with AIDS.



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Here is what Wikipedia has to say:


An Equatorial Africa pavilion was planned but was never built. A small African themed refreshment stop is now in its place, known as the Outpost. After Disney's Animal Kingdom - an African themed animal preserve and park - opened, any plans for an African Pavilion were dropped.


So, basically, Animal Kingdom filled in the void of an Africa area because that park has a mostly African theme (aside from a few Asian themes such as Everest).

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  • 1 month later...
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (April 11, 2007) -- Inside the Epcot icon, remarkable changes will be taking place over the next several months. A re-imagined Spaceship Earth presented by Siemens will combine the magic of the iconic attraction's time-travel adventure into the past with a new finale which provides guests the opportunity to imagine their futures.


On a trip through time inside the Spaceship Earth attraction, guests discover how each generation of mankind has invented the future for the next generation, and how the spirit of innovation has moved people from the caves to the cosmos.


Enhancements to the time-travel attraction will encompass changes to each of the ride scenes. New show scenes will be added to the attraction's story along with new lighting effects, costumes, set decoration, narration and musical score.


This adventure through time leads ultimately to the very top of Spaceship Earth's geodesic dome, where guests arrive at the present. The time travel adventure will be enhanced through new, interactive touch screens installed aboard each "time machine" that will enable guests to create their own visions of the future and see themselves in that future.


As guests disembark the time travel experience, they are invited to visit "Project Tomorrow: Inventing the World of Tomorrow," where interactive exhibits bring to life the ideas and technologies Siemens is developing to help make the world a better place for the future.


The space is filled with fun, interactive games and displays that showcase innovative technologies. Here guests step into the world of tomorrow and glimpse the future of medicine, transportation and responsible energy management across the globe.


Opening to Epcot guests later this month, the first completed phases of Project Tomorrow will include:

# An illuminated globe measuring 20 feet in diameter that will offer an ever-changing collage of inspirational images that invite guests to imagine the wonders of tomorrow.

# Body Builder, a 3-D game that enables users to assemble a digital human body, simulating the Siemens technology developed to perform remote surgeries.

# Super Driver, a driving simulation video game that showcases motor vehicle accident and avoidance systems developed by Siemens.


With phased renovations occurring through the year, Spaceship Earth's makeover is scheduled to be fully completed in early 2008.




I am so giddy about this...


It seems like they are ditching off the communications theme... which makes sense, and making it more into Horizons in a way. Kinda like a weird Hybrid of the two rides.

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I always thought Spaceship Earth was one of those rides that you could miss one day and say "ah, oh well." I certainly hope this renovation means great improvements!


I also hope they take down that hideous Mickey wand hand over the sphere, it's just stoopid.

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Well...finally, Disney's doing a change that, for once, everyone agrees with! Seriously, after people complaining about the new POTC changes, Rockin' Both Parks, Tom Sawyer Island revamp, and the Gran Fiesta Tour at EPCOT, I'm glad that there's something people agree with!

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I think this sounds kinda cool. I always liked the "history" of communication scenes leading up to looking down on earth, but then after that it was just meh. This sounds like it'll actually put forth a little bit of an old Horizons aspect on things, instead of telling us crazy stuff, like that we'll be using our computers to chat with others across the globe. Like that'll ever happen!

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I guess I'm in the minority here...maybe I'm just weird but I like Spaceship Earth the way it is. I admit that it has its flaws...but I really like it. My wife and I always park at Epcot and take the bus or monorail to the other parks and then come back to Epcot each night to ride Spaceship Earth a few times and watch Illuminations.


And I LOVE Jeremy Irons' narration...I hope they don't change that too much...and as hokey as the music score is...I love it...Wow...this breaks my heart...but I'll get over it I guess.




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