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Walt Disney World Epcot Discussion Thread

P. 119: Test Track closure announced, new concept art released!

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I've thought about this way too much because we love Coco.

I feel like the problem with that would be that there would be absolutely nowhere to put the queue. Right now, the pavilion can barely handle the queue for that dumb boat ride.

My dream scenario that will never happen is a Coco ride show building behind the Anna and Elsa meet and greet with an entrance near Plaza de los Amigos but this will absolutely never happen ever.

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I hate they didn't do anything with the Wonders of Life building. I'm absolutely obsessed with Body Wars, because viewing the human body from the inside is a comfort/sensory thing for me, as long as I know who we're inside. I think they used the same guy who played the volunteer in the preshow for the volunteer in the main show. Both have that "male Marge Simpson" look to them.

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The Walt Disney World Resort has confirmed that the current iteration of Test Track will close soon to begin work on the newest version... It was announced last September at the Destination D23 event at Walt Disney World that Test Track would again be updated by Imagineers, along with teams from Chevrolet, who are reaching back into history for inspiration from the original World of Motion and bringing that spirit of optimism to the next iteration of the Test Track attraction. The following new image was released at the time of the attraction's closure announcement:



On June 17, 2024, Test Track Presented by Chevrolet will temporarily close. Please check back for additional information.

The following image was released during the Destination D23 event when the updates to Test Track were originally announced:


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I'll be honest I love Test Track but I'm not really that interested in this renovation. I mean other than some kind of significant change to the layout/ride experience I just don't really know what they can do to this attraction for a third time to make it any better than it already is.

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^ They could restore it to the original version, for one.  I know they're not but hopefully they'll at least bring back the crash test scene.  Coming around the corner, seeing the dummy car crash into the wall, then lining up in front of your own target while they announced the final test was a crash test was great.  The wall opening up to reveal the outdoor portion right before you hit was fantastic.

The current version was such a letdown for me when I rode last year.  Still a fun ride but nowhere near as great as the original. 

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