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Mr. Freeze to turn RED!

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Hey, they got the paint on sale and are using it before its expiration date! Lets face it, the original color was UGLY! I say its nothing but a visual improvement, and nothing more. Everyone is making a big news story out of a decorating decision. And if anyone knows about decorating... (Pull out your stereotype dictionaries... ...NOW!)


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i think the colors stand out too much cuse it doesnt really go with the park if you ask me i am just too used to the light blue color red just seems wrong for a ride that has freeze in its name if they change the color it should be lightish colors not dark



Say it was reverse and you were used to the darker colors, and then they wanted to paint it light blue. Would you feel the same?



You'll get used to it.

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Could they be changing it to a Superman ride?


yeah that is probably what they are going to do, but the problem is that this ride is in the Gothem City park section and they have several rides themed to Batman. I saw on scream scape that they could be turning it into the worlds largest thermometer???

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Once again, Six Flags demonstrates its ability to construct a truly world-class coaster, and then ruin it with a modification.


A coaster with a COLD theme...to be repainted RED?! Please!


What's next, Top Thrill Dragster getting painted hot pink? Rock 'n Roller Coaster replacing the Aerosmith theming with Britney Spears theming?



Super "How many changes are parks going to make this season?! Seriously?!?" Dasher

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hopefully other steels won't get painted into other funny colors such

as SROS would gonna be pink-ish track so on. i'm kind of worrying

about SF parks are now on the trend of 'Repainting Track Colors'.


at least, BTR inverts won't get changed its color, i believe.....

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I was at SFOT on opening day and Mr. Freeze was running just as good as ever. In fact, I have come to like the new colors. They really do look great in the sky!
i think i saw you(if that is you in the picture)


but yea the colors do look really good(alot better than that stupid aquaman retheme fir splashwater)

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