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What do you Think of Ratanga Junction?  

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well people, i'm not gonna say alot, because i know nobody reads this stuff so let the pictures do the talkin!


oh yeah, i didn't plan on making a PTR so pics begin in the middle of the park already, and there were high winds this day as well!


hgope you enjoy seeing that this is my first ever trip report! and the pics aren't really in order) This is no busch or disney but it still is a fun park with a rather smooth SLC


(sorry for the blurry pics, this was taken with my cellphone!)


Please comment!!


And i close this update with this awesome sign at the exit of the park. Hope you enjoyed my PTR!!


One last pic of Diamond Devil Run! this was taken a split second too late




random building... through the trees!


Leaving the park


Look at that pretty waterfall next to the drop... i tell you, this is one fun, scenic ride. on the top your right by the highway!


Yay for rollercoasty part!


SPLASH! thats the monkey falls. on the next pic u see its uniqueness...


More (blurry) midway


"Chestbanging through the trees!"


Vekoma SLC with extended helix. but this one is really smooth


Cobra: the Q-line is stacked with snkae enclosures and in the staion is a huge king cobra


Map of Ratanga


DDR station. there's alot of detail like, old dirty windows, old newspaper cuttings and some tools laying about. It really is part of the theme!


I took my first POV but it came out really bad and my ce;;'s video is crap


Vekoma mine train. Exact layout as Calamity mine.


They could'nt believe i brought my cell onboard


Diamond Devil Run. you can only guess the theme. abonded mine...




Amphiteatre, nice stuntshows


Ratanga consits of about 2 islands and land all around.


This seatingdeck is surrounded by Crocodile Gorge


You pass under the train and check the creepy skull. THeir all over!


They didn't run alot....


Crocodile GOrge. Heavily themed River rapids ride


Scary Voodoo swinging bridge


Dunno what i tried here


Congo Queen. You don't really get locked in, actuallly, not at all!


Main Midway


over a nice bridgy


Funky Tent round the corner



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Great photo trip report Skyscraper. I would like to travel to South Africa some day, it looks like a beautiful country.

Just a side note, when you post your next Photo TR try to resize the pictures to be about 800 pixels across or less.

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DDR station


Wait, you have to go on a train to get to the Retro Arcade?



Anyway, they weren't as blurry photos as i thought hey would have been, considering they were done on your cell phone. It looks like a very nice little park. Is there any chance that you are going to give us a Tripp report on Gold Reef city?


Because that would be cool.

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i wanna do gold reef city too but its REALLY far away from me. so don't wont happen anytime soon..


I have more pics but there seems to be something wrong with it. i'll try and figure it out

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Yay more pics! its not alot, but still!




another pic of the scary bridge


more Monkey falls


Bundu Café. Cool restaurant


Bushwacker. Just a fun little clon... i mean ride


Stupid pic of me with CG waterfall behind me


CG through the trees! (alright thats getting old now)


That is so cool about this ride. You get to see the 'rapids machine'


People in waterfall! (is that robb to the left?)




yes, Crocodile Gorge is Dan-friendly!


Slingshot! a skycoaster


Cobra and Congo Queen. The stairs on the right is...


NIce picture of Diamond Devil Run


Through the Trees!


You actually get airtime and a big splash!


Water area!


Wrong side! ;)


I neve knew these had such good g's on the first drop... or should i call that doctor...

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Hey, I've been to this park a couple of times! Went there in 1999 (seemed pretty new back then), and again in

2001 or 2002. I have such good memories from this park.


Cobra used to be my favorite rollercoaster, man I was such a coaster newbie back then. But i remember it

pretty smooth! It's the only SLC I've been on, but I guess there are much rougher ones out there.


Other rides were also cool, especially the WTF swinging pirate ship ride. They seriously must have forgot to install the

proper restraints on that. People would look like they were about to fall out of the ride all the time! I remember they

let a drunk guy on the row in front of me with a glass (!) of beer in his hand from which he kept drinking and spilling

throughout the whole ride as his body was thrown left, right and center because of the monkey business restraints.


Ratanga Junction also had some nice themeing. Nothing like Disney or IOA, but still pretty good in it's own right.

The Cobra queue line was awesome. It was inside this cave with a bunch of sweet snakes in glass cages all around.

They also had some pretty cool shows, stunt shows and such.


Alas, I believe the park hasn't seen any new rides since it opened. Too bad, because it really is a nice little park and

it's right next to a ridiculously large mall which means that there are a lot of potential visitors. Space might be an issue

though... Hope it gets shown a little love soon because let's face it, Africa isn't excactly overrun with decent theme parks...

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^ Yes, mine to.


Looks like a really cool place. Not to many rides, but it still looks like it would be a great day out.


BTW, you were driving on the RIGHT side of the road. The left side. Thats the right side of the road. You get what i mean.

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The theming looks really good, almost like Busch Gardens Africa (Tampa), and though its Vekoma-land of South Africa, it looks like a place I'd like to visit some day but doubt I ever will.


Wasn't this park supposed to be closing, or was that another South African park, or do I have no idea what I'm talking about!?

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I've heard about the park in the past, and thanks to you, I can now get a better idea of how it looks. What a beautifully themed park! Too bad my chances of ever getting there are pretty slim. Great TR though!

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Hey there Worm,


Nice TR! Obviously we liked it enough to put it on the front page, but I did have to go through and re-size all of your photos. Please make sure that when you do Photo TR's in the future that you don't post photos more than 800 pixels wide.





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